234/10 & 186/10 (45)
408/10 & 13/0 (2.5)
WI won by 10 wickets
Player of the match: Kyle Mayers
The team gets the winnings trophy and they seal the series 2-0 as they draw the curtains to the red ball cricket of this tour. Thank you so much for tuning in as always for yet another test. This is Pragadesh and myself (Pranav Danani) who will be taking your leave. Tune in tomorrow as Sportskeeda has got you covered with ECS cricket followed by the main event where Ireland lock horns with the Indian side in the second T20 of the tour. Stay tuned.
Kraigg Braithwaite (West Indies, Captain) - The confidence and the planning was the best and I was very happy with how that went along, Bangladesh bowled very well but our boys surely aced it. There is always room for improvement and we got a 100 from one of our batters and our bowling unit was good but we can surely improve with the partnerships. Roach is a legend and his attitude off the field is spectacular and the knowledge he imparts on the boys is amazing and Kyle is a match winner in every sense as he is a special talent. I know this group can do their best in the matches to come and it is not about who we are playing but the attitude.
Kyle Mayers (West Indies, Player of the series) - We were in a bit of trouble but we were staying positive to fight our way back into the game. This is the 3rd century for me and the best one for me as I wanted to do my best in this series and I'm glad I did. With my bowling I use the conditions and use the swing that is available. I'm a very positive person and will carry that for all the three formats.
Shakib Al Hasan: We always knew it's going to be a tough series. We will take a lot of positives. We are going to play at home next after 5 months, so the break will definitely help us. Well, whenever the team travels abroad they didn't do well. Yes, batting is an issue but we have to be mentally tough. We have to be competitive. I believe we have the capability to do well against the top teams. I think that's one area we improved in the last 3-4 years.  We got good fast bowlers and their work-ethic has been fantastic. Khaled took a fifer. Very happy for him and that's a positive sign we have to take it. Bowlers are doing well but we need to play well as a team to win Test matches. I think we will be competitive in white-ball cricket and in the T20s, we want to put on a show. We have always done well in ODIs and T20's
West Indies (Kyle Mayers 146 off 208, Khaled Ahmed, 5/106 in 31.3 overs ) beat Bangladesh ( Nurul Hasan 60 off 50, Jayden Seals, 4/53 in 14.2 overs) by 10 wickets.

West Indies get the clean sweep as they seal the victory for their side and Bangladesh have been outplayed in this match. West Indies played an outstanding knock as they got the runs in the first innings and the wickets in the second innings which seals it for them. Bangladesh did not manage to build the partnerships in both the innings as the team effort from the pacers got the wickets for them in some good numbers.

It was the splendid knock by Mayers who made a 146 in the first innings which got them a spectacular lead and Bangladesh's top order fell yet again in the second innings as the batters could not capitalize on the partnerships as they heavily relied on the middle order which fell as well. Bangladesh had Ahmed getting a 5 wicket haul for sure but it did not do any damage to the home side as they comfortably marched on towards a win.

West Indies have seals the series as they march on to the white ball competitions with their shoulders up while Bangladesh will go back into the nets to learn and comeback stronger in the series to come.
2.5 Ebadot Hossain. to John Campbell, THAT'S IT. WEST INDIES COMPLETE A CLEAN SWEEP. Length delivery into the pads, Campbell glances it away towards fine leg and hits the winning runs
2.4 Ebadot Hossain. to John Campbell, length delivery angling away from the left-hander, Campbell shoulders arms and lets it go
2.3 Ebadot Hossain. to John Campbell, back of a length delivery, angled into the body, Campbell nudges it on the back foot
2.2 Ebadot Hossain. to John Campbell, BEATEN. Length delivery angling just outside off, Campbell tries to punch it on the up but the beats his inside edge and through to the keeper
2.1 Ebadot Hossain. to Kraig Brathwaite, length delivery just ouside off, Brathwaite stays in the crease and taps it to extra cover for a single
Just 5 runs remain for the batters to seal the series with a clean sweep.
8 /0 score
cricket bat icon Kraigg Brathwaite
3 (5)
cricket bat icon John Campbell *
5 (7)
cricket ball icon Khaled Ahmed
0 /4
1.6 Khaled Ahmed to John Campbell, length delivery angling across, blocked back to the bowler
1.5 Khaled Ahmed to John Campbell, DROPPED! Back of a length delivery and Campbell attempts a pull shot but gets a top edge and Ebadot, who runs to his right, misjudged and spills it down eventually. Two runs taken
1.4 Khaled Ahmed to John Campbell, length delivery on the pads, Campbell flicks it to mid-wicket for a couple
1.3 Khaled Ahmed to John Campbell, length delivery angling across, Campbell leans across and drives it to covers
1.2 Khaled Ahmed to John Campbell, length delivery going down leg, Campbell tries to whip it away but misses. There was a noise and Khaled appeals but not given
1.1 Khaled Ahmed to John Campbell, length delivery outside off, there was a bit of inward movement but Campbell didn't offer any shot
Khaled Ahmed, Right Arm Medium, to bowl the next over.

Every run is going to hurt the bowling side as they just need a few.