109/8 (20)
115/6 (19.1)
NAM won by 4 wickets
Player of the match: Ruben Trumpelmann
That is all that was written for this contest as another day's action comes to a close in the ICC Men's T20 World Cup, 2021. A big game lies ahead tomorrow though as Australia take on Sri Lanka at the Dubai International Stadium. Both teams have started their Super 12 campaign on a winning note but only one of them can make it two out of two. Which of those two teams will it be though? You will have to join us tomorrow to find out the same. It has been a pleasure bringing the coverage of this contest to you today and we hope you enjoyed it much the same. Thank you so much for tuning into Sportskeeda and do switch tabs to keep yourselves updated with all the other cricketing news and action from across the globe on this very platform. For now though, on behalf of my good friend and fellow textpert Abhinav Singh, this is Sooryanarayanan Sesha humbly reminding you to mask up and get yourselves vaccinated in case you haven't already. Goodnight and take care!
Proud indeed will all the people of Namibia be feeling about this side. They started off with a resounding defeat to Sri Lanka but ever since that, they have gone from strength to strength. There is a lot of character and belief within this close-knit unit and all of that will have to come to the fore as the games only get tougher hereon. For now though, they can celebrate another historic win before returning to the same venue on Sunday to face Afghanistan. As for Scotland, things have gone pear-shaped after a clean sweep in the First Round and with New Zealand, India and Pakistan to follow, things are looking ominous for the side, who are also sweating over the fitness of their skipper Kyle Coetzer.
Gerhard Erasmus (Namibia Captain): Delighted to get another World Cup win. Another proud moment for the team. It was a bit emotional coming through the group stage. It was a great effort by the boys today. We are pretty delighted to put in a performance like that. There are a lot of quality sides in our group so we take some good momentum and energy into those games. Hopefully we can execute well against them. We all back each other on the field. It was about showing intent and sticking to your game plan. We knew we had to take it deep and we did that. Luckily with a couple of good partnerships we got over the line. Ruben's set pretty high standards for himself to get us off to a good start. By his own admission he hadn't hit his straps as such in the tournament and he came really good today. It is a big moment for us and we celebrate it with the people here. We're a small but very proud country and we owe it to the people back home.
Richie Berrington (Scotland Captain): Disappointing night for us. We came up probably 20-25 runs short. Pretty hard to recover after a first couple of overs like that but credit to Namibia. I thought they bowled fantastically well. At that stage we just needed to get a partnership going. Matthew Cross and Michael Leask played really well but we couldn't get it going for the whole innings. 120 may have given us a chance. I think it was important that we put the last game behind us. We had to execute well though. We've got a few days now to reflect and recover. One of our strengths is sticking together. We will take some learnings from this and come back stronger. We'll have to wait and see on Kyle. Hopefully he will be back soon.
Ruben Trumpelmann (Player of the Match): It's a great result for the team. Hopefully, I can bowl more and get wins for the team. Prep has been good and luckily it got my way tonight. I really enjoyed myself out there under the light. It's the World Cup, so I tried enjoying it. This victory means a lot to us. We hope to win a few more. It is massive.  
They huffed and puffed their way through the chase but in the end, all's well that ends well for Namibia. They've struck the right chord in the Super 12 and have kickstarted this phase of the competition with a couple of points against their name.

Namibia are known to start slow in the Powerplay and it was none too different tonight either with the new pair of Michael van Lingen and Craig Williams taking their time in negotiating the hint of movement on offer for the seamers. Bradley Wheal was impeccable with the new ball again and with a bit of luck going his way, he could have well prized out a wicket or two off the outside edge.

It was Safyaan Sharif who dealt the first breakthrough though as a struggling van Lingen perished despite starting to get a move on. Things seemed to slow down considerably though and even as Namibia had things under control, they were all but ambling along, meaning that Scotland were only a wicket or two away from upping the pressure.

The wickets did come with the spinners introduced into the attack as Zane Green perished in an attempt to break free. Skipper Gerhard Erasmus didn't last long either and once he departed and the experienced Craig Williams too followed suit, things were starting to look dicey for the Namibians.

A surprise move to seam on the part of skipper Richie Berrington was what was needed to ease the nerves for the Namibians though as a 10-run over saw them get ahead of the 8-ball again. JJ Smit was looking the part out there and with the seasoned pro in Wiese for company, the game was in the bag. So much so that even as Chris Greaves, Mark Watt and Michael Leask continued to fight on and Wiese perished in an attempt to repeat a big hit, Namibia could not let this slip away.

Jan Frylinck's dismissal raised questions of another twist in the tale but with just a solitary run to get at that stage, it was always going to be Namibia. And fittingly, it was JJ Smit who sealed the deal with a slice over the backward point fence to draw the curtains on an exciting low-scorer at Abu Dhabi.

Spare a moment for Michael Leask though! But for his 44 runs, Scotland would have fallen short of triple-figures for the second time running. But for his timely wickets, his side may have never taken it that far. Of course, he had excellent support from his spin colleagues Mark Watt and Chris Greaves while Bradley Wheal was consistent as ever. Could Leask have possibly bowled more? We can only ponder over what could have been but when your batting lineup is reduced to a shocking 2/3 inside the first over, there is only a certain bit that your bowlers can do without a par score to defend.
THERE YOU GO! A six to seal another moment of history in Namibian cricket folklore. Smit stands there nonchalantly and admires the ball soaring over the fence as Namibia win their first ever Super 12 clash by 4 wickets with 5 deliveries to spare!
19.1 Safyaan Sharif to Jonathan Smit, SIX! SMIT SCRIPTS HISTORY FOR NAMIBIA! Fuller length ball delivered wide outside off near the tramlines. Smit hangs deep inside the crease but throws the kitchen sink at this one. He connects sweetly as the ball sails over the deep backward point boundary for a MAXIMUM. Smit admires his shot for a second and then gets into celebratory mode! Namibia continue their fairytale sojourn in the T20 World Cup!
Safyaan Sharif is back into the attack and will bowl the final over of the game. He will bowl over the wicket.

Perhaps the universe is conspiring to get JJ Smit to hit the winning runs. It would be poetic of course, considering how brilliantly he has held his nerve. The ones in the Namibian think tank will want him to get it done with, no matter how!

Namibia need 1 run to win off the final over!
109 /6 score
cricket bat icon Jonathan Smit
26 (22)
cricket bat icon Pikky Ya France *
0 (2)
cricket ball icon Brad Wheal
1 /14
18.6 Brad Wheal to Pikky Ya France, overpitched delivery bowled in the stumps. Ya France holds his shape and blocks the ball to the left of bowler for no run. We get into the last over!
18.5 Brad Wheal to Pikky Ya France, low fulltoss bowled on the stumps. Ya France gets forward but can only munch the ball one bounce to short extra cover for no run 
Every fielder inside the inner ring. Not a single one is placed in the outfield!
Pikky Ya France, RHB, makes his way to the crease. He will take strike.
NOT AGAIN! This is turning into some lopsided chase here! No need to panic of course as far as Namibia are concerned - the target is just a solitary run away but jeez, could anybody have anticipated it getting this tight?
18.4 Brad Wheal to Jan Frylinck, CAUGHT! LATE DRAMA? Berrington had brought all the fielders inside the circle. Good length ball on stumps and Jan hacks across the line. He connects decently but swats it straight to the short midwicket fielder where MacLeod takes a sharp catch. A tad too late for the Scots, one would reckon?

Jan Frylinck c MacLeod b Wheal 2 (4b, 0x4, 0x6)
18.3 Brad Wheal to Jonathan Smit, SCORES ARE LEVEL! Yorker length delivery bowled in the blackhole. Smit jams his bat down in time and squirts the ball past the bowler to mid on before hustling across for a single 
18.2 Brad Wheal to Jonathan Smit, FOUR! MAJESTIC! Overpitched ball delivered in the slot wide outside off. Smit holds his shape, lunges forward, and drives the ball emphatically between mid off and extra cover for the all-important boundary 
One hit away now - will Smit seal the game with a maximum?
18.1 Brad Wheal to Jan Frylinck, low fulltoss bowled on the stumps. Jan ptrods forward and thumps the ball into the deck which bounces over the bowler's head to mid off as the two Namibians cross over for the single