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BSV Britannia 118/5 (10 ov)
RC Dresden 62/10 (9.4 ov)
BSV Britannia won by 56 runs.
RCD never looked in the competition from the start of the inning! Lost three wickets in the first two overs and it all went downhill from there! The BSVS bowlers were superlative, especially Waqs Virk who finished with envious figures of 2-0-7-2 and rattled the Dresden batsmen with his willy inswinging deliveries! 

Mustafa Khan Yousefzai tried to show some fight with a 12 ball 26 run inning but other than him, only a single batsman could get into the double figures! In the end RCD lose by 56 runs and will have to go back to the drawing board and examine where did they go wrong! 

As for the BSVS side, the players will take a lot of heart from defeating one of the top-2 teams of the tournament. They have given a stern warning to other teams in the tournament that they are here for the trophy and they mean business!

So that's it from our side as I, Abhinav Singh, and my partner Vinay Chhabria take your leave! Do join us in a jiffy here on Sportskeeda as the commentary team brings to you all the live-action from the remaining games of the day!
9.4 Waleed Ahmed to Azam Ali Rajput, OUT, tried to pull it for a six, gets the top edge of the bat and the fielder inside the circle makes no mistake in taking the catch!
9.3 Waleed Ahmed to Azam Ali Rajput , full delivery, comes down the track, whips it to long-off, two runs. 
9.2 Waleed Ahmed to Azam Ali Rajput , hit straight to mid-on, no runs. 
9.1 Waleed Ahmed to Himanshu Bhardwaj, OUT, outside off, tries to play it over the covers, gets caught at third man!
RCD have been blown away here, the shoulders have dropped and the tail-enders are waging a futile fight! Six balls remaining and RCD need an impossible 59 runs! BSVS have the golden chance to get RCD all out here!
8.6 Faisal Khan to Azam Ali Rajput , outside the off-stump, he fails to play the slog sweep. 
8.5 Faisal Khan to Vivek Nandkumar, OUT, outside the off-stump, tried to hit it past the deep mid wicket boundary, fails to time it well and the ball lands straight into the fielder's hands!
8.5 Faisal Khan to Vivek Nandkumar, WIDE, wide outside off. 
8.4 Faisal Khan to Vivek Nandkumar, appeal for LBW, the umpire declines, Nandkumar gets two leg-byes. 
8.3 Faisal Khan to Himanshu Bhardwaj, length delivery, pushed it to the leg-side for a single. 
8.2 Faisal Khan to Shahrukh Khan, an off-spinner from the bowler pitches outside off and goes straight into his stumps, BOWLED!
8.1 Faisal Khan to Shahrukh Khan, full delivery, swing and a miss!
After 8 overs RCD 56/6, needing an impossible 63 runs off the final 12 deliveries, Only a divine intervention can save RCD now..or maybe not!
7.6 Gaurav Lohia to Shahrukh Khan, length delivery, tries a big shot, mistimes it, lands ahead of the fielder at square leg, one run. 
7.5 Gaurav Lohia to Vivek Nandkumar, full delivery outside off, hit straight to long-off for one run. 
7.4 Gaurav Lohia to Shahrukh Khan, comes down the track and pulls it across the line towards mid-on for a single. 
7.3 Gaurav Lohia to Vivek Nandkumar, full delivery, tries to hit it down the ground, not the perfect timing, gets one run. 
7.2 Gaurav Lohia to Shahrukh Khan, length delivery, cut towards the off-side for a single. 
7.1 Gaurav Lohia to Shahrukh Khan, length delivery, Shahrukh fails to connect it well. 
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