16th Match, Perth Stadium
PS won by 3 wickets
Right then. The Perth Scorchers jump to the second spot with that win, only behind the Adelaide Strikers, who are still on top courtesy of their net run rate. The defending champions do have a game in hand though. That wraps up our boxing day action in Australia for the day. You can stick around to Sportskeeda to catch the rest of the sporting action from around the globe. For now, this is Pratyush Rohra, signing off on behalf of my partner-in-crime, Soorya Sesha. See ya!
Ashton Turner is the Player of the Match. Here's what he has to say: I think we bowled really well. We got ourselves ahead of the game and our bowlers, as they have done all season, did a great job. We've been really fortunate here in Perth that we've got some really good batting wickets and the outfield is fast as well. We got ourselves into a pretty ordinary situation. We felt that slipping away. Sometimes it happens in T20 cricket but 20 overs can still be a long time. I thought Jhye played really well and he was actually guiding me through it. Really important time in the tournament to get a win. Come the back end it could be really valuable. We've got values that we stick to as a group. It's about playing 'team first' cricket and playing bravely. I probably found that I've been looking to score really quickly in the earlier games and it didn't come off. Tonight required something different, my team required something different.
Perth Scorchers beat the Adelaide Strikers by 3 wickets (with 5 balls to spare)

Ashton Turner - 48* (38) | Aaron Hardie - 22 (17)
Matthew Short - 2/11 | Henry Thornton - 2/46

That's a proper nail-biter contest in Perth. It's the hosts who get over the line once more but they might have made it tougher than it should have been. After an excellent bowling performance to restrict the Strikers to 133, the Scorchers would have expected to get over the line without struggling as much as they did.

On a spicy pitch, they went at it from ball one to try and force the issue. That worked at some level before they quickly found themselves in a spot of bother at 17-3 in the third over. Inglis injected some impetus into the innings in the final over of the powerplay before being dismissed cheaply to leave his side at 48-4.  

Some ordinary shot selection partnered with some good bowling meant that the Strikers kept grinding it out, even with Rashid Khan being held back until the end. Matthew Short and de Grandhomme did really well to keep chipping away and make the pressure count to find Perth at 72-6 before the drinks break.

The captain took charge from there on, bidding his time in a chase where the required rate wasn't much of a concern. Jhye Richardson did a handy job playing second fiddle to ensure the Scorchers don't keep losing wickets and keep the Strikers at bay. 

It was the 43-run partnership that got Perth closer to the finish line. With Ashton Turner struggling to find his best form throughout the season, this knock could be the one to turn his fortunes around. Stick around for what he has to say at the presentation after this memorable win.
19.1 Peter Siddle to Andrew Tye, FOUR! THE SCORCHERS GET HOME! Slower short delivery outside the off stump. Stops in the surface as Tye stands tall and has a free swing of the blade into his pull. Cloughs it just over the reach of mid-on before it races along the carpet to the fence and the home side prevail after finding themselves in a real pit. What a measured innings under pressure by their skipper Ashton Turner as Perth Scorchers prevail by 3 wickets with 5 deliveries to spare!
That could have been the moment of the game right there! Had the Strikers managed to get the Scorchers captain, they'd still be in with a sniff. The gamble to go with Thornton doesn't pay off for Siddle on a day when so many of his different moves have worked like a charm. He'll take responsibility for the final over.
132 /7 score
cricket bat icon Ashton Turner *
48 (38)
cricket bat icon Andrew Tye
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Henry Thornton
2 /46
18.6 Henry Thornton to Ashton Turner, DROPPED! So nearly an anticlimax! Goes fuller in the channel as Turner makes room and sticks his bat out again. Takes it on the full and slices it on the up to cover point who shells a straightforward chance even as it came high on him at chest height. Oh that's so not what the Strikers wanted!
Cometh the hour, cometh Ashton Turner!
18.5 Henry Thornton to Ashton Turner, SIX! YOU BEAUTY ASHTON TURNER! Dug into the track outside the off stump but Turner makes room by shuffling way outside his stumps. He sweeps himself off his feet and upper cuts it up and over the vacant third man region. Fetch that back from the crowd!
It's back down to a run a ball. 8 needed off 8. Turner and the Scorchers can see the finish line in sight now!
18.4 Henry Thornton to Ashton Turner, FOUR! SLICED OVER! Goes predictably fuller just outside the line of off stump and Turner picks it in advance. Gives himself room and jams his bat down to use the pace and slice it over point for four
With mid-on inside the circle, that was easy pickings for Turner! Siddle, Lynn and Thornton in conversation again, ringing around a few field changes. Point comes in, mid-on also remains in.
18.3 Henry Thornton to Ashton Turner, SIX! PUMPED OVER! That's a belated Christmas present for the Scorchers skipper! A rank full toss on off stump and all he toes is stand tall and pound it with a clean swing over long on for half-a-dozen. Pressure back on the young bowler now!
Direct hit would have been curtains for Tye. 18 needed off 10 now. Can Ashton Turner get his side over the line?
18.2 Henry Thornton to Andrew Tye, GONER WITH A DIRECT HIT! Full outside the off stump and Tye stands tall to guide his drive to cover. He tees off with the intention of getting his skipper back on strike and was gone for all money had the throw hit the bull's eye!
Andrew Tye, RHB, comes to the crease
What a start to the surge for the Strikers! Richardson departs. Adelaide still believe!
18.1 Henry Thornton to Jhye Richardson, GONE! CHIPPED TO MID-ON! Fires a fast yorker just around the line of off stump as Richardson makes room. Takes it on the full looking to guide it through the covers but ends up chipping it down the throat of mid-on instead with Kelly settling to his left and gobbling it up as it lobs towards him. A useful knock under the circumstances but has Richardson done enough?
Jhye Richardson c Thomas Kelly b Henry Thornton 18 (27b, 0x4, 0x6)
The power surge has been taken. Siddle opts to stay with his reliable wicket-taker who has had an expensive outing so far. In fact, it's the first time Thronton is bowling in the power surge. 
Henry Thornton [3.0-0-29-1] is back into the attack