141/3 (10)
107/5 (10)
NW won by 34 runs.
Player of the match: Usman Khan
That's it from the coverage and hope you enjoyed it. Until next time, this is Pragadeesh and Pradeep signing off
Rovman Powell (Captain Northern Warriors): Definitely pleased, we talk about winning and winning comfortably, it's going to be very very close for the third and fourth spot later on. Impressed with Usman and Lyth, we talked about somebody going big and both of them did together. It's a long competition, when you are not after a good start, keep encouraging the boys knowing that you can change it around as it's a short, fast and spicy format. Tomorrow will just spend time, it's off day and keep a very few meetings to try to plan the next game.
Usman Khan has been adjudged the Player of the Match for his blistering 65 off just 24 deliveries which included 6 boundaries and 5 sixes!
James Fuller: When you chasing 140, everything should come off and we started nicely but couldn't get going, but they executed their plans really well. Needed Carlos to keep going, may be in the end we would've stood chance. We got two more games, back to back, there's not much time to think, everyone coming in with confidence but just got to put it together.
Northern Warriors beat Chennai Braves by 34 runs
Usman Khan 65(24) | James Fuller 36(16)
Wayne Parnell 2-24(2) | Olly Stone 2-27(2) 

A thoroughly dominating performance from Northern Warriors as they dismantled Chennai Braves by 34 runs. The damage was done by Usman Khan and Adam Lyth with the bat, and the Braves need a similar performance from their openers to stay alive in the contest. But both Malan and Rossington failed to get going in the middle and lost their wicket. Brathwaite was promoted up the order and his partnership with Fuller gave some hope but it's always too much of an ask against a very good bowling attack

Brathwaite was removed by Irfan before Mithun got rid of Sikandar Raza to leave Fuller short of a proper power hitter at the other end. Fuller's knock only helped the Braves to reduce the deficit of the defeat in the end
107 /5 score
cricket bat icon James Fuller
36 (16)
cricket bat icon Vriitya Aravind *
13 (7)
cricket ball icon Junaid Siddique
0 /26
9.6 Junaid Siddique to Vriitya Aravind, THUMPING WIN FOR THE WARRIORS! They now go sit in the top four of the points table, back to back wins for the Warriors but plenty to ponder for the Braves. Short into Aravind, goes to pull but has top edged it down to fine-leg for a brace.
9.5 Junaid Siddique to James Fuller, low full toss on the wide of off-stump, Fuller crouches to get underneath that one but skews off the inside edge to keeper for a single.
9.4 Junaid Siddique to James Fuller, SIX! BOOM! Change of pace, short on the fifth stump, Fuller hangs back and has launched it way over the sight screen, straight down the ground for a huge maximum.
9.3 Junaid Siddique to Vriitya Aravind, change of pace, short on the fourth stump, Aravind on his toes, swatted it to sweeper cover for just one.
9.2 Junaid Siddique to Vriitya Aravind, FOUR! Yorker length on the fourth stump, Aravind opens the blade and runs it down to third-man for a boundary.
9.1 Junaid Siddique to Vriitya Aravind, change of pace, short and wide of off-stump, Aravind reaches to cut it hard but misses. 
Junaid Siddique (1-0-12-0) to bowl the final over of the match
93 /5 score
cricket bat icon James Fuller
29 (14)
cricket bat icon Vriitya Aravind *
6 (3)
cricket ball icon Wayne Parnell
2 /24
8.6 Wayne Parnell to Vriitya Aravind, short and rising into Aravind on the off-stump, hangs back and steers it down to wide third-man for just a single.
8.5 Wayne Parnell to James Fuller, back of a length on the off-stump, Fuller on the backfoot slapped it down to long-on for a single.
8.4 Wayne Parnell to Vriitya Aravind, short and follows Aravind as he backing away, he cuts it but a brilliant effort from the short third-man who dives to his left to stop it as they take the single.
8.3 Wayne Parnell to Vriitya Aravind, FOUR! Brilliant execution of the ramp shot. Full on the off-stump, Aravind walks across and ramps it well over short fine-leg fielder for a boundary.
Vriitya Aravind, RHB, walks in at no.7
8.2 Wayne Parnell to Ross Whiteley, OUT! HOLES OUT AT LONG-ON AND GONE! Wickets tumbling for the Braves. Length delivery on the off-stump, Whiteley hoicks it down to long-n, Rutherford takes a tumbling catch.

Ross Whiteley c Sherfane Rutherford b Wayne Parnell 3(4)