171/10 (48.2)
176/6 (38)
IND-W won by 4 wickets
Player of the match: Deepti Sharma
That is all from this contest then. We will be back to bring you all the action from the remainder of the series. This has been Pragadeesh and myself (Rishab) as we sign off. More action going around so do switch tabs to catch it all. Stay safe and take care folks. Have a good day!
Deepti Sharma, Player of the Match: I can bat in every position as the team demands and today I had to focus on partnerships. It is not an easy wicket to bat on with some turn. We have to focus and watch the ball till the end. Pooja is a hard-hitter and she did really well. We spoke about partnerships and did a good job. 
Harmanpreet Kaur: We want to work on the partnerships and I am happy we could get that small partnerships and we are hopeful that we can do that in the next game. If you have someone who can bowl well I am someone who will give the youngsters chances. Harleen and Shafali are not regular bowlers and they did a good job. The Sri Lankan spinners were good and they fought well. 
Chamari Athapaththu: We are not batting to our best and that's why we lost. Yeah, it's tough to get going. Shefali battered well in the first 10 and we have to score 230 at least else we can't defend. Inoka is the best bowler we have in our line up and she bowled really well. Yes, we will try to bounce back in the next match
Well, Sri Lanka never really had enough runs on the board to play with to say the least. However, they did put India under some early pressure by picking up a couple of early wickets. Indian skipper Harmanpreet Kaur and Shafali Verma then put up a decent partnership before the hosts removed Verma to put India in a spot of bother again. 

At that point in time, Sri Lanka had an opportunity to put India under further pressure but Harleen Deol joined Harman and it was that partnership which really put India ahead in the chase. It was some good batting from the duo as they rotated the strike well, picked up every scoring opportunity and they seemed to be going comfortably before Sri Lanka came back to make things just a tad bit interesting. 

Inoka Ranaweera and Oshadi Ranasinghe bowled really well tp keep Sri Lanka in the hunt but they did not have enough support from the rest of the bowlers and neither did they have enough runs on the board to play with. When things did get a little tricky on a surface that hasn't been as easy to bat on, Deepti Sharma and Pooja Vastrakar showed calmness and composure to ensure they stayed out there and eventually finished the game comfortably with 12 overs to spare. A good test for the middle order early in the series so to say for India this. 

With that, they take a 1-0 lead and will aim to wrap the series in the next game, which becomes a do-or-die one as far as Sri Lanka are concerned to keep themselves alive in the series. They have already lost the T20Is and will not want to concede another series defeat. Their bowlers put up a good fight but their batters will have to step up and perform a lot better if they are to comeback from here!  
This has been a good over for India and it is now a mere formality to wrap this up. A good couple of hits from Vastrakar showcasing her power-hitting abilities as well. This has been excellent batting from the duo and with that, India are 1-0 up. Finished off in style and India win by 4 wickets!
37.6 Oshadi Ranasinghe to Pooja Vastrakar, BANG! POOJA HITS THE WINNING RUNS AND INDIA GO 1-0 UP IN THE SERIES. Tossed up delivery around off, Pooja charges down the track and swings it over long-on for a mighty six
37.5 Oshadi Ranasinghe to Deepti Sharma, length delivery middle and leg, Deepti nudges it on the on-side for a single
37.4 Oshadi Ranasinghe to Deepti Sharma, length delivery angling across, driven down to covers
37.3 Oshadi Ranasinghe to Pooja Vastrakar, short delivery outside off, Pooja rocks back and punches it firmly to sweeper cover for a single
37.2 Oshadi Ranasinghe to Pooja Vastrakar, length delivery angling in, Pooja moves across and turns it to fine leg
That hit will take all the pressure off for sure. India just a hit away now! 
37.1 Oshadi Ranasinghe to Pooja Vastrakar, WHAT A SHOT! Length delivery around off, Pooja uses her feet, gets to the pitch of the ball and smacks it over the bowler's head for a six
Ransinghe does come back but it is too late now!
37.1 Oshadi Ranasinghe to Pooja Vastrakar, length delivery angling in, defended watchfully on the back foot
Easy for India and these two batters have done well under some pressure with wickets going around. They needed the two batters to stick around and they have done just that. Sensible cricket once again. Sri Lanka seem to have missed a trick by holding Ranasinghe back here. India probably just a couple of hits away now!
161 /6 score
cricket bat icon Deepti Sharma *
21 (38)
cricket bat icon Pooja Vastrakar
8 (15)
cricket ball icon Kavisha Dilhari
0 /33
36.6 Kavisha Dilhari to Deepti Sharma, flighted delivery angling across, Deepti presses forward and defends it on the off-side
36.5 Kavisha Dilhari to Pooja Vastrakar, tossed up delivery angling outside off, Pooja tucks it past short mid-wicket. Single taken
36.4 Kavisha Dilhari to Deepti Sharma, length delivery middle and off, Deepti sweeps it down behind square on the leg side for a single