193/2 (20)
38/10 (10.4)
PAK won by 155 runs.
Player of the match: Mohammad Rizwan
And with that, we come to the close of the group stage of the 2022 Asia Cup. We have our teams for the Super 4s - Afghanistan, India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan have progressed and will fight for the two spots in the summit clash, starting from tomorrow! Sri Lanka will be up against Afghanistan later in the evening, and as always, we will be providing you with everything that takes place in that game, alongside 5 other cricket matches! For now, though, this is I, Rajarshi, along with Pradeep, signing off! Good night! 
Mohammad Rizwan, Player Of The Match: The most important thing for us is to assess the conditions. We try to assess the conditions irrespective of the format. The pitch here was slow, the ball just didn't come on, we tried to preserve wickets until the 10th over and tried to play as little dot balls as possible. I then decided to charge, albeit methodically. If I try to keep looking at my progress, it might get to my head, pressure and overconfidence take over. I try to keep it simple and follow what the team demands from me. (On his and Babar's responsibility at the top) If you're one of the main players of the team, you have to take some responsibility. The pressure of the dots mount on you, but if one adheres to the demands of the team they'll succeed more often. The bigger teams plan better and have better experience, which was the difference between us and Hong Kong today. The way the floods have affected Pakistan, I request everyone to come together and help the people of Pakistan in these difficult times. Thank you.
Babar Azam, Pakistan captain: It was a great victory for us. The way we started off with our batting, the ball wasn't coming on well enough, the wicket was a bit low which was why the shots weren't being executed well enough. The way we finished the innings..... Khushdil was outstanding today. (On whether Pakistan want to keep their reserved approach at the top) Definitely, we want our top-order batters to bat till the end and the middle-order batters to play around them. It gets easier for the batters down the order if there are enough partnerships at the top. The bowlers were outstanding today, and that is a major positive for us. Very excited with our fast bowlers, the way Naseem Shah and (Shahnawaz) Dahani made their debut for us, they have shown great performances, this'll generate a lot of confidence.
Nizakat Khan (Captain, Hong Kong): I think these two games were lots of learning, I must give credit to Pakistan, they've outplayed us and the bowling was phenomenal, we need to watch few videos as far as our batting is concerned. Definitely, there's a lot of take aways, experience playing against India and Pakistan, both are professionals.
Mohammad Nawaz: It was all simple bowling plans, according to the pitch, bowling wicket to wicket and in good lengths, it was keeping low. To be honest, we didn't talk too much in the dressing room, we wanted to get to 170+ and that's it. If we get good starts from fast bowlers, we want to create pressure with many dot balls and there'll be more chances of getting the wickets.
Match summary:
Hong Kong won the toss and opted to bowl

Pakistan 1st innings 193/2 (20 Overs)
Mohammad Rizwan 78*(57) | Ehsan Khan 2/28 (4)

Hong Kong 2nd innings 38 all out (10.4 Overs)
Nizakat Khan 8(13) | Shadab Khan 4/8 (2.4)

Pakistan win by 155 runs and advance to the Super 4s of the 2022 Asia Cup.

Pakistan have been absolutely ruthless right from the moment they walked out onto the field to defend a total of 193, one that seemed out of Hong Kong's reach right from ball one. Not a single double-digit score in the entire batting line-up as every single Hong Kong batter meekly surrendered to the intense scoreboard pressure. Neither one of Nizakat Khan and Babar Hayat, the two batters who got going against India, stood a chance against Pakistan's pace attack. After the end of the powerplay, it all fell apart, as the Hong Kong batters followed each other back to the dugout like in a procession. 

While the pacers killed the chase off early, Shadab Khan and Mohammad Nawaz were absolutely clinical in their spells, which helped them finish the game off. Neither of the two spinners gave any width to hit, Nawaz kept it straight and kept reaping his rewards. The same goes for Shadab, whose googlies were far too good for the Hong Kong lower order to handle. Hong Kong's 2022 Asia Cup campaign comes to an end in a cold-blooded fashion. It'll take a lot for them to recover from this, and it is up to the team management to ensure that the team re-groups, addresses their shortcomings, and return to the field soon having rejuvenated themselves. As for their opponents tonight, Pakistan do have their fair share of issues, but they won't be too deterred today, for they have sealed a spot in the Super 4s in sumptuous fashion!
Hong Kong have been bundled out for their lowest total in T20 International cricket. It is a sad, sad end to an Asia Cup campaign for them, one in which they showed so much promise! Pakistan sail through to the Super 4s without breaking a sweat!
10.4 Shadab Khan to Mohammad Ghazanfar, OUT! LOUD SHOUT FOR LBW, GIVEN! Ghazanfar reviews. Another googly, turning back into Ghazanfar on the off-stump, he looks to go back to play but gets rushed and raps on the pad first. UltraEdge shows it was pad first. Ball tracking has ONE RED and TWO Wicket's Umpire's call. Hong Kong are skittled out for their lowest T20I total!

Mohammad Ghazanfar LBW b Shadab Khan 0 (3b)
10.3 Shadab Khan to Mohammad Ghazanfar, OH DEAR! Good length on the outside off, another googly, turning into Ghazanfar who goes down on one knee to sweep but gets beaten.
10.2 Shadab Khan to Mohammad Ghazanfar, too full on the outside off, loops into Ghazanfar, lunges to smother.
Hat-trick ball coming up! Number 11 on strike! Slip in place.
Mohammad Ghazanfar, RHB, comes to the crease
10.1 Shadab Khan to Ayush Shukla, OUT! CLEANED HIM UP! They are just not been able to read the googlies. Tossed up delivery, full and turning into Ayush, he presses to hoick and misses, goes through his defenses and crashes into the stumps.

Ayush Shukla b Shadab Khan 1 (5b)
This has been a rather sad capitulation for Hong Kong. The game was up even before they could put up a fight with the bat. Still no double-digits individual score. 
38 /8 score
cricket bat icon Ayush Shukla
1 (4)
cricket bat icon Ehsan Khan *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Mohammad Nawaz
3 /5
9.6 Mohammad Nawaz to Ehsan Khan, good length on the fourth stump, Ehsan lunges to smother.
9.5 Mohammad Nawaz to Ayush Shukla, length delivery on the outside off, Shukla lunges and angles his bat to ease it to covers for a single.
9.4 Mohammad Nawaz to Ayush Shukla, tossed up delivery, good length on the off-stump, Shukla presses to drive, finds the short cover fielder.
9.3 Mohammad Nawaz to Ayush Shukla, LOUD SHOUT FOR A CATCH, NOT GIVEN! Drops it short into Shukla, he looks to glance off the backfoot but misses, goes straight off the pad to leg-slip.