Victoria Waves 137/8 (20 ov)
Surrey Shines 138/6 (19.5 ov)
Surrey Shines won by 4 wickets
Surrey Shines manage to chase this total down at the second last ball with 4 wickets in hand!!!

What a thrilling contest, in the end, this tuned out to be as this game goes all the way to the last over!! The Surrey Shines was cruising through the 1st 15 overs of the match as batters Bhullar and Anmol manage to stick a great partnership of 66 runs and were looking on course to seal the match without any bumps but a mixup in the middle and luck shinned for Victoria Waves as they got Bhullar out for 43 runs!!

Mahali took the charge and looked in a bit off hurry to finish the game off as he hit 3 big sixes in a row and lost his wicket o trying to get the 4 one!! The Victoria Waves then made a bit off a comeback into the game as Harman Sangha bowled a wicket maiden over as he got the wicket of S Sandu and Surrey Shines slowed a bit from there!!

Towards the end, we saw some brilliant fielding in the deep by Victoria Waves players who stopped crucial boundaries but were dropping on the chances in the infield which came to them!!! Anmol hit the much-required boundaries at the start of the penultimate over for Surrey Shines and towards the end, as he ran 2 runs for the win he also managed to get his half-century by scoring 51 runs unbeaten in 40 balls!!

That's it for the game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage of the cracking game between the Surry Shines and Victoria Waves. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing action, this is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Dwijesh Reddy signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
19.5 Vishavdeep Gill to Anmol, Anmol slaps a short ball over the cover region for a match-winning double as he gets to a well-deserved fifty! And with that Surrey Shines have clinched a last-over thriller!
19.4 Vishavdeep Gill to Gurwinder, WICKET! Gurwinder goes for the glory shot but can't get enough it and holes out to the man at deep midwicket! Two runs required off the last two balls now! Another interesting turn this match has taken!!! Importantly for SS Anmol is still at the crease!!
19.3 Vishavdeep Gill to Anmol, IN THE AIR AND SAFE! Anmol carves one towards the cover region where the incoming fielder cannot take a tough chance! Single conceded! Can this be VW demise!!!
19.2 Vishavdeep Gill to Gurwinder, short ball on the body, Gurwinder pulls it to deep midwicket but only for a single. 3 runs in 4 balls now what an interesting contest this is turning out to be!!
19.1 Vishavdeep Gill to Anmol, loose ball on the leg-stump, Anmol plays it to the leg side for a single 4 runs needed in 5 balls
At the end of the 19th over SS is 133/5. A great penultimate over for SS as Aaksh manages to get 2 big hits at the start but has lost his wicket right at the last ball of this over. Is there a twist in the tail??? 5 runs needed in the last over!!! Tension everywhere and the captain decides to bowl the last over
18.6 Ravjot Mann to Aakash, BOWLED! An inch-perfect yorker from Mann and Akash's off-stump is disturbed. Is there a twist in this tale?
18.5 Ravjot Mann to Anmol, low full-toss on leg, Anmol turns it to the leg side for a single!! 5 runs needed in 7 balls!!
18.4 Ravjot Mann to Aakash, full ball on leg stump, Aakash plays it to the leg side for a single Just one hit away now SS of winning this one!!!
18.3 Ravjot Mann to Aakash, dot ball as Aakash cannot connect this time around! Still, 7 runs needed in 9 balls VW surely not out of the contest yet!!!
18.2 Ravjot Mann to Aakash, ANOTHER ONE! Aakash has turned this game on its head as he launches one over the leg side for a maximum! Only 7 runs needed now in 10 balls for SS to clinch this match!!
18.1 Ravjot Mann to Aakash, SIX! In the slot for Aakash who slogs it over cow-corner for a match-defining SIX! 13 runs needed in 11 balls 
At the end of the 18th over SS is 119/4. Some impressive fielding by as VW manage to save 2 sure boundaries and this match is surely going down to the wire!!! SS now needs 19 runs in 12 balls!! Most important over now coming up as this will surely decide the game!!!
17.6 Harman Sangha to Aakash, Aakash looks to go big once again but fails to get the power behind the shot. Has to settle for a single
17.5 Harman Sangha to Anmol, byes taken as Anmol misses with an attempted pull shot!
17.4 Harman Sangha to Aakash, DROPPED! Full ball in the slot, Aakash mistimes a slog towards the deep midwicket fielder, who fluffs a tough chance!
17.3 Harman Sangha to Aakash, EDGED AND SAFE! Aakash looks for the big shot but gets an edge past the keeper and gets two more runs!
17.2 Harman Sangha to Aakash, short ball outside off, Aakash looks it slap it over the off-side but doesn't get the timing
17.1 Harman Sangha to Aakash, full ball on off-stump, Aakash can only play at straight to the man at short midwicket!
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