123/10 (10)
127/2 (9.3)
SPA won by 8 wickets
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Spain beat Netherlands XI by 8 wickets

Spain: 127/2 (9.3)
Daniel Doyle-Calle 51* (26) | Saqib Zulfiqar 1/31 (2.0)

A dominant win for Spain as they are on a roll, 6 wins out of 6 matches. What a sensational batting performance by them to chase this huge total down, quite comfortably in the end.

Nothing much to show for the bowlers, as they had the runs behind them but they just threw this game away. Saqib and Sikander took a catch off each others bowling to get a wicket each. That dropped catch from Floyd because of a misunderstanding have cost them the match.

Daniel Doyle-Calle just accelerated out of nowhere and hit 5 sixes in a row, three in one over and 2 in the next as they were dealing in just sixes. A huge 77 run partnership between him and Burns help them get close to this total, Burns played a good innings alongside DDC and scored 3 fours and 2 sixes. hamza Saleem Dar came in the 9th over with 24 runs needed, and he hit 3 sixes on his first 3 deliveries. Unbelievable hitting from them as he gets 4 in total and DDC hit 6 sixes. 
9.3 Sebastiaan Braat to Hamza Saleem Dar, SIX! Belted over long-on and the lights have gone off in that region as the ball smashes the switchboard. Spain beats the Netherlands by 8 wickets. 
9.2 Sebastiaan Braat to Hamza Saleem Dar, low full toss on middle stump, Dar swings across but gets an inside edge and it rolls down to the leg-side for a single
9.1 Sebastiaan Braat to Daniel-Doyle-Calle, whacks the fuller delivery towards deep mid-wicket for a single
It did not seem like we will get to the last over after Saleem Dar came to the crease. He hit 3 huge sixes from his first 3 deliveries. A good catch to dismiss Burns. Just 5 needed off the last over.
119 /2 score
cricket bat icon Daniel Doyle Calle *
50 (25)
cricket bat icon Hamza Dar
19 (4)
cricket ball icon Saqib Zulfiqar
1 /31
8.6 Saqib Zulfiqar to Daniel-Doyle-Calle, goes back and chops the length delivery towards backward point
8.5 Saqib Zulfiqar to Hamza Saleem Dar, mistimes the slog sweep and it rolls down to deep square leg. One run
8.4 Saqib Zulfiqar to Hamza Saleem Dar, THREE IN A ROW. Short of a length delivery, Dar goes back and pulls it over deep square leg for a maximum
8.3 Saqib Zulfiqar to Hamza Saleem Dar, SIX MORE! Fuller delivery angling across, Dar smokes it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum. Everyone looks into the night-sky and the ball disappears
8.2 Saqib Zulfiqar to Hamza Saleem Dar, SIX! Moves across and slogs it over deep mid-wicket for a mighty six
Hamza Saleem Dar, comes to the crease.
8.1 Saqib Zulfiqar to Lorne Burns, OUT! Short of a length delivery outside off-stump, Burns pulls it with good timing but the ball goes straight to deep mid-wicket fielder, who takes it with chest height

Lorne Burns c Sikander Zulfiqar b Saqib Zulfiqar 32 (18b, 3x4, 2x6)
Just 6 runs from this over as DDC reach his 50 and Spain reach 100, good bowling from Floyd. 24 from 12 the equation now as the important 9th over comes up.
100 /1 score
cricket bat icon Daniel Doyle Calle *
50 (24)
cricket bat icon Lorne Burns
32 (17)
cricket ball icon Clayton Floyd
0 /11
7.6 Clayton Floyd to Daniel-Doyle-Calle, tossed up angling across off, another swing and miss from DDC
7.5 Clayton Floyd to Daniel-Doyle-Calle, no run
7.4 Clayton Floyd to Lorne Burns, tries to reverse sweep this one but Burns fires it quicker and fuller and the ball hits his pads. They sneak a leg-bye
7.3 Clayton Floyd to Lorne Burns, FOUR! Moves across and pulls it behind square on the leg-side for a boundary