Prague Barbarians Vandals won by 9 wickets
Prague Barbarians have absolutely demolished Prague Spartans here. They were on the top of their game from ball one and played like a team fully deserving of a place in the final. Barbarians got off to a steady start with both, Davizi and Hoque being watchful in the first half. It was only in the 5th over that Davizi finally decided to go bonkers and went on a six hitting mission, taking his team through to the finals. Spartans, on the other hand had a poor outing. They were poor with the bat, equally poor with the ball and even poorer in the field. So, that's it from this game here;s me, Faham Signing off along with Nikhil Kulkarni !! 
Prague Barbarians win by 9 wickets
8.2 Parth to Honey Gori, Full length on offside, Its been smashed to deep cover boundary. Prague Barbarians move to finals.
8.1 Parth to Sabawoon Davizi, Full length smashes it to deep square leg and it's a easy catch to the fielder. Misses on his 50, Brilliant innings.
Prague Barbarians: 76/0 after 8. Just two needed now
7.6 Kranthi to Sabawoon Davizi, Flicked away to deep backward square leg for a single.
7.5 Kranthi to Jahanur Hoque, Driven back straight down the ground.
7.4 Kranthi to Sabawoon Davizi, Worked away to backward square for a single.
7.3 Kranthi to Sabawoon Davizi, Tries to cut that away and misses it.
7.2 Kranthi to Sabawoon Davizi, Good length delivery hit back to the bowler.
7.1 Kranthi to Sabawoon Davizi, Short ball pulled away to deep mid-wicket fielder, It has gone miles away.
Prague Barbarians: 67/0 after 7. Mere formalities remaining. 11 needed off 3 overs
6.6 Parth to Sabawoon Davizi, Full length pushed that away to cover fielder for a single.
6.5 Parth to Sabawoon Davizi, Tries to pull that away and misses it.
6.4 Parth to Sabawoon Davizi, Good length on offside, Punched away to mid-wicket.
6.3 Parth to Sabawoon Davizi, Short ball and it has been clobbered to fine leg for a boundary.
6.2 Parth to Sabawoon Davizi, Great short makes room and smashes it to point fielder.
Prague Barbarians: 57/0 after 6. Barbarians are cruising now. 
6.1 Parth to Jahanur Hoque, Cut away to point fielder for a single.
5.6 Kranthi to Sabawoon Davizi, Full length hit back to bowler.
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