Perth Scorchers 185/3 (20 ov)
Melbourne Renegades 89/10 (12.5 ov)
Scorchers won by 96 runs
Player of the match: Josh Inglis
That's all from this encounter. Switch tabs and join us for the match between Strikers and the Sixers, which hopefully will be a much more thrilling encounter. This has been Ankit Sharma along with Prashanth, as we bid goodbye! 
Player of the match - Josh Inglis 72(41)*
That was a surprisingly poor, under par, embarrassing performance from the Melbourne Renegades. Not one batsman decided to stay and anchor the innings, everyone went all out and lost their way barring their captain, who was unfortunately run out at the non striker's end, as Marsh's shot was deflected off the bowlers' hands to hit on to the stumps behind the bowler. From there it was only downhill. Prestwidge hit a few maximums, hardly denting the opposition's chances, but managing to steal the bash boost point. Apart from that, nothing was on offer for the Renegades, who will have a lot to think about, regarding their approach to the rest of the games, their combinations, etc. Perth, I don't think put a foot wrong. Applied pressure from ball one, and with a very content, overall performance from everyone, came out on top.  The total, was always going to be tough, but the Scorchers bowlers did not give a chance to the opposition, bowled them out for merely 89 runs. Perth Scorchers won by 96 runs. 
And that's a wrap! Ahmed gets Hatzoglou, in what was a pretty one sided affair. A massive win for Scorchers, who play another 4 matches at their home stadium. Will carry a lot of confidence and momentum into the remaining matches. 
12.5 Fawad Ahmed to Peter Hatzoglou, short and quick leg-break, Hatzoglou stays back and looks to drive. He only edges it to Josh Inglis and this completes the match. Perth Scorchers win by 96 runs while Renegades get rolled over for yet another low total.
12.4 Fawad Ahmed to Peter Hatzoglou, shorter leg-break, Hatzoglou misses the cut-shot
12.3 Fawad Ahmed to Peter Hatzoglou, googly from Fawad, Hatzoglou plays it to extra cover. No run.
12.2 Fawad Ahmed to Peter Hatzoglou, slightly short, Hatzoglou plays it to extra cover. No run.
12.1 Fawad Ahmed to Peter Hatzoglou, full on the stumps, Hatzoglou plays it back to the bowler. No run.
Prestwidge takes on Livingstone. Goes straight over the fielder on two occasions and dispatches them for two glorious sixes, before going in search for another one, but finds the fielder at long on. Surely, just a matter of balls now before Renegades are all out.
Noor Ahmed, right hand bat, comes to the crease. 
Over: 12 | Summary: 0 6 0 6 W 1 Bowler: Liam Livingstone Score: 89/9
11.6 Liam Livingstone to Peter Hatzoglou, quick full-toss, Hatzoglou plays it to mid-wicket for a single.
11.5 Liam Livingstone to Jack Prestwidge, Livingstone gets a wicket!! Prestwidge looks to get his third six but he got more elevation than distance and the long-on fielder did well to judge the catch with the rope just behind him.
11.4 Liam Livingstone to Jack Prestwidge, full on the stumps, Prestwidge goes big down the ground and gets another maximum.
11.3 Liam Livingstone to Jack Prestwidge, off-break from Livingstone, Prestwidge drives it to the extra cover fielder. No run.
11.2 Liam Livingstone to Jack Prestwidge, fuller delivery, Prestwidge clears his front leg and smacks it over long-off for a six.
11.1 Liam Livingstone to Jack Prestwidge, short delivery, the ball turns and bounces quite a bit to beat Prestwidge.
Liam Livingstone, into the attack.
Prestwidge escapes, gets a thick edge of the wrong one, that races away to the fence. Will Scorchers knock em all out ? Or will Prestwidge lead an unlikely escape to bat out the innings?
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