ECB Blues 98/5 (10 ov)
Sharjah Bukhatir XI 99/1 (8.1 ov)
Sharjah Bukhatir XI won by 9 wickets
Player of the match: Rohan Mustafa
Rohan Mustafa (Player of the Match): I scored against them in the league match as well that was the plus point for me. I just went in and spoke to Vrittya as well to middle the ball. The wicket is very good and you can hit anytime. ( On the finals) There are no such plans. T10 is a funny game, sometime it's in your hand sometime it's out of the game. We will just play our natural game and do the basics and will try to win the match. 
SHARJAH storming into the finals then with a thumping nine-wicket win, no fuss at all in chasing a modest score off 99 down and they have done it with ease in the end. Powered all the way through by Rohan Mustafa and Vrittya Aravind returning only after having sealed the game for their side in a brilliant batting effort in this run-chase. Just for a brief while at the start it looked as though this chase was going to get interesting when Akif Raja bowled a successful opening over where he got the wicket of the Sharjah skipper but that was about it for the Blues. The duo of Rohan and Aravind completely took the game away after that to make this a one-sided affair and a disappointing end for the Blues. 

They did not have enough on the board, lost momentum after their first innings failing to finish well and they could never recover from there on. Rohan Mustafa being the star of the show with his unbeaten 61 off a mere 26 deliveries, laced with 7 boundaries and three sixes as he took charge and there was no stopping him at all. Well supported by Vrittya who remained unbeaten as well on 36 playing second fiddle in a match-winning partnership for their side. 

So it all comes down to that one last game then, everything that all the sides have been playing for and it will be Sharjah joining Fujairah in that big final. They will certainly be going into the title clash with momentum on their side, having won this game pretty convincingly, doing well with both bat and ball and they seem steamed up to lift that trophy. Fujaiarah have been the top side in this competition and it definitely is not going to be easy in that game. Gear yourself up for a mouth watering contest to find out who will be crowned champions eventually. Cracker of a contest that is going to be for sure and you do not want to miss it! 
That's the game done and dusted then! Sharjah are through to the finals as they march home comfortably in the end and they will now lock horns with Fujairah in the all important title clash! Comprehensive victory for the men in red this 
8.1 Vishnu Sukumaran, to Rohan Mustafa, SHARJAH INTO THE FINALS! Length ball on off-stump, Mustafa punches it down to long-off for a single and wraps this contest up with 11 balls to spare.
Sharjah needing just a solitary run nor to make it to the finals in what has turned out to be a one-sided affair in this second semi-final tonight!
Over: 8 | Summary: 0 0 4 1 0 1 Bowler: Mohammed Faraazuddin Score: 98/1
7.6 Muhammad Farazuddin to Rohan Mustafa, DROPPED! Slow again outside the off-stump, Mustafa comes down the track and tries to slash this one away but the fielder at point has put this one down.
7.5 Muhammad Farazuddin to Rohan Mustafa, slower and on a length outside the off-stump Mustafa plays this one straight to the cover fielder
7.4 Muhammad Farazuddin to Vriitya Aravind, length ball outside the off-stump, tapped to short third man for a single this time
Just one hit away from the finals now! 
7.3 Muhammad Farazuddin to Vriitya Aravind, FOUR! Slow and a touch short, Aravind comes down the track and plays this one away to the mid-wicket region for a boundary
7.2 Muhammad Farazuddin to Vriitya Aravind, BEATEN! Tossed up again outside the off-stump, Aravind is beaten on the drive yet again
7.1 Muhammad Farazuddin to Vriitya Aravind, tossed up outside the off-stump and Aravind misses out on the drive this time
Farazuddin into the attack
It's been the Rohan Mustafa show all the while and Vrittya Aravind getting in a big hit as well now. Rohan Mustafa is only going to stop after taking his side through and Sharjah are well and truly on their way of making it to the final. Just a couple of hits away now! 
Over: 7 | Summary: 0 6 1 4 2 0 Bowler: Matiullah Khan Score: 92/1
6.6 Matiuallah Khan to Rohan Mustafa, tries to lap this one away, slower one full on stump line and gets his on the bottom of the bat at the end, dot ball.
6.5 Matiuallah Khan to Rohan Mustafa, slower one, full and on stump line and Mustafa plays this one away to the on side for a couple of runs.
6.4 Matiuallah Khan to Rohan Mustafa, FOUR! Low full-toss outside the off-stump, Rohan creams the drive past covers for another boundary, this game is going at 4* speed right now!
6.3 Matiuallah Khan to Vriitya Aravind, full and angling into the batsman, Aravind flicks this one away to deep square-leg for a single this time
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