78/8 (10)
79/3 (7.3)
NYS won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Wahab Riaz
That's it from the last group stage game. New York Strikers win it and they will play the Qualifier 1 tomorrow as they go top of the table. Team Abu Dhabi stay at 3rd position. This is me, Divyansh signing off on behalf of my co-commentator, Arya. Goodnight!
Kieron Pollard (New York Strikers captain): Goota feel good. Good thing about this is it comes all down to nothing as we approach the playoffs. After the first game, we sat in the dressing room and everyone was quite. Everyone was selected for a reason. In the end its a game of cricket and somebody has to win and somebody has to lose. We expressed ourselves since the first match. I think that;'s a good headache. But again it's all according to the team. Tomorrow we have to sit down, understand our bowling combination and try and see what works out. 
Wahab Riaz is adjudged the Player of the Match for his spell of 3/4 in his two overs. He is what he had to say: First of all thanks to the physio. There were some niggles, I tried my best to play this game. I wanted to chip in. The ball is gonna be wet and we have to hit the lengths hard. Extra bounce on offer for us so hitting the deck adds value. You just have to bowl 2 overs in T10 so you can extend your career. Whatever you do through the year doesn't matter. You have to execute and try and learn different prospects. I will take the figures of 3/4 any day. 
Time for the post-match presentation ceremony. 
Eoin Morgan: Bit of a strange game. Lot of dew, very wet. We thought it would be a high scoring game but the pitch was inconsistent and it wasn't easy to get on with the stokeplay. We are delighted, we finish top and go early again tomorrow and possibly get two chances to get to the final. I can talk about that 87 all night. I took advantage of some stray bowling. Certainly found the middle of the bat but more importantrly, I stayed there till the end and got the side over the line. 
Match Summary-

New York Strikers win by 7 wickets.

New York Strikers: 79/3 (7.3)
Muhammad Waseem 45* (20) | Eoin Morgan 15 (15)
Adil Rashid 1/8 (1.0) | Naveen-ul-Haq 1/12 (2.0)

Waseem has played a lone warrior's innings, he was unbeaten from the start and he scored 45 runs. he hit 2 boundaries and 5 huge maximums to win it for the Strikers as they go top of the table. After a slow start and 2 wickets in the first 5 overs. He changed the game with 3 sixes in the 6th over. 

After a wicket on the second ball, him and Morgan got a brilliant 37 run partnership to rescue themselves. Pollard ended the chase with a six in a bizarre over by Tye. He bowled two waist high no balls to start the over, and got hit for a six on one of them. Then he bowled two wide balls, as 6 runs were needed after that Pollard got the winning runs. 

The bowler's did not have much to play with, but Naveen started off well with a wicket on the second ball. Hatzouglou and Rashid got a wicket as well, but they failed to defend this low score in the end. 
Two no balls, two wides and two sixes in the over and they chase it down in this over itself.
7.4 Andrew Tye to Kieron Pollard, SIX! That will be the game. Right in the slot from Andrew Tye on this occasion, around the middle stump channel and Pollard in his own unique style bunts this down the ground, up in the and comfortably clears the long-on fence. 
7.4 Andrew Tye to Kieron Pollard, this time Tye bangs it in short and goes above the head of Pollard as he goes for the hook. 
7.4 Andrew Tye to Kieron Pollard, a slower delivery on a length outside off. Was close to the tramline and it has been wided by the umpire. 
7.3 Andrew Tye to Kieron Pollard, good-length delivery angling into the right-hander. Pollard clears his front leg and swings across but is beaten all ends up. 
7.2 Andrew Tye to Kieron Pollard, a pretty decent bumper in the end. Pollard way too early into the shot. 
7.1 Andrew Tye to Muhammad Waseem, another waist high full toss. This time on the other side of the wicket, that has been cut away down trowards deep point for a single. 
7.1 Andrew Tye to Muhammad Waseem, SIX! That has been nailed by Muhammad Waseem for a maximum. That was a full toss around the waist high, Waseem takes a step forward and heaves that well over the deep square leg fence. That has also been called a no-ball. Over the waist and called by the umpire. 
Andrew Tye, (1.0-0-5-0), comes back into the attack.
Azam Khan just lofted it to long-on and an easy catch for Hales. A good delivery to end the over as there was a huge appeal for lbw on Pollard. He is always troubled by leg spin up front. They need 17 runs off 18 balls now.
62 /3 score
cricket bat icon Waseem Muhammad
38 (18)
cricket bat icon Kieron Pollard *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Peter Hatzoglou
1 /15
6.6 Peter Hatzoglou to Kieron Pollard, that looked close. That was perhaps the flipper that skids through and strikes Pollard on the back pad. A subdued appeal from the Abu Dhabi players but in vain. 
Kieron Pollard, RHB, comes to the crease.