34th Match, Sydney Showground Stadium
133/8 (20)
134/3 (16.2)
SIX won by 7 wickets
That's all from us then! This is Soumarya Dutta, signing off on behalf of my partner Bala. See you soon!
Sean Abbott, Player of the Match- It was a good wicket especially for the bowlers and I had to bowl really well to keep Dan Christian away from having a bowl (Laughs). I hadn't done that well in the last couple of matches so I was really motivated going into this game and glad that I could contribute to the team's win.
Sydney Sixers 134/3 in 16.2 overs
Moises Henriques 53(38) | Chris Green 2/29
Jordan Silk 59(42) | Ben Doggett 1/23

What an emphatic win for the Sydney Sixers! They've chased this total down with ease in the end and have hardly broken any sweat. They were in some trouble early on as the top order departed in quick succession leaving them at 25/3 but the two experienced campaigners Jordan Silk and Moises Henriques got together from there and put on a brilliant partnership to see them through in the end. Both the batters took their time early on but ensured that the run rate never went out of their reach as they kept the scoreboard ticking over. Jordan Silk stayed unbeaten on 59 in the end, while skipper Henriques reached his 50 with a four to finish off the proceedings for the Sixers.

For the Thunder, their captain Chris Green led from the front early on and picked up two crucial wickets to bring them back into the game. But the other bowlers couldn't really cash into the opportunity and build up the pressure from there onwards. They failed to break the partnership between Silk and Henriques and once the two veterans had got their eyes in, there was no stopping them from there on.

Overall a fantastic victory for the Sixers and with this they go top of the table. The Thunder, well they will have their task cut out as they've slipped away from the top 4 again. They will have to regroup quickly and get back to winning ways.

Sydney Sixers win by 7 wickets with 22 balls left!
16.2 Nathan McAndrew to Moises Henriques, FOUR! Brings up his FIFTY and completes the run-chase! A bit too short from the pacer and Henriques picks his spot perfectly with the pull. Places it right in between the two fielders in the deep
16.1 Nathan McAndrew to Moises Henriques, FOUR! Not the best of deliveries. Short ball angling into the right-hander. Henriques pulls and gets a glove on it. Races away to the fineleg boundary
16.1 Nathan McAndrew to Moises Henriques, slower ball angling down the leg-side. Another extra added to the total
The Sixers have taken the Power Surge!
Nathan McAndrew [2.0-0-14-0] back into the attack.

100 partnership is up between this pair now and the Sixers are closing in on a famous win at the moment as they just need 9 more to win from here on.
125 /3 score
cricket bat icon Moises Henriques *
45 (36)
cricket bat icon Jordan Silk
59 (42)
cricket ball icon Usman Qadir
0 /22
15.6 Usman Qadir to Moises Henriques, flighted full outside the off-stump. Slices it to sweeper cover for a single
15.5 Usman Qadir to Moises Henriques, flights it up well wide of the off-stump asking the batter to go after it. Swing and a miss this time
15.4 Usman Qadir to Moises Henriques, fractionally short and Henriques pulls it away to deep mid-wicket. The timing is spot on and it's a brilliant effort in the deep by McAndrew to cut it off
15.3 Usman Qadir to Moises Henriques, dances down and goes over the top. Doesn't get hold of it though. Sams gives it the chase and puts in the dive to save the boundary
15.2 Usman Qadir to Moises Henriques, good length delivery on off and middle .Blocks it back to the bowler
15.1 Usman Qadir to Jordan Silk, tossed up on a length outside off. Gets an under edge on the cut, sneaks through for a single
Usman Qadir [2.0-0-16-0] back into the attack.

Poor over from Ben Cutting there! He looked out of sorts and gave away runs with a no ball which the Sixers gleefully accepted. This all but a formality now for the Sixers and seems like we're heading for an early finish here.
119 /3 score
cricket bat icon Moises Henriques *
40 (31)
cricket bat icon Jordan Silk
58 (41)
cricket ball icon Ben Cutting
0 /14
14.6 Ben Cutting to Moises Henriques, slower ball on middle and leg. Plays it with soft hands to mid-wicket and scampers through for a brace
14.5 Ben Cutting to Jordan Silk, off-cutter on a length outside off. Steers it late to short thirdman