Prague Barbarians Vandals won by 19 runs.
0.3 James Anderson to Shai Hope, sprayed down the leg side
0.2 James Anderson to Kraigg Brathwaite, full ball driven down to long on for a single/run
0.1 James Anderson to Kraigg Brathwaite, length ball dropped to point
So, this was me, Pradeep Somashekar along with my fellow commentator Habil Ahmed bringing you the live-action in this ECN Czech Super Series T-10 2020. Signing off, Staye Safe!
Sabawoon destroyed all the hopes that Mobilizers had in chasing this huge total. Picking up 2 wickets in his 1st over. From there on, Mobilizers were struggling to keep up with RRR. They were always behind the eighth ball. Although Sagor looked dangerous but he just couldn't keep going and ended with 18 ball-30 and Arun Konda managed to 19 ball-22 but not enough to get them cross the line.

As for the bowling, Vandals dried up the boundaries when needed for Mobilizers, Sabawoon finishes with terrific figures of 8/2 from his 2 overs. Well deserved victory for them. 
9.6 D Singh to V Kumar, that is played into the offside for another single. And that's the end of the game. Prague Barbarians Vandals make it to the finals.
9.5 D Singh to A Bhuiyan, hits that up in the air and it is taken in the deep by the long off fielder.
9.5 D Singh to A Bhuiyan, dances down the wicket and misses with the swing. Called wide outside off.
9.4 D Singh to V Kumar, fuller and he drives that towards cover for another single. 
9.3 D Singh to A Bhuiyan, hits that down to mid off for a single.
9.2 D Singh to V Kumar, swing and a miss but they get a run after the ball ricochets off the stumps from the keeper's throw.
9.1 D Singh to A Konda, looks to flick that towards the leg side but it only hits him on the pads. The umpire thinks that was hitting the stumps and he raises his finger.
Mobilizers aren't giving up, Arun Konda hit a six in that over. They now need 25 runs from the last over. Can they pull this off?
8.6 H Gori to A Konda, full and outside off. He drives that to cover for a single.
8.5 H Gori to A Konda, slightly overpitched and he has whacked that over the long off fielder for a big six!
8.4 H Gori to A Bhuiyan, that is hit past the bowler's head for a single down to long off.
8.4 H Gori to A Konda, swings and misses. The umpire also calls that wide outside off. Single taken to add to the extra run.
8.3 H Gori to A Bhuiyan, straighter and he drives that past the bowler for one run.
8.2 H Gori to A Bhuiyan, another swing and a miss!
8.1 H Gori to A Bhuiyan, swing and a miss!
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