108/3 (10)
109/4 (9.3)
TCB won by 6 wickets
That's all from us then! We hope you enjoyed our coverage of this Abu Dhabi T10 between Chennai Braves and Deccan Gladiator's. This is Soumarya Dutta, signing off on behalf of my partner Pratyush Rohra. See you soon!
Sikandar Raza, Chennai Braves Captain-  It was an excellent performance by our bowler's and fielder's. Their opener's were taking the game away at one stage, but we came back strongly at the death to restrict them to a relatively low score. Once we did that, the momentum was with us and from their our batter's carried on with the good work. Lawrence  and Carlos were outstanding as well. I thought Zahoor bowled really well at the death for them and it wasn't easy to get him away.

Daniel Lawrence is the Player of the Match. Here is what he has to say: It's a really important win for the boys. We've come short a couple of times but hopefully, it's the start of a good run for us. There's no pacing your innings in this format. You go out and play with the freedom and thankfully it came off today. We have to win every game and treat it like a final. Should be fun. Love that the game is done in 90 minutes. It's great for us and the crowds too.
Chennai Braves 106/4 in 9.1 over's.
Dan Lawrence 40(18) | Sultan Ahmed 1/16

Carlos Brathwaite 27(7) | Zahoor Khan 1/19

Right, that was an emphatic win for the Chennai Braves! The Gladiators, did take the game till the last over but in the end the Braves romped home to a six wicket win. They were off to a great start as Dan Lawrence and Carlos Brathwaite went hell for leather at one stage. Brathwaite in particular reminded the fan's of his 2016 T20 World Cup heroics as he smashed Andre Russell for four sixes in one over. Once he was dismissed, Lawrence continued with his good form and took them to the brink of the victory with an outstanding 40 of just 17 balls. In the end  skipper Sikandar Raza finished it off with an unbeaten 11.

For the Gladiator's, there wasn't much to write home about, as their bowler's really had an off day. Dre Russ in particular, was disappointing as he went for 28 in one over. Once that had happened, it was never going to be easy for them to come back. They did drag the game into the last over, courtesy a couple of wicket's at the back end but it proved to be a little too late. Sultan Ahmed and Zahoor Khan, were the pick of the bowler's for them.

Overall, a great win for the Chennai Braves, and they can be really proud of their performance today. They completely out performed their opponents. For the Gladiator's, it was a disappointing day and they will be looking to introspect on their performance and will try to come back stronger.
9.3 Tom Helm to Sikandar Raza, TOP EDGE... SAFE! Full slower one on middle stump, Raza attempts the sweep but skews a top edge over the keeper's head. Allows the batters to pick up the single that was required to seal the deal. The Chennai Braves win by 6 wickets!
9.3 Tom Helm to Sikandar Raza, wide. That's poor. Slower one is down the leg side. Scores are level!
9.2 Tom Helm to Ross Whiteley, dug in short on the off-stump line, Whiteley pulls it away to deep square leg for a single. 2 off 4 now
Ross Whiteley, LHB, comes to the crease
9.1 Tom Helm to James Fuller, BOWLED HIM! Lovely slower delivery pitched up to completely deceive Fuller. He was way too early into his shot and heard the death rattle behind him. The Gladiators are still alive in this contest.

James Fuller bowled Tom Helm 14(12b 0x4 0x6)
Tom Helm (1-0-0-0-18) back into the attack.

This has been an excellent spell from Josh Little! He has been the lone warrior for the Gladiator's with the ball and he has ensured that the game will eventually go into the last over.
106 /3 score
cricket bat icon James Fuller
14 (11)
cricket bat icon Sikandar Raza *
10 (8)
cricket ball icon Josh Little
0 /11
8.6 Joshua Little to Sikandar Raza, good length delivery wide outside off, Raza shuffles across to loft this over extra cover for a comfortable brace. 3 runs needed off the final over then
8.5 Joshua Little to Sikandar Raza, pitched up outside the off-stump, Raza carves out a drive to extra cover. Takes off for a risky single but Raina couldn't hit the bullseye. Gifts an overthrow instead
8.4 Joshua Little to James Fuller, good length delivery outside off. Fuller shuffles across but misses his flick. The ball thuds off the pads and rolls into the off-side
8.3 Joshua Little to James Fuller, full and wide slower one outside off, Fuller works it towards wide long-on and hustles back for the second
8.2 Joshua Little to Sikandar Raza, back of a length on the pads, Raza picks it up towards deep square leg for one
8.1 Joshua Little to Sikandar Raza, CLEVER! Short of a length slower one angled across Raza, who was early through his pull. A cry of frustration from the captain, no run
Josh Little (1.0-0-0-4) back into the attack.

The Braves are knocking it around now! They're dealing in one's and two's at the moment as they're well ahead of the game. 11 runs needed from the last 2 over's now.
98 /3 score
cricket bat icon James Fuller
12 (9)
cricket bat icon Sikandar Raza *
5 (4)
cricket ball icon Zahoor Khan
1 /19
7.6 Zahoor Khan to Sikandar Raza, nails the yorker outside the off-stump, shovelled out to extra cover for a single
7.5 Zahoor Khan to James Fuller, dug in short with pace on this time, Fuller swats it to long-on for a single