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  • AEW Collision Live Results (May 18, 2024): Toni Storm undresses on live TV, Former WWE stars ATTACKED, Hook squashes ex-champion, Jon Moxley warns top star

AEW Collision Live Results (May 18, 2024): Toni Storm undresses on live TV, Former WWE stars ATTACKED, Hook squashes ex-champion, Jon Moxley warns top star

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 19, 2024 02:02 GMT

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02:02 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Post-match, The Righteous and Lance Archer lay out FTR and Bryan Danielson. Archer hits the Blackout on Cash Wheeler on top of the chair. Vincent lays out Dax Harwood with a swanton on a steel chair. 

Daniel Garcia finally makes the save and chases the heels away with Bryan Danielson. The two then check in on Harwood and Wheeler as the show comes to a close.

01:59 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Multiple big moves have been hit and towards the end of the match, FTR connect with the Shatter Machine on Vincent for the win.

Bryan Danielson and FTR win

01:56 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Bryan Danielson has the Labelle Lock almost locked in, but Lance Archer breaks the hold. Archer and The Righteous dominate Danielson and FTR.

01:55 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Dutch is dumped to the outside and Danielson connects with a tope suicida. He then follows up with a shotgun dropkick. Tandem dropkicks from Danielson and Wheeler on The Righteous.

01:54 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

After some more action, Bryan Danielson is tagged in and he unloads on Dutch with chops and kicks. Danielson with a running elbow.

01:53 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Harwood hits a bulldog on Dutch from the turnbuckles. After some back-and-forth, things break and we briefly have a brawl involving all six men.

01:48 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Cash Wheeler comes in and Vincent takes him down. Dutch is tagged in and he slams Wheeler on the mat. Wheeler hits a dropkick to stun Dutch before FTR double team him.

01:46 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Bryan Danieslson and FTR vs. The Righteous and Lance Archer

Dax Harwood and Vincent start the match. The two stars lock up before Vincent whips Harwood in the corner. Dax makes his comeback with a snap suplex and leg drop.

01:44 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Bryan Danieslson and FTR take on The Righteous and Lance Archer in the main event.

01:37 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Nick Wayne vs. Jack Cartwheel

Nick Wayne comes in with a flurry of offense. Jack Cartweel crashes and burns on the floor after missing a dive on the outside. Wayne connects with the Wayne's World, but he hits the House Call for the win.

Nick Wayne wins

01:33 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Post-match, Luther comes out and takes Deeb's flag. Mariah May joins in next and Toni Storm follows shortly after. Storm undresses and wraps herself in Deeb's flag before The Professor chases the champion and her entourage away.

01:31 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Towards the end of the match, Serena Deeb fights out of a QueenSlayer and applies the Serenity Lock shortly after for the win.

Serena Deeb wins

01:28 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Jay drops Deeb on the mat and gets a close two-count. Serena Deeb stops Anna Jay and connects with a release German suplex. She then gets a two-count and Jay barely kicks out.

01:26 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Deeb connects with a scissor kick and stuns Jay on the ropes. After some back-and-forth, Deeb has trapped Jay in the middle of the ring. Anna Jay gets some offense in with running elbow strikes and forearm shots.

01:22 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Serena Deeb vs. Anna Jay

Serena Deeb kicks Anna Jay early on and hits a swinging neckbreaker for a two-count. She has Jay locked between her legs, but Jay fires back. She hits a suplex and follows up with an elbow strike in the corner.

01:19 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Serena Deeb is in action next.

01:17 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Post-match, Trent berates OC and says he only lost because Cassidy cheated. Beretta wants to face Cassidy in a straight up wrestling match at Double or Nothing.

Orange Cassidy has heard enough and he unloads on Trent Beretta before being separated by officials.

01:14 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

OC is again distracted by Trent Beretta and Isiah Kassidy takes advantage. He gets a two-count shortly after. Towards the end, Cassidy connects with the Beach Break out of nowhere for the win.

Orange Cassidy wins

01:12 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Cassidy then hits a spinning DDT and throws his elbow pads towards Trent. Isiah Kassidy stops a Beach Break and gets a two-count with a roll up. Kassidy connects with a spin kick.

OC slams Kassidy on the turnbuckles, but Brother Zay rocks the former International Champion. Both men are down after pump kicks.

01:10 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

After some dominance from Kassidy, Cassidy counters a piledriver attempt on the steps and dumps him on the floor. The two stars exchange strikes before OC hits the Stundog Millionaire.

01:06 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Orange Cassidy hits a dive to the outside and gets the upperhand. The action spills to the outside and we see Trent Beretta emerge from the crowd. OC is distracted and Kassidy gets the control of the match.

01:03 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Orange Cassidy vs. Isiah Kassidy

Orange Cassidy knocks down Isiah Kassidy in the initial stages of the match. After some back-and-forth, things come to a standstill between the two men.

00:59 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

We see a backstage segment with The Patriarchy and Nick Wayne looks confident ahead of his match tonight. Wayne will face Swerve Strickland on Dynamite.

00:58 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

PAC attacked

00:58 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

The Bang Bang Gang's music plays and we see they have laid out PAC. Jay White says PAC will care about them now.

00:55 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

PAC is not impressed by anything

00:53 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

PAC is in a backstage segment. He puts the Bang Bang Gang on notice and gives them credit for being funny. PAC tells the BBG to make him care about them.

PAC tells Lexy Nair to leave him alone.

00:51 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Boulder gets a two-count with a powerslam. The Iron Savages outnumber Keith, but the latter is not down yet. He quickly gets the win over Boulder.

Bryan Keith wins

00:49 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Bryan Keith vs. Boulder 

Boulder gets few cheap shot on Bryan Keith in the early stages of the match. Keith looks to fight back, but Boulder kicks him down.

00:46 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Shibata picks Romero up and connects with a backbreaker. He then follows up with the PK and applies a figure-4 leg lock for the win.

Katsuyori Shibata wins

00:45 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Katsuyori Shibata applies the leg lock once again and he gets a two-count after a dropkick in the corner. Rocky Romero rolls Shibata up for a two-count and another one with a backslide.

00:43 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Romero tries for some kicks on Shibata, but he is not affected. Shibata with some chops on Romero and he applies a sleeper shortly after. Romero attacks Shibata's left arm and kicks him on the back of the head.

00:41 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Rocky Romero hits a DDT on Katsuyori Shibata and follows up with kicks in the middle of the ring. Romero has the control of the match in the stage.

00:39 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Romero responds with a submission move of his own before Shibata again gets the upperhand. Shibata unloads on Romero, but the latter rocks the Japanese star.

00:38 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Katsuyori Shibata vs. Rocky Romero

The two stars look to get the better of one another early on. After some back-and-forth, Katsuyori Shibata applies a figure-4 on Rocky Romero. The latter reaches the ropes.

00:35 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Post-match, Hook is walking to the backstage area and Katsuyori Shibata comes out for his match next.

00:33 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Hook connects with some judo throws and stands tall. Johnny TV hits a jawbreaker and Taya Valkyrie distracts Hook. Johnny TV misses a spin leg into a tornado and Hook takes advantage with the RedRum to pick up the win.

Hook wins

00:31 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Hook vs. Johnny TV

Johnny TV tries to get in a cheap shot on Hook, but the latter hits a hip toss. Johnny TV almost steals a win, but Hook kicks out.

00:27 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

We see Chris Jericho cutting a promo after getting busted open by Hook on AEW Dynamite. Jericho says he is happy about the way Hook is learning things.

00:22 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

We see a video package of Team AEW members ahead of their match on Collision. Jon Moxley sends a message for Konosuke Takeshita and says BCC never does things for fame and money. It is who they are.

Claudio Castagnoli also runs down other wrestlers for faking it and calls BCC the "real deal." Mox puts Takeshita on notice to end the segment.

00:18 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Post-match, the UK members attack Will Ospreay, but the latter stands tall and confronts Roderick Strong from the entrance ramp to end the segment.

00:17 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Shane Taylor counters an Oscutter and gets another nearfall. Towards the end, Will Ospreay fights back with multiple thrust kicks in the turnbuckles and he follows up with the Storm Driver for the win.

Will Ospreay wins

00:15 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

He then follows up with a left-handed lariat for another two-count over Ospreay. The Aerial Assassin gets a two-count over Taylor, but the UK members look to cause a distraction.

00:14 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

The Aerial Assassin with some chops of his own and he drops Shane Taylor on the mat. After some back-and-forth, Taylor slams Ospreay on the mat with a powerbomb.

00:12 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Shane Taylor is in complete control and he hits a backbreaker in the ring for a two-count over Will Ospreay. Ospreay looks to make his comeback, but Taylor connects with some chops.

00:10 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Taylor turns things around and flattens Ospreay. The action spills to the outside and Taylor connects with a vicious chop. Ospreay slams Taylor's head on the turnbuckles and after some shenanigans at ringside Anthony Ogogo gets a cheap shot at Ospreay.

00:07 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Will Ospreay vs. Shane Taylor

Before the match starts, Undisputed Kingdom makes their presence felt. Will Ospreay gets some offense in on Shane Taylor and gets a one-count.

00:04 (GMT)19 MAY 2024

Welcome to this week's AEW Collision live results. The show starts with Will Ospreay in action against Shane Taylor.
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