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171/8 (20)
170/8 (20)
England won by 1 runs.
Player of the match: Moeen Ali
That's all we've got for you from this match as I, Sudheer and my partner, Karthik Raj, are signing off at the moment but do check our updates and match information coming your way from around the world. Cheers and have fun!
West Indies must be hugely disappointed. Especially the pair, Akeal Hossein and Romario Shepherd who had played marvelously well only to fall short by 1 run. They didn't have much chance as they were progressing through the innings as they lost 7 wickets for just 65 runs and needed close to 15 runs per over. From there to end where they have, we are short of words to explain the hitting from the two West Indies batters. Nicholas Pooran adn Darren Bravo looked like they will help the team sail through the middle overs but the pressure of scoreboard got to them and failed to make it big. Pollard, too, got out pretty cheaply and it looked like West Indies were completely out of the game until the lower order provided the much needed fire power late into the innings, Romario Shepherd and Akeal Hosein did the job in the final stages of the innings to get them close to the target.

England, on the other hand, must be relieved and happy they crossed the line at the end. Spinners from England were terrific today as they turned the match in their favour in the middle overs outplaying batters with their drift and turn off the wicket. Reece Topley, left arm seamer, also did a good job starting off well inside the powerplay. Their death bowling is still a concern are they dont have a reliable bowler to do the job at the final stages of the innings. 

With this win, England are on level with West Indies with one win each in the 5 match series. Things are getting interesting and we are surely in for some exciting matches coming up later in the series.
Time for the Presentation Ceremony!!

Moeen Ali, Man of the Match:
Jason was going really well, I was fortunate personally and just hung in there. It was a crucial partnership in the context of the game. e thought we got a good score in the end. Each batter went in and tried to give 5-6 balls before going. CJ (Jordan) did really well. It's a great wicket to bowl on. Me and Rash (Rashid) bowled well in the middle overs. We have played together quite a bit now. The way he was spinning the ball, makes it easier for me!

Kieron Pollard (WI Captain): Once you lose early wickets, you are bound to stay behind in the game. But the way the guys fought at the end was  fabulous and good to see it. Akeal batted really well at the end and showed what he is capable of. Also spare a though for Romario Shepherd. He's really taken some responsibility. We were not good at playing spin in the middle over but I am sure we are working on it and will find a way pretty sooner than later. We will have games like this but the guys will get through. Drop catches of Moeen Ali did hurt us as he went on to score more than 30. We have to make sure we dont repeat the mistakes. I am pretty happy that we finished well in the end. It was a good game of cricket and augurs well for the rest of the matches in the series.

Eoin Morgan (Eng Captain): Delighted to see get the win under our belt. Even in the last part of the game, with an inexperienced international bowler, I thought we did well. With experience, Saqib Mahmood will get better. We adapted better to the conditions today. The tracks here aren't like those you get to cruise through the innings. It was a conscious idea for the batters to spend some time in the middle. Every team in the world is trying to get better at death bowling and It's been the hardest job in world cricket. At the end, the ball did skid on. We need to execute things better. Our plan was to bowl yorkers but we failed to get it right!
What a finish we've had to this match! West Indies have almost crossed the line coming from nowhere 4 overs ago and now they fell short by just 1 run. Absolutely brutal hitting from the two batters who finished not out at the end of the innings from West Indies. England won the match by 1 run!
170 /8 score
cricket bat icon Romario Shepherd
44 (28)
cricket bat icon Akeal Hosein *
44 (16)
cricket ball icon Saqib Mahmood
0 /45
19.6 Saqib Mahmood to Akeal Hosein, short of a length delivery outside-off, Hosein smashes it wide of long-off for a maximum. SIX!! What an effort from this duo of Romario Shepherd and Akeal Hosein even though the West Indies fall short by a mere one run!
19.5 Saqib Mahmood to Akeal Hosein, length delivery once again, Hosein smashes it over long-on for a maximum again. This is become a tape recording show here!
19.4 Saqib Mahmood to Akeal Hosein, length delivery, Hosein swings it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum. SIX!! Poor bowling from Saqib Mahmood but fantastic ball-striking from Hosein again!
20 required from 3 balls for West Indies!
19.4 Saqib Mahmood to Akeal Hosein, full and way outside the tramline, WIDE called
19.3 Saqib Mahmood to Akeal Hosein, length delivery, Hosein smokes it straight down the ground for a boundary. FOUR!! Superb base from Hosein to strike the ball powerfully!
19.2 Saqib Mahmood to Akeal Hosein, length delivery, Hosein swings it towards the gap at deep mid-wicket for a boundary. FOUR!! Nice little knock from Hosein!
19.1 Saqib Mahmood to Akeal Hosein, short and wide of off, Hosein slashes and misses it. The umpire doesn't call it a wide and Hosein is stunned!
19.1 Saqib Mahmood to Akeal Hosein, Saqib tries to bowl it full and wide but it is outside the tramline. WIDE called
30 runs required from the last over and all eyes are on Shepherd if West Indies to have any chance at this target. Shepherd is into his 40s and saying the fight is still not over.
142 /8 score
cricket bat icon Romario Shepherd *
44 (28)
cricket bat icon Akeal Hosein
18 (10)
cricket ball icon Reece Topley
1 /18
18.6 Reece Topley to Romario Shepherd, short of a length delivery with width, Shepherd slashes hard and gets it to deep backward point for a boundary. Moeen Ali tried his best but he couldn't stop the boundary. FOUR!!
18.5 Reece Topley to Akeal Hosein, Hosein backs away but Topley follows him and bowls it full. Hosein carves it to the sweeper for a single
England Captain, Eoin Morgan, is in discussion with the bowler on tactics and field settings. He doesn't want to leave any chance to the opposition
18.4 Reece Topley to Akeal Hosein, back of a length delivery, Hosein looks to guide it through third but he misses it
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