Karachi Kings 176/7 (20 ov)
Quetta Gladiators 162/6 (20 ov)
Karachi Kings won by 14 runs.
So, Karachi Kings eventually making the playoffs edging past Quetta Gladiators by 14 runs in the end. It was that swashbuckling innings from Danish Aziz that made all the difference in the end. Rightly so, he was awarded the player of the match as well. Quetta did nit quite get off to the start they required. Lost wickets in the middle and there was too much left for them to do in the end, and clearly, they fell short. A fighting unbeaten fifty from skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed but that was never going to enough to see them through. 

Three wickets for Mohammad Ilyas, two for Arshad Iqbal as Karachi Kings successfully defended the total. They never really let the batsmen get ahead of them at any point to be honest and Quetta never looked like they were in the chase although the scorecard would suggest it got slightly close towards the end. 

Another loss for Quetta and a horror PSL comes to an end for them with this. They will look to comeback strong next season. Karachi had everything to play for and they've come out on top in a high pressure game. This will give them massive confidence going into the playoffs. Still some concerns for them with the top order not quite coming to the party today. For now, they will be relieved of making it to the top four after losing their way in the middle!
Imad Wasim: I think we played very well. Specially Danish, without him we wouldn't score over 150. The show he put was fantastic for the team and himself. (on Noor Ahmed) If you go after him he can take wickets so I wanted him to bowl when the situation is tough. Arshad came in and bowled really well too. Once you get the momentum, you have the belief, you have the confidence. Still Sharjeel, Martin, Babar didn't click. So you never really know, they are gun players and can be dangerous in the playoffs. 
Danish Aziz, Player of the Match, Karachi Kings: I tried to push the total to 160-170. I was sitting out for a long time so I wanted to go out there and express myself. When you play this kind of an innings, it gives you a boost up individually and also when your team needs this kind of a win.
Sarfaraz Ahmed: I think we had it well in the bowling. The last two overs spoilt it for us. We did not get a good start in the chase as well which made it difficult for us to comeback. The opening combination has been an issue for us. We could not get partnerships going in the middle order as well. We will try to comeback next year with a better combination. We sit and discuss, try to pick the best available players and comeback stronger in the next PSL. 
Too much left to do in the end for Quetta. Good over for them and Sarfaraz, not good enough though as a disappointing season comes to an end for them. Sarfaraz getting to his fifty but it's Karachi Kings who are though. Rising from a pressure situation, finding their way into the playoffs eventually. Lahore Qalandars are also out with that!
162 /6 score
cricket bat icon Sarfraz Ahmed *
51 (33)
cricket bat icon Jack Wildermuth
8 (6)
cricket ball icon Mohammad Ilyas
3 /39
19.6 Mohammad Ilyas to Sarfaraz Khan, FIFTY FOR SARFARAZ! BUT KARACHI ARE THROUGH! Overpitched ball bowled wide outside off. Sarfaraz moving back and across in the crease manages to squirt the ball to the sweeper cover fielder for a brace. However, Quetta fall short by 14 runs while Karachi Kings advance to the playoffs
19.5 Mohammad Ilyas to Sarfaraz Khan, FOUR! IN THE SAME REGION! Short of good length ball on the offstump line. Sarfaraz seizes the length early, goes deep in the crease before pulling the ball over short square fielder for a boundary 
19.4 Mohammad Ilyas to Sarfaraz Khan, FOUR! TONKED! Short of good length ball on the middle and legstump line. Sarfaraz moves a long way across his offstump and thumpingly pulls the ball behind square for a boundary 
19.3 Mohammad Ilyas to Sarfaraz Khan, yorker length ball bowled wide outside off. Sarfaraz moves across and tries to scoop the ball over the keeper. However, he gets the inside half of the bat and just beats the short square fielder for a couple
Too little too late from Sarfaraz and Quetta now?
19.2 Mohammad Ilyas to Sarfaraz Khan, FOUR! SMOTHERED! Low fulltoss delivered on the legstump. Sarfaraz clears his front leg, opens up the hips before smashing the ball disdainfully to the deep midwicket fence for a boundary
19.1 Mohammad Ilyas to Jack Wildermuth, yorker-length ball bowled on the sixth stump line. Wildermuth opens up himself by shuffling across before drilling the ball down to long off for a single 
32 off 6 it is!
Apart from that catch, Amir has bowled a really good over at the death. Bowling at good pace, the yorkers, bouncers, good execution and it seems like he's sealed the deal for Karachi now. Only an unreal effort will get Quetta home, highly unlikely. Karachi an over away from a playoffs berth then!
145 /6 score
cricket bat icon Sarfraz Ahmed
35 (28)
cricket bat icon Jack Wildermuth *
7 (5)
cricket ball icon Mohammad Amir
0 /21
18.6 Mohammad Aamir to Jack Wildermuth, full length delivery on the middle and legstump line. Wildermuth on the backfoot, clearing his front leg, whips the ball powerfully but straight to the deep midwicket fielder for a single
18.5 Mohammad Aamir to Sarfaraz Khan, overpitched ball bowled across from the batter. Sarfaraz shuffled across, made some room for himself before munching the ball straight to deep extra cover for a single 
18.4 Mohammad Aamir to Sarfaraz Khan, slow, yorker length ball bowled outside off. Sarfaraz tries to steer the ball down to third man but is beaten by the pace 
18.3 Mohammad Aamir to Sarfaraz Khan, length ball bowled on the fourth stump line. Sarfaraz deep in the crease caresses the ball powerfully down the ground to long on for a couple as Azam cuts off the boundary 
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