172/7 (20)
144/10 (19.1)
ST won by 28 runs.
Player of the match: Matthew Gilkes
The Strikers, losing for the sixth time in a row! The batters have no reply to the bowlers here as they lost all the wickets and were all out at the start of the 20th over and the Sydney Thunder winning this one, but they had to work for it! The innings started well for the Strikers as they managed to hit a couple of shots and the openers were looking good with an amazing start and the Strikers were hoping for getting out of the losing streak and getting the much needed win.

It was a party that ended quickly for the Strikers as the debutant in the Big Bash League made one of the most impactful start for the Strikers as he took 3 wickets in 4 deliveries and he demolished the top order! From then on it was no looking back for the Sydney Thunder bowlers as they took a lot more wickets with Sangha taking two himself, which did nothing but add more pressure to the batters!

After the drinks break it looked like there was a small ray of hope as Neilsen got off the mark with some good shots from time to time and Kelly was also looking to add to the partnership but the wickets just kept coming in and Neilsen had no choice but to see his mates head back to the dug out! The final blow came in with his wicket on the first ball of the last over and the Strikers are looking in a really bad shape here on the points table as they slip to the second last spot while the Sydney Thunder overtake the Hurricanes to get to the top 3!

Thank you so much for joining us for yet another match! This is Bala and Pranav signing off. Until next time.

Sydney Thunder won by 28 runs.
19.1 Chris Green to Harry Nielsen, OUT! As easy as it gets! It's a clinical performance by the Thunder. Green floats this one upto the stumps. Nielsen miscues it aerially to long-off where Cutting sprints in to complete the catch

Harry Nielsen c Cutting b Green 39 (31b 4x4 1x6)
Fawad with runs coming out of nowhere! This is surely an over that could go either way!
144 /9 score
cricket bat icon Harry Nielsen
39 (30)
cricket bat icon Fawad Ahmed *
4 (2)
cricket ball icon Saqib Mahmood
2 /44
18.6 Saqib Mahmood to Fawad Ahmed, FOUR! WOW! That is right out of the middle of the bat. Full ball on the off-stump. Fawad takes the front leg away and drives the ball straight back with a high elbow 
18.5 Saqib Mahmood to Fawad Ahmed, sharp yorker spearing in on the off-stump. Fawad has no idea what is coming his way, but it somehow misses the stick
Siddle, getting a taste of his own medicine in this match as he gets out in the same fashion as he took those wickets in the first innings! Just one wicket remains and it is Fawad Ahmed, RHB, who is the last batter in.
18.4 Saqib Mahmood to Peter Siddle, OUT! Perfect yorker! Too quick and too good for Siddle. Zips through his defence and takes out the leg-pole

Peter Siddle b Mahmood 4 (3b 1x4 0x6)
18.3 Saqib Mahmood to Peter Siddle, FOUR! Fortuitous! Short delivery angling in. Siddle swings across the line and gets the top edge that flies over the keeper to the boundary
18.2 Saqib Mahmood to Peter Siddle, moves away and goes hard at the ball. It misses the off-stump by a whisker. Wow!
18.1 Saqib Mahmood to Harry Nielsen, full ball on the leg-stump. Flicks it away to deep mid-wicket for a single
Neilsen is under some immense pressure as the wickets keep falling on the other end but he will look to face the next ball. Peter Siddle, RHB, is the new batter in.
135 /8 score
cricket bat icon Harry Nielsen
38 (29)
cricket bat icon Wes Agar *
9 (13)
cricket ball icon Daniel Sams
1 /26
17.6 Daniel Sams to Wes Agar, IN THE AIR! It's a steepler, but Green makes no mistakes! Slower ball full on middle and leg. Agar gets it off the toe end of the bat. Green ambles back from mid-on and completes a good grab
17.5 Daniel Sams to Harry Nielsen, full ball around the off-stump. Drives the ball down to long-off for a single
17.4 Daniel Sams to Wes Agar, full ball on the off-stump. Agar ends up slicing it over the covers to the fielder in the deep
17.4 Daniel Sams to Wes Agar, slower ball dug in really short. The ball lobs over the batter's head. Another extra to the total
17.3 Daniel Sams to Wes Agar, change of pace into the surface. Agar throws his bat at it but makes no contact
17.2 Daniel Sams to Harry Nielsen, full and straight on the off-stump. Gets an inside edge to short fineleg as he tries to squeeze it out
17.1 Daniel Sams to Wes Agar, short of a length outside off. Slaps it to covers and takes a single