100/3 (10)
ABD won by 18 runs.
So that'll conclude our coverage of this contest but it's only one of three encounters today in the Abu Dhabi T10 League. The Chennai Braves and the Deccan Gladiators are set to lock horns minutes from now so do hop over here to follow our coverage of the same right here on Sportskeeda. Of course, there's plenty more cricketing news and action to keep track of so do stay tuned to this very platform for the same. For the moment though, this is the duo of Pradeep Somashekar and Sooryanarayanan Sesha signing off and thanking you for joining us today. We hope you enjoyed our coverage. See you around soon - buh-bye for now!
A defense of the highest order and of course, Chris Lynn will be a pleased man. A loss and a tie later, they've won two on the bounce. They will be playing back-to-back now and this ought to get them rolling along. As for Samp Army, they've now lost two on the trot and this is a defeat that will definitely hurt. They must put it behind them at the earliest and turn in a better display though in their next game. They have quite a mighty outfit to do the needful as well alright!
Chris Lynn (Team Abu Dhabi Captain): We obviously had two days off so good time to freshen up, hit the pool, play some golf. It wasn't the most entertaining game of cricket (grins). Vincey batted extremely well. We were setting ourselves up nicely, we've got a lot of power as well which hasn't been exposed. The glue, Peter Hatzoglou - he's just come onto the scene and has taken it with both hands. Obviously Naveen started so well and it was important to take the momentum through the 10 overs. We'll take the small steps in the right direction. Happy captain indeed (grins).
Peter Hatzoglou has been adjudged the Player of the Match for his brilliant spell of bowling, 3-6! Here's what he has to say: It's really nice, was pretty simple, top of the stumps and few variations, fortunately it came off and pretty pleased I guess. Nice to have the experience of Lynn, Vince and Hales, rest of the team around, has been fantastic with the team's support. Surprised myself with the performance, hopefully I can keep going.
Fabian Allen: Pretty decent performance, stuck to my plans, tough wicket to bat on, I'm glad we got over the line. I think the guys are confident, they back themselves and execute the plan and proud of that. It's the energy, everyone has to give their 100% and stick together. 
Match summary: Team Abu Dhabi beat Morrisville Samp Army by 18 runs.

James Vince 44* (25) | Peter Hatzoglou 3/6 (2)
Basil Hameed 47* (18) | Chamika Karunaratne 2/13 (2)

It was expected to be a comfortable chase at the halfway mark. What transpired though was far from it with Morrisville Samp Army in for a rude shock. It was as professional a bowling display as one could have expected from Team Abu Dhabi, who didn't put a foot wrong in terms of their execution.

It all began with a string of dots stitched together by Naveen-ul-Haq, who had Johnson Charles caught in knots. A nagging opening over with the tackiness of the surface assisting Naveen then saw Peter Hatzoglou reap the rewards in the following over as Charles and skipper Moeen Ali perished quickly with Fabian Allen plucking two outstanding catches.

Thereafter, it was a case of the Domino Effect in full swing. One after another, the batters came and went without making an impact and once David Miller was castled by Hatzoglou, the writing was on the wall. Metronomic bowling was the order of the day for Team Abu Dhabi, who kept chipping away and escalated the asking rate. Yet, the shot selection and lack of plan as far as the batters were concerned left plenty to be desired with Morrisville slumping to an appalling 28/8.

At that stage, one wondered if they would even eclipse James Vince' individual score of 44 in the first essay. With nothing to lose though, Basil Hameed showed what he brings to the team with a flurry of solid hits towards and over the fence. Adil Rashid and Allen both came for some tap but it was just far too much to do in the end for Hameed alone. It was an important knock from the context of Morrisville's net run-rate, given that it seemed to be headed towards a shellacking at one stage. It's still a big defeat this but when you pit it against how much worse it could have been, they will take this.

Hameed gave his side some positive to take out of an otherwise apologetic batting display. This will sting them hard and they will hope to put this behind them quickly and turn things around as the competition rolls on.
A huge final over and Morrisville Samp Army have somehow managed to save themselves the blushes to an extent. More importantly, they have managed to ensure that their net run-rate won't take a terrible beating. But it's Team Abu Dhabi who come up trumps by 18 runs!
82 /9 score
cricket bat icon Basil Hameed *
47 (18)
cricket ball icon Fabian Allen
2 /24
9.6 Fabian Allen to Basil Hameed, IT'S ALL OVER! Team Abu Dhabi pull off a sensational victory but spare a thought for Basil Hameed, he's saved a lot of pride for his side tonight, if not for him, they would've lost this one by a big margin. Short on the off-stump, Hameed backed away to hoick but gets a thick outside edge past backward point for a brace.
9.5 Fabian Allen to Basil Hameed, SIX! BANG! Sits deep inside the crease for the short delivery on the stumps, Hameed has POUNDED this one way over long-on fence for another maximum.
9.4 Fabian Allen to Basil Hameed, length delivery on the fourth stump, Hameed has smacked it hard but straight to extra-cover on the bounce for no run.
What a huge takeaway this knock from Basil Hameed is turning out to be for Samp Army.
9.3 Fabian Allen to Basil Hameed, SIX! BOOM! Length delivery on the stumps, Hameed gets behind the line of the ball and has POWERED it over deep mid-wicket fence for another maximum.
9.3 Fabian Allen to Basil Hameed, WIDE! Fires a full delivery down the leg-side, Hameed gets inside the line and let's it go and it's called a wide.
9.2 Fabian Allen to Basil Hameed, good length on the fifth stump, Hameed walks across to slog sweep but misses, thuds on the pad.
9.1 Fabian Allen to Basil Hameed, FOUR! Drags the length short on the off-stump, Hameed backed and has spanked it over the covers, goes one bounce into the fence for a boundary.
Fabian Allen [1.0-0-5-2] to bowl the final over of the game. Around the wicket he comes.
Knocks the top of off stump and that's a just reward for what has been a scintillating display of bowling by Naveen-ul-Haq. He was the one who orchestrated this clinical defense with a brilliant opening over, remember. Final over coming up with Morrisville Samp Army requiring 38 to win. Ruturaj Gaikwad scored 42 off his own bat off a single over yesterday. Just saying...
63 /9 score
cricket bat icon Basil Hameed
29 (12)
cricket bat icon Anrich Nortje *
4 (6)
cricket ball icon Naveen-ul-Haq
1 /4
8.6 Naveen-ul-Haq to Anrich Nortje, OUT! KNOCKED HIM OVER! That's the end of Nortje. Back of a length, angled into Nortje, on the backfoot he waits to cut and gets beaten by pace, through to rattle the stumps and Samp Army are nine down now!