Sri Lanka 160/6 (20 ov)
West Indies 117/10 (18.4 ov)
Sri Lanka won by 43 runs.
Player of the match: Wanindu Hasaranga
That's all from this game folks, so stay safe, and join us back on Sunday for the final T20I between Sri Lanka and West Indies, to find out if Sri Lanka humble Windies again, or do Windies return the favour at home. For now, I have been Ankit Sharma, along with Lavil Saldanha, taking your leave!
Both teams have shown grit, both teams have shown determination, but both teams have shown their weaknesses as well. Sri Lanka came out on top today, West Indies did a couple of days ago. But what that means is on Sunday both teams lock horns in the decider of the series, to see who has the resilience to come out as winners of the series. Will Sri Lanka take this confidence and form into the final game, replaying their dominance today, or will it be the hosts, with a number of T20 superstars in their side, to get it together and plunge over the Lankans. The series is all tied up at 1-1 and is headed for a fantastic finish. Both the games so far have been thrilling, competitive and full of action, so expect nothing less on Sunday. 
Unlike the Sri Lankan openers, the Windies openers, started off slow and their partnership was broken early in the third over. Gayle came in, got a couple of big hits before departing early himself. That was the case almost throughout the innings, with none of the big names standing up, taking responsibility for their team, who were going deeper and deeper into a hole. Angelo Mathews did exceptionally well to rotate his bowlers, to keep the batsman guessing of what's to come and that payed dividends. West Indies kept tumbling one after the other, having no reply to any of the spinners. Micky Arthur was seen involved throughout the game with a celebration from him after every plan worked out. Sri Lanka have done really well to re strategize and come out today to level the series. 
A couple of days ago Sri Lanka were bettered in all departments, more with the ball, but then Pollard went berserk with the bat, to take his team over the finish line single handed. But today the tables have turned and Sri Lanka have outplayed West Indies in all departments. The openers of the visitors got them off to a perfect start, setting for a strong finish. Despite the late blows in the second half of their batting their lower order did well to reach the 160 mark. The pitch was slow, and patience was key to dictate terms, although with an extra spinner, Sri Lanka already had the upper hand. Their bowlers executed the plans perfectly, kept bowling stump to stump, nothing too wide nothing too fancy, and they were awarded for their discipline with wickets falling in regular intervals. 
Player of the game: Wanindu Hasaranga: The wicket was slow, so I was trying to bowl with good line and length not giving away too many boundaries. Akila Dananjaya comes with the new ball, and I always come after the powerplay, so I concentrate more on the line and length and to restrict runs, and picking up as many wickets as I can. 
Sandakan does justice to all his fellow compatriots by wrapping the game early, picking up the remaining coupe of wickets to win this game. Obed McCoy could not go all the way, but he's not the one to be blamed today. West Indies have been outplayed today in every department, the way they outplayed Sri Lanka a couple of days ago. This sets up the series very nicely for a juicy last T20I. 
18.4 Lakshan Sandakan to Kevin Sinclair, CAUGHT! Full-length delivery outside the line of the off stump, Sinclair looked to hit the long ball, doesn't quite get the distance and the fielder does well to hold onto the and help Sandakan take the final wicket. Sri Lanka win by 43 runs and have squared the series 1-1 with the series decider on Monday
18.3 Lakshan Sandakan to Fidel Edwards, stump high full toss on the line of the off stump, Edwards comes down the track and plays it down the ground for a single 
18.2 Lakshan Sandakan to Fidel Edwards, full length delivery on the line of the middle and the off stump, defended away back to the bowler, no run 
Fidel Edwards, right hand bat, comes to the crease. 
18.1 Lakshan Sandakan to Obed McCoy, BOWLED HIM! McCoy has to walk back! Full-length delivery outside the line of the off stump, the ball was kept wicket to wicket on that occasion and McCoy completely misses the ball as he is bowled
Obed McCoy seems to be of a different opinion regarding this match. He's not done yet, he's just come in, and has taken Perera to the cleaners for a big over. Can McCoy do the impossible and chase this down or will the spinners have the last laugh. 45 in 12 now. 
Over: 18 | Summary: 6 2 6 4 4 1 Bowler: Thisara Perera Score: 116/8
17.6 Thisara Perera to Obed McCoy, full toss on the height of the stumps on that occasion, McCoy thumps the ball away down the ground to long on for a single to end the over
17.5 Thisara Perera to Obed McCoy, FOUR MORE! Full length ball outside the line of the off stump, McCoy plays the ball down the ground and the ball races away to the ropes, even past the fielder for a boudnary
17.4 Thisara Perera to Obed McCoy, FOUR! Full and wide outside the line of the off stump, McCoy slashes the ball through the covers on that occasion and the ball runs past the fielder, running away to the ropes for a boundary
17.3 Thisara Perera to Obed McCoy, SIX! Slower ball bowled into the wicket on that occasion, McCoy looked to slog that one really hard on that occasion and clobbers the ball away to deep midwicket for a maximum
17.2 Thisara Perera to Obed McCoy, full length delivery outside the line of the off stump, played away on the legside for a quick brace to deep square leg, no run
17.1 Thisara Perera to Obed McCoy, SIX! WHAT A SHOT! Full length delivery on the line of the off stump, McCoy uppishly drives the ball, gets some really good connection and the ball goes soaring into the stands for a maximum
Thisara Perera, back into the attack. 
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