302/8 (50)
280/9 (50)
ZIM won by 22 runs.
Player of the match: Craig Ervine
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Time for Post-Match Presentation!

Dasun Shanaka, Sri Lanka captain
: When I went to the middle, myself and Kamindu didn't look at the scoreboard. The ball was coming on nicely in the first half of the innings and then it skidded quite a lot. We should come with better plans in the next game. Not much pressure. We didn't bowl well at the start. Our top order didn't click this game. Hopefully, both facets will do well next game.

Craig Ervine is the Player of the Match

Craig Ervine, Zimbabwe captain, Player of the Match:: With the seamers, it (the pitch) was coming on quite nicely. I didn't think that Jeffrey Vandersay would get a bit more purchase. Certainly more in it for the spinners today. Our seamers did so well upfront getting those early wickets for us. We are very happy with how it looks. We will back them to come and do the job in the third game. We were under a bit of pressure to come out and win today. I will take my hat off to the boys for showing the determination to win today.
They came. They saw. They picked wickets, were behind in the game with a good rearguard action by the home team captain and his teammates but they did not shy back from a fight. The fight was there throughout and Zimbabwe did not lose hope and kept hitting their target and persisted all through the 50 overs. What a comeback this has been from Zimbabwe! A comfortable victory for the tourists in the end and they are alive in this ODI series! Sri Lanka would be disappointed as they were in a position to chase this down but have fallen apart the fag end.

Zimbabwe after winning the toss elected to bat first posted 302 with the captain leading from the front and getting crucial support from the lower middle order when necessary. Sri Lanka had a poor start as they lost 3 wickets for mere 31 runs and it had to take a huge effort to get on track which they were for quite a large part of the chase. Shanaka and Kamindu Mendis stitched an excellent 5th wicket partnership but it wasn't enough as the captain brought up his first international hundred and Karunratne later could not get his side over the line.

Muzurabani, Ngarava, Chatara and Masakadza did their bits to ensure Zimbabwe clinch this thriller.

Zimbabwe beat Sri Lanka by 22 runs to square up the series 1-1
That will be it! A convincing victory for Zimbabwe!
280 /9 score
cricket bat icon Maheesh Theekshana *
4 (4)
cricket bat icon Nuwan Pradeep
5 (2)
cricket ball icon Blessing Muzarabani
3 /56
49.6 Blessing Muzarabani to Maheesh Theekshana, THAT'S IT! Zimbabwe come back to win this and have leveled the series here, 1-1. Change of pace, back of a length into Theekshana as he goes for the heave way too early and misses. A comprehensive victory for Zimbabwe and it sets up the game on Friday to be a decider!
49.5 Blessing Muzarabani to Maheesh Theekshana, full delivery on the middle and leg, Theekshana whips that one down to long-on and another excellent work by the fielder, dives to his right to stop it, they come back for a brace.
49.4 Blessing Muzarabani to Nuwan Pradeep, OH! In the air but falls in no man's land. Short on the off-stump, another slower one, Pradeep backs away and has a hoick but top edge's into the off-side, picks up another single. 
49.3 Blessing Muzarabani to Nuwan Pradeep, FOUR! SHOT! Length delivery on the stumps, Pradeep makes room and swats it powerfully over covers, goes couple of bounces into the fence for a boundary!
Nuwan Pradeep, RHB, comes to the crease at no.11
Zimbabwe have managed so well after Shanaka and Mendis partnership and to an extent Karunaratne as well. But 4 wickets at the start would have dipped Lanka's chances
49.2 Blessing Muzarabani to Jeffrey Vandersay, OUT! CAUGHT BEHIND! Excellent bumper from Muzarabani, rushes Vandersay as he takes his eyes off to hook but he top edge's one to the keeper and Chakabva takes a brilliant catch as he times his jump to hold on to it!

Jeffrey Vandersay c Chakabva b Muzarabani 4(8b 0x4 0x6)
49.1 Blessing Muzarabani to Jeffrey Vandersay, takes the pace off, back of a length on the outside off, Vandersay has a ugly heave into it and gets beaten.
273 /8 score
cricket bat icon Jeffrey Vandersay *
4 (6)
cricket bat icon Maheesh Theekshana
2 (2)
cricket ball icon Tendai Chatara
3 /52
48.6 Tendai Chatara to Jeffrey Vandersay, OH! Goes in the air and falls just short of Williams who confirms it. Back of a length tails into Vandersay as he hoicks it with another flick, Williams comes charging at it from deep backward square-leg, bounces just in front of him as they pick up another single.
48.5 Tendai Chatara to Maheesh Theekshana, low full toss on the outside off, Theekshana backs away too much, had to reach in the end, toe ends it, squirts it to extra-cover for just a single.
48.4 Tendai Chatara to Jeffrey Vandersay, change of pace, length delivery into Vandersay as he flicks that one over the square-leg region for another single.
48.3 Tendai Chatara to Maheesh Theekshana, back of a length, tails into Theekshana on the middle and off, makes room on the backfoot to drop it into the off-side for a quick single.
Maheesh Theekshana, RHB, comes to the crease at no.10
48.2 Tendai Chatara to Jeffrey Vandersay, takes the pace off on the outside off, Vandersay shuffles long way across to ramp it over short fine-leg but inside edge's on to his thigh, squirts it to short fine-leg for a quick single.