Pakistan 426/10 (133 ov)
Zimbabwe 176/10 & 134/10 (46.2 ov)
Pakistan won by an inning and 116 runs.
Player of the match: Hasan Ali
Pakistan win by an innings and 116 runs!

That brings us to the end of our coverage from the First Test in this series between Zimbabwe and Pakistan, with Pakistan taking a 1-0 lead in this 2-match test series. These two sides will do battle once again in the final Test of the series starting from next Friday. For all the latest scores and updates from the world of sports, Sportskeeda is your one-stop shop! This is Abhinav Kumar signing off alongside my colleague and friend Pradeep Somashekar! Thank you for joining us, goodbye and please stay safe and don't venture out of your homes until it's necessary!
Post-Match Presentation: -

Hasan Ali, Player of the Match: -
I've been working hard in the nets and giving my batting some importance during the sessions. I was just told to get some runs quickly in the morning by the Team Management. Fawad's batting was brilliant. I played a full season of first-class cricket and have become accustomed to bowling on slower pitches. We didn't exactly dominate in the T20s, so we invested a lot of our efforts here. For the Brendan Taylor wicket, it was an important catch, as he was looking very dangerous. Before the delivery, I had told the bowler Nauman Ali to get him dismissed anyhow and it somehow happened. I dedicate this award to my newborn daughter.

Brendan Taylor, Zimbabwe Captain: - Our batting on Day 1 was what really set us back. We got rolled out in two sessions there and since then, we were always chasing to save the game. We have to regroup really quickly and do better in the next test. It's a simple thing that if you can constantly build pressure upon the batsmen, the wickets will fall. I was trying to be conscious of the workload of our pacers and that was the reason why delayed taking the Second New Ball and the thinking was that as the scoreboard isn't moving quickly, we can continue with the old ball. We failed as a batting unit massively, but we will try to take this in our stride and put up a better display in the next test.

Babar Azam, Pakistan Captain: - Firstly, thanks to Allah for this win! The bowlers did really well on Day 1 in using that fresh moisture of the pitch and dismissing them for a low score. Hasan did really well in the first innings with the ball and our openers complemented the efforts quite well. We just carried forward their work and Fawad's batting was outstanding. We had planned to get a big total, but yes we did lose wickets in clusters today and couldn't get a bigger score. But our bowlers did the job for us in the Second Innings and Hasan Ali was especially brilliant. We will take a rest for the next 2-3 days, then get back into the nets and then deliberate over the team compositions based on the wicket we see for the next game.
That's that in this game, as Zimbabwe fold up in quick time, being dismissed for 134 all-out and Pakistan have won the First Test here by an Innings and 116 runs!

The only batsmen to have made some contribution were Tarisai Musakanda, who top-scored with 43 from 84 balls, Brendan Taylor scored 29 from 33 balls and opener Kevin Kasuza got 28 from 55 balls. The only other batsman to get into double-digits was the 'keeper Regis Chakabva, who was unbeaten for 14 from 46 balls. The other batsmen just kept following each other into the pavilion in a procession.

The star for Pakistan with the ball was Hasan Ali, who claimed a 5-fer and ended up with 5/36 in 12.2 overs, his career-best performance, with left-arm spinner Nauman Ali getting 2/27 from 9 overs and Faheem Ashraf got 1/22 from 10 overs. Shaheen Shah Afridi was wicketless as was Sajid Khan, with Afridi ending up with 0/35 from 11 overs and Sajid Khan bowling 4 overs at the end, with 0/7 being his figures.

Stay tuned as we bring you the updates from the post-match presentations!
46.2 Hasan Ali to Richard Ngarava, OUT! CASTLED! Hasan Ali gets his FIFER and what a performance from him in the second innings! Pakistan win the 1st test by an innings and 116 runs! Snorter from Hasan Ali, yorker, dipped into the stumps and Ngarava goes deep inside the crease to dig it out but misses, rattles the stumps in the end! 
46.1 Hasan Ali to Richard Ngarava, OH! FOUR! Short delivery on the fourth stump line as Ngarava on the backfoot gets his bat to it and then gets the thick outside edge and goes through the slip cordon and runs away to the fence for a boundary
Ngarava is back on strike and Hasan Ali is coming around the stumps to him from the Golf Course End.
Over: 46 | Summary: 0 0 0 1 0 0 Bowler: Sajid Khan Score: 130/8
45.6 Sajid Khan to Regis Chakabva, touch short on the off-stump spinning into the batsman as Chakabva goes on the backfoot and defends it with soft hands on the off-side
45.5 Sajid Khan to Regis Chakabva, too full on the off-stump as Chakabva lunges into it and drills it back down to the ground on the off-side
45.4 Sajid Khan to Richard Ngarava, good length again into Ngarava on the off-stump as he presses forward and clips it towards backward square leg for an easy single
Ngarava has been crowded up here in the close-in field, with 2 slips, a silly point under the helmet and a forward short-leg under the helmet.
45.3 Sajid Khan to Richard Ngarava, good length on the off-stump as Ngarava prods forward and then defends it right under his eyes on the off-side
45.2 Sajid Khan to Richard Ngarava, that was a slider on the middle and off as Ngarava on the backfoot looks to tuck it but inside edges on to his pads on the on-side
45.1 Sajid Khan to Richard Ngarava, short delivery on the off-stump spinning away from Ngarava as he goes on the backfoot and taps it down to mid-off fielder for no run
Sajid Khan continues from the City End, going around the stumps against Richard Ngarava.
Over: 45 | Summary: 0 0 0 0 0 0 Bowler: Hasan Ali Score: 129/8
44.6 Hasan Ali to Regis Chakabva, good length on the fourth stump line, coming back into the batsman as Chakabva once again lunges into it and then defends it right under his eyes
44.5 Hasan Ali to Regis Chakabva, good length again but came back slightly on the off-stump line as Chakabva leans into it and then defends it on the off-side
44.4 Hasan Ali to Regis Chakabva, good length delivery on the fourth stump line as Chakabva presses forward and defends it right under his eyes on the off-side
44.3 Hasan Ali to Regis Chakabva, short delivery this time on the off-stump, banged it in and Chakabva sees this one early and then ducks under it as he evades the bouncer
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