Bay Leaf Blasters 84/3 (10 ov)
Nutmeg Warriors 85/7 (9.5 ov)
Nutmeg Warriors won by 3 wickets
The Nutmeg Warriors clinch a thriller at the National Cricket Ground in Grenada!

If T10 cricket needed an advert to promote it to cricket traditionalists, this was the one! Having to chase 85 in ten overs, the Warriors would have held the upper hand but the Bay Leaf Blasters had other ideas. They turned it up with some economical overs in the powerplay phase with Andre Fletcher and Akeem Alexis departing cheaply.

The onus was on Seandell Regis to take them home. Although he had some luck on his way, he scored 46 runs off 30 balls against a decent Blasters bowling attack, that looked hell-bent on getting their side through. None of the other batsmen were able to get hold of the bowlers and required a six off the penultimate ball from the bat of Sheldon Joseph to seal a memorable win for the Warriors!

You have to feel for the Blasters who made a game out of nothing but that's how it is in T10 and cricket in general. If this game was an indication of things to come, boy we are in for a treat today. There's a ton of action going on with the next Spice Isle T10 game set to start in about 30 minutes but that is it from this game. Until next time, this is Dwijesh along with my colleague Pradeep, signing off. Good Bye and Take Care!
9.5 Keron Charles to Sheldon Joseph, SIX! BANG! THAT'S IT, ALL OVER! What a game of cricket we've had, that was full on the stumps and in the slot for Joseph and he hangs back and then DISPATCHES it straight down the ground and the Blasters have been stunned here, they are in sheer shock as they cannot believe they've lost this game. PHEW! Time to catch some breath here!
6 to win off 2 balls now! One mighty blow can finish this game!
9.4 Keron Charles to Sheldon Joseph, full delivery on the off-stump and Joseph lofts that one back past the bowler who times his jump from his follow through to catch but doesn't and they pick up a couple of runs in the end
It's all happening in this game. 8 runs to win from 3 balls for the Warriors here!
9.3 Keron Charles to Haston Jackson, OUT! CAUGHT! Well, well, well, this game has been sea-saw in the last few overs. Full delivery on the outside off and Jackson this time fails to clear the fielder as he whacks it straight down the long-off fielder's throat!
9.2 Keron Charles to Haston Jackson, SIX! BOOM! That's a mighty hit from Jackson, length delivery on the outside off as he moves across and then DISPATCHES it well over the long-on fielder who watches it sail over him for a maximum! 8 runs to win off 4 balls!
Sheldon Joseph is the new batsman!
9.1 Keron Charles to Seandell Regis, OUT! CAUGHT! Finally Blasters hold on to something and sends the dangerous Regis back to the hut here. This game is Blasters to lose from here on. Full delivery angling away on the outside off as Regis reaches for it and thumps it but the deep extra cover fielder runs in and dives to hold on to the catch!
It does come down to the final over! The Warriors need 14 runs off the final over. Going by how things have panned out in this game, you would fancy the bowling side here. But you never know in this format. Who are you backing here? 
71 /5 score
cricket bat icon Seandell Regis
44 (29)
cricket bat icon Haston Jackson *
0 (2)
cricket ball icon Ronel Williams
1 /3
8.6 Ronel Williams to Haston Jackson, length delivery and shapes just away on the outside off as Jackson goes for the ugly hoick and misses, DOT to finish the over!
8.5 Ronel Williams to Seandell Regis, too full on the off-stump and Regis hangs back and then drills it back to the bowler who fails to stop it and that allows the batsman to scamper across for a single
8.4 Ronel Williams to Seandell Regis, brilliant, yorker on the outside off as Regis prods forward and then squeezes that one through the extra cover and they scamper back for the second
8.3 Ronel Williams to Seandell Regis, full delivery on the outside off, angling away as Regis goes for the wild swing and misses that one, good over so far!
8.2 Ronel Williams to Haston Jackson, back of a length on the wide of off-stump as Jackson reaches for it but misses and the keeper fails to collect cleanly as they scamper across for a single
Haston Jackson is the new batsman!
8.1 Ronel Williams to Darel Cyrus, OUT! CAUGHT BEHIND! There's the breakthrough they've been waiting for ages as Cyrus perishes and Williams strikes immediately. Length delivery on the wide of off-stump as he reaches for it to hoick but gets a feather to the keeper, huge appeal and the Umpire say YES!
What an over that was in terms of entertainment! A no-ball and a drop catch and of course a boundary as well. The Nutmeg Warriors are living on the edge with Bay Leaf Blasters not able to back their bowling with decent fielding. A huge over that one for the Warriors, who are the favourites from here on.

Nutmeg Warriors need 18 runs from 12 balls!
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