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West Indies 180/7 (16 ov)
New Zealand 179/5 (15.2 ov)
New Zealand won by 5 wickets (D/L)
A great start to the T20I tournament in New Zealand and West Indies will surely come back right at them in the next game, another nail-biter is waiting for us around the corner on Sunday when these two teams face off against each other. 

Join us for the live commentary as we bring to you all the live cricketing updates from all over the world. This is Pradeep Somashekar, and my partner, Abhinav Singh, signing off, take care!
New Zealand win the match by 5 wickets!

What a nail-biter in the end we witnessed in this very first T20I match and both the teams were up to the task but NZ came out winners in the end and truly deserving ones one would have to say. Neesham and Santner took the charge at the end and ensured they finish the game with 4 deliveries to spare. Neesham in particular was in some brilliant touch, kept finding the meat of the bat and timing it to perfection which proved to be decisive for NZ's victory tonight.

Earlier on in the chase, NZ got off to a horrid start with Martin Guptill going early trying slice one over the third-man boundary, gets the edge to the keeper and Cottrell opens his spell with a wicket in that very first over. Time Seifert later on took the attack on and scored those boundaries earlier on in the powerplay to get a move on but perished later in the 4th over.

Devon Conway, the debuntant makes his way into the middle and Glenn Phillips looked to get a move on and Phillips went berserk in one of the Fabian Allen's over and clobbered him for 22 runs off it, that started the momentum for them get back in the game big time. With Phillips and Conway looking good, WI comes back to pick up a breakthrough as Phillip chops one back on to his stumps. 

Ross Taylor comes in next, a short stay for him tonight as he runs himself out later on. NZ all of a sudden finding themselves in trouble with 63-4 around the 7th over. Devon Conway out of no where started find the meat of the bat and initiated the onslaught for the chase and then joins Jimmy Neesham into the party who looked in ominous form tonight who took on one of Kesrick Williams over and clobbered him for 23 runs. Some poor bowling from WI saw themselves to letting this match go much early than they would've anticipated as Keemo Paul bowling those back to back waist high no-balls and front foot no-balls as well, those extras proved to be costly in the end as they didn't needed too many to finish things off. 

With that Pollard has a few changes to make for the next game in the bowling department and need to get some one who can keep it in the channel and keep asking questions to the batsman. Two days away for the next game and WI need to come out stronger and better especially with the bowling.
Time for presentation.

Lockie Ferguson has been adjudged the Man of the Match for his Five-for tonight!

, the winning captain says, it was a strange game, but it's good to come on the winning side. They knew after that first wicket, if they can get another one or two, they can definitely get into their middle order and the fight that Lockie showed was great. Devon did well, then Neesham and then Santner at the end. Lots of fall off from that position but this side didn't. It's been a long time coming and we hope the fans have enjoyed it.

at the presentation says, he hopes the crowd enjoyed it. It was fantastic cricket, It was a topsy turvy game. A bit of indiscipline from us from the bowling a losing 5 wickets in that space of the game. Having said that, we thought we put up a challenging total, but no-balls, full tosses, in international cricket, that's definitely not good. Also says, they have to come back stronger, come back mentally stronger as well and says hope the crowd enjoyed it and they're come back after a long gap, it's great.

at the presentation says, he knows the folks started out ok and it's a crazy ground to play at. It just happens for bowlers like that. I put a lot of work to make sure my body can bowl full on. Very pleased with performance today and the boys are definitely switched on.
Thrilling victory this for New Zealand and they win this by 5 wickets and they had 4 balls to spare. 

Neesham and Santner ensuring they don't allow the WI get under their skin and take this to final delivery, finishes off in style!
Over: 16 | Summary: 1 6 Bowler: Kieron Pollard Score: 179/5
15.2 Kieron Pollard to Mitchell Santner, SIX! EMPHATIC FINISH FOR NZ! slow back of length delivery on the legstump. Santner sees it coming from miles away, gets in position on the backfoot and gives everything behind the shot to pull it 20 rows over the cow corner region for a gigantic MAXIMUM to kill the chase and take the lead in the 3 match series.
15.1 Kieron Pollard to Jimmy Neesham, slow back of length delivery on the offstump. Neesham deep in the crease dabbed the ball to short third man for a single to bring Santner on strike to complete the final rites
Pollard brings himself on to bowl the last over, can he do some magic?
Excellent hitting from Santner this, WI letting this game go from a winning position at one point with some terrible bowling as they gave away too many extras with too many no-balls, they've got themselves to blame here and Southee's choosing to bowl first proved to be too good in the end and NZ are just one hit away to win this first T20I.

NZ need 4 runs off 6 balls!
Over: 15 | Summary: 1 0 6 1 1 2 Bowler: Sheldon Cottrell Score: 172/5
14.6 Sheldon Cottrell to Mitchell Santner, back of length delivery on the legstump. Neesham moved a million miles away from the stumps to the legside and Cottrell followed him. In the end, the southpaw whipped the ball to deep midwicket for an easy couple of runs. NZ in the home stretch now!
14.5 Sheldon Cottrell to Jimmy Neesham, back of length delivery on the offstump, Neesham rises up with the delivery and neatly tucks it to short point for a single to bring Santner on strike
14.4 Sheldon Cottrell to Mitchell Santner, fuller length delivery on the offstump, dug out to deep long on for a single only. Santner's bat copped some damage after that shot!
14.3 Sheldon Cottrell to Mitchell Santner, SIX! THAT MIGHT BE IT! back of length delivery on the middle and legstump line. Santner reading the line early, moves away from the stumps and deposits the ball in the second tier over the long on boundary for a HUGE MAXIMUM!
14.2 Sheldon Cottrell to Mitchell Santner, fuller length yorker right in the blockhole. Santner shuffling in the crease hits it straight back to the bowler for no run!
14.1 Sheldon Cottrell to Jimmy Neesham, overpitched delivery on the middle and legstump, dug out to short mid-on for a quick single
With all those no-balls, extras, Keemo Paul kept it in the radar and didn't allow the batsman to charge him in that over but those extras itself they have conceded much more than a boundary or a six could've. It's NZ's game from here to lose.

NZ need 15 runs off 12 balls!
Over: 14 | Summary: 0 1nb 1nb 1 2nb 2 2 0 3nb Bowler: Keemo Paul Score: 159/5
13.6 Keemo Paul to Mitchell Santner, FREEHIT! slow back of length delivery on the offstump. Santner shuffles across to the offside and lobs the ball straight up in the air to deep midwicket fielder who come around and takes the catch. However, that doesn't count and Santner and Neesham come around for a double
13.6 Keemo Paul to Mitchell Santner, BEAMER! NO BALL! DROPPED! a very high fulltoss on the oiffstump and Santner somehow managed to lob the ball up in the air to long on where Hetmyer missed the catch! Surely Keemo has to go now!

However, the umpires do not take him out of attack like they did with Hamish Bennett in the first innings! Strange decision making!
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