Riyaan CC 167/5 (10 ov)
Cyprus Eagles CTL 167/1 (10 ov)
Match Drawn
Cyprus Eagles CTL wins this exciting contest of the Golden Ball!

What an entertaining match this turned out to be Cyprus Eagles CTL batters are having the best outing for the day as batters Gurpratap Singh and Kulwinder Singh continued on the form from the previous match and provided the start required and kept the Cyprus Eagles CLT on track with the chase as they scored 59 runs off the powerplay, they had a 72 run opening stand before Kulwinder Singh departed for a well made 47 runs in just 14 balls. 

The next batter Gursewak Singh along with Gurpratap Singh stayed till the end and scored unbeaten 29 runs as he played the anchoring role whereas Gurpratap Singh managed to play a not out innings of 89 runs which consisted of 11 sixes and 4 fours! 

For the Riyaan CC to win this match all they needed to do was stop the flow of boundaries and a couple of quiet overs back to back which they failed to do so as Gurpratap Singh just belted the bowlers all around the park! Tayyab Bashir was the only one who could manage to bowl an over which conceded just 5 runs in the 8th over and as it looked like he has put the game into Riyaan CC's favor they failed to stop the boundaries in the last couple of overs!

Riyaan CC also weren't helping their own cause as they failed to grab onto all the chances that came to them in the field. And we can say Riyaan in the end also dropped this match as Gurpratap manages to tie the game and take it to the golden ball where he managed to hit a maximum and won the game for Eagles!

That's it for this game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage between Cyprus Eagles CTL and Riyaan CC. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Dwijesh Reddy signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
GOLDEN BALL: Atta Ullah to Gurpratap Singh, SIX! Gurpratap has won this game for the Eagles! Ullah bowls a fuller ball on the leg-stump and Gurpratap smashes it wide of long-on but it doesn't matter as it clears the boundary! WHAT A FINISH IN LIMASSOL! Cyprus Eagles beat Riyaan CC by the finest of margins!
The first-ever golden ball coming up in ECS T10 Cyprus!!
9.6 Atta Ullah to Gurpratap Singh, SIX! Gurpratap has tied the game! Full ball on the stumps, just the ball he was hoping for and Gurpratap has heaved it over the man at long-on boundary! IT'S GOLDEN BALL TIME! The two unbeaten batsmen will have to score at least two runs off the next ball to win the game, as per ECS rules!
9.5 Atta Ullah to Gurpratap Singh, ANOTHER DOT BALL! Ullah cramps Gurpratap for room and goes past his bat yet again! 7 to win off 1 ball, fancy a golden ball?
9.4 Atta Ullah to Gurpratap Singh, DROPPED! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! Gurpratap keeps presenting chances and the Riyaan fielders keep saying no thanks! A short ball pulled by Gurpratap towards the man at deep midwicket, who drops it but it is dot ball! Gurpratap decides to keep the strike and probably hit the winning runs!
9.3 Atta Ullah to Gurpratap Singh, DOT BALL! Atta Ullah bowls it full on the leg stump, cramps the batsman for room who checks his shot! Still, 7 needed in 3!!
9.2 Atta Ullah to Gurpratap Singh, SIX! Gurpratap has absolutely murdered a short ball with a cold-blooded pull shot over deep square leg for another six! Poor Atta Ullah is having a torrid time! Just 7 needed in 4 balls now!
9.1 Atta Ullah to Gurpratap Singh, SIX! The perfect start to the over for the Eagles as Gurpratap smashes a low full-toss right over the bowler's head for a brilliant six! Down to 13 runs in 5 balls now!
At the end of the 9th over RYCC are 149/1. RYCC not helping themselves here as they have kept dropping all the catches that have come their way and to add on to the salt on their wound as these goo off for boundaries! 25 runs conceded in this over and CEC now need 19 runs in the last 6 balls!! Ullah comes in to bowl the last over for RYCC!
8.6 Sibtal Hassnain to Gursewak Singh, FOUR RUNS! Short ball bowled straighter this time and Gursewak has pulled it past the deep square leg fielder for a boundary!
8.5 Sibtal Hassnain to Gursewak Singh, DROPPED AND FOUR! What is it with Riyaan CC fielders and skiers? Short ball chipped towards the fine-leg fielder, who should have taken it in all likelihood but misses. And worse, it goes for a boundary!
8.4 Sibtal Hassnain to Gurpratap Singh, short ball hurrying the batsman to the pull shot, the ball lands safely and the batsmen take the single this time!
8.3 Sibtal Hassnain to Gurpratap Singh, SIX! Gurpratap is winning this game for the Eagles as he whacks a straight ball right over the bowler's head for a maximum! Difficult shot to execute but Gurpratap has done it with ease! 28 runs now needed in 9 balls!
8.2 Sibtal Hassnain to Gurpratap Singh, DROPPED! Gurpratap is riding his luck as another fielder at the deep midwicket region puts him down and the worst part for RYCC the ball goes past him for a boundary!
8.1 Sibtal Hassnain to Gurpratap Singh, SIX! Sibtal dishes out a short ball outside off and Gurpratap heaves it over the leg-side boundary for a massive six! This game is going down to the wire! Target down to 38 runs in 11 balls now! Gurpratap Singh reaches to 60 runs now.
At the end of the 8th over CEC are 124/1. A really magnificent over by Tayyab and probably a game-changing over this as only 5 runs are conceded in this over. CEC now needs 44 runs in 12 balls at an increased run rate of 22 RPO!
7.6 Tayyab Bashir to Gursewak Singh, Bashir, you beauty! Against the run of play, Bashir has bowled yet another dot ball as he nails a yorker. 
7.5 Tayyab Bashir to Gursewak Singh, DOT BALL! Short ball angled into the batsman at an awkward height, Gursewak looks to heave it blindly but fails to get bat on ball!
7.4 Tayyab Bashir to Gursewak Singh, DROPPED AND FOUR! Gursewak gets down and skies a slog towards cow-corner, where the fielder puts one down and parries it towards the boundary for a four! And RYCC not up to the task he spoils a great over by Tayyab!
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