Eliminator, Sydney Showground Stadium
203/5 (20)
52/1 (6.5)
HEA won by 8 runs (DLS Method)
Playing XI
Player of the Match Usman Khawaja
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Unfortunate for Thunder as the rain has spoilt a great finish with Warner looking dangerous. Since this is an Eliminator, Thunder are knocked out while the Heat go to the Knockout where they face Melbourne Renegades. After Khawaja and Marnus stole the show with the bat, Heat made a big score riding on those 2 innings with Renshaw producing a cameo to further boost the rate.

Coming to the chase, Warner was in the zone but rain came down and when it did, Thunder were 8 behind on the DLS and a second bout of rain put paid to any hopes of a restart.
Let's hear from Usman Khawaja, Player of the Match: It was tough going for the first forty runs or so. When people tell me (that I make things look easy), it is perhaps the greatest compliment. When you look at all the great players, be it Steve Smith, or anyone else, they all make it look so easy. However, let me tell you, cricket is not an easy sport to play! I was fortunate to have got things working for me tonight, and am pretty pleased with it. I have practiced playing my shots all around the wicket, and thankfully, all of it is coming through.
Update: 4:55pm IST - That's it. The game has been abandoned and the Heat are through.
Update: 4:50pm IST - The rain is back!
Update: 4:40pm IST - The rain has stopped. The new target is 90 from 9 overs which means the Thunder need 38 runs off the next 13 balls.
Update: 4:25pm IST - Still raining in Sydney. If it doesn't restart, Thunder will be out of this season's BBL.
Update: 4:05pm IST - Since 5 overs are done, we will have a result in this game. At this stage, Thunder are 8 runs behind on DLS method.
6.5 Michael Neser to David Warner, at a length on middle and leg, comes back in. Warner tries to flick it but only gets it towards the bowler. Oh no! There is a drizzle at the ground, and the players are walking off! The covers are coming on as well.
6.4 Michael Neser to Jason Sangha, short of a length on off and middle. Sangha tucks it towards square leg and picks up a run.
6.3 Michael Neser to Jason Sangha, BOUNCER on middle and leg, Sangha sways under it!
6.2 Michael Neser to Jason Sangha, fullish on middle and leg. Sangha flicks it uppishly towards deep midwicket for a couple.
6.1 Michael Neser to Jason Sangha, at a length outside off. Sangha places it wide of cover.
Great running from Warner who is without headgear as he runs up and down the wicket. Tight over from Swepson.
49 /1 score
cricket bat icon David Warner *
36 (19)
cricket bat icon Jason Sangha
6 (9)
cricket ball icon Spencer Johnson
0 /28
5.6 Mitchell Swepson to David Warner, flatter and pushed through on off and middle. Warner works it towards deep midwicket and picks up another brace!
5.5 Mitchell Swepson to David Warner, at a length on middle. Warner sits down and half pulls it to wide of deep square leg for a couple!
5.4 Mitchell Swepson to Jason Sangha, tossed up outside off, turns away. Sangha reverse sweeps at it, gets an outside edge that deceives the keeper. Single taken.
5.3 Mitchell Swepson to Jason Sangha, back of a length outside off, turns away. Sangha rocks back and punches it to cover.
5.2 Mitchell Swepson to David Warner, back of a length outside off. Warner rocks back and cuts it towards cover for a single.