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  • AEW Collision Live Results (April 6, 2024): Dustin Rhodes makes big announcement, Former WWE star returns, CM Punk's ex-allies vs. The Young Bucks confirmed!!

AEW Collision Live Results (April 6, 2024): Dustin Rhodes makes big announcement, Former WWE star returns, CM Punk's ex-allies vs. The Young Bucks confirmed!!

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 07, 2024 05:30 GMT

Check out the live results for AEW Collision right now.

05:30 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Komander hits a moonsault on the outside and goes for another high-flying move, but Penta counters with a lung blower. He then hits the Fear Factor for the win.

Penta wins

05:29 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Komander hits a dropkick and hits a moonsault on the outside.

05:29 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Towards the end of the match, Penta connects with the Made in Japan, but Komander kicks out at two. Penta places Komander on the turnbuckles and hits a chop. Komander reversers and hits a tornado splash for a two-count.

05:27 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Penta makes his comeback with a destroyer on the apron and follows up with a back body drop on the entrance ramp. The two stars barely get in the ring.

05:25 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Komander almost steals the win with a roll-up and follows up with a submission move. Komander drops Penta with a Spanish Fly, but gets only a TWO-COUNT.

05:23 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Komander makes his comeback with a tiharas and follows up with a dive to the outside. After some back-and-forth, Penta gets a two-count with a Canadian Destroyer.

05:22 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Penta connects with an enziguiri in the corner. Komander with some open-handed chops, but Penta chops Komander down on the mat. Penta places Komander on the ropes and kicks him down.

05:20 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Penta with a vicious chop on Komander. Komander responds with a hurricanrana attempt, but Penta moves out. Komander catches Komander on the outside and drops him on the steel steps. He then strikes Komander down and slams him on the steel post.

05:18 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Komander vs. Penta

The two stars look to outsmart each other and exchange quick pinfalls and counters. Penta shoves Komander after some mind games, but the latter is not bothered. Komander takes Penta down, but Penta takes Komander down.

05:15 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Penta vs. Komander is the main event for the night.

05:13 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Samoa Joe appears in a backstage segment. He brings up Dustin's challenge. Joe says Dustin Rhodes doesn't deserve a title match. Just a normal match. If Dustin beats Joe then he'll get a title match.

05:09 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Julia Hart and Skye Blue appear in a backstage segment and Julia puts Mercedes Mone on notice.

05:08 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Towards the end of the match, Claudio Castagnoli connects with the Ricola Bomb to pick up the win over The Butcher.

Claudio Castagnoli wins

05:07 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Claudio lifts The Butcher up and unloads on the latter. Castagnoli connects with a lariat on The Butcher and follows up with the Giant Swing.

05:06 (GMT)7 APR 2024

The Butcher makes his comeback and connects with stiff strikes on Claudio. The Butcher hits some strikes on Claudio's back and drops him with a backbreaker. Two-count for The Butcher.

05:04 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Claudio Castagnoli vs. The Butcher

The two stars slug it out in the early part of the match. The Butcher knocks Claudio Castagnoli down, but the latter recovers and unloads on The Butcher.

05:01 (GMT)7 APR 2024

We see Daddy Magic and Daniel Garcia in a backstage segment.

05:00 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Post-match, Serena Deeb comes out and has a staredown with Yuka Sakazaki.

04:59 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Yuka Sakazaki spins Trish Adora and plants her on the mat. Towards the end of the match, Sakazaki connects with a splash-like move to pick up the win. 

Yuka Sakazaki wins

04:57 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Adora connects with a suplex on Yuka, but the latter stuns Adora. Both stars are down on the mat. Trish Adora hits a butterfly suplex and follows up with a sit-out powerbomb for a two-count.

04:56 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Yuka has Adora trapped on the ropes. After a back-and-forth, Yuka Sakazaki kicks Trish Adora and knocks her down. Trish Adora drops Yuka Sakazaki before the two exchange some stiff strikes.

04:52 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Adora wears Yuka down. The battle spills to the outside and Adora connects with some big chops. Trish Adora punches Yuka Sakazaki.

04:50 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Yuka Sakazaki vs. Trish Adora

The two stars have a back-and-forth before Trish Adora takes Yuka Sakazaki down. Yuka gets up, but Adora drops her with a backbreaker.

04:49 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Yuka Sakazaki makes her AEW Collision debut.

04:48 (GMT)7 APR 2024

LionHook are in a backstage segment and he recalls STP's attack. Jericho says they are only 2, but STP have 3 members. Hook says he has someone and Katsuyori Shibata comes forward to join forces with LionHook.

04:46 (GMT)7 APR 2024

The Young Bucks' announcement

04:45 (GMT)7 APR 2024

We learn that The Young Bucks will reveal some new footage from All In on Dynamite.

04:44 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Rocky Romero is in a backstage segment. He says he wants to win singles gold in AEW and challenges Roderick Strong to an eliminator match. The Undisputed Kingdom come in and we have a verbal confrontation.

04:41 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Post-match, Adam Copeland comes out and we have a brawl. FTR, Eddie Kingston, Mark Briscoe, and The Young Bucks also get involved. The babyfaces stand tall to end the segment.

04:39 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Towards the end, Christopher Daniels gets taken out by HOB. Bryan Keith almost steals the win, but Buddy Matthews with a knee strike and gets the win with the pump handle slam.

House of Black win

04:37 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Matthews catches Sydal with a knee lift to the jaw. Brody King connects with the Dante's Inferno on Sydal, but Bryan Keith comes in. King takes Keith down after some offense. House of Black triple team Keith, but Daniels make the save.

04:36 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Malakai Black misses a spin kick, but Daniels connects with a saito suplex. Matt Sydal comes in and unloads on House of Black. He hits a hurricanrana on Buddy Matthews and gets a two-count.

04:33 (GMT)7 APR 2024

House of Black vs. Bryan Keith, Christopher Daniels, and Matt Sydal

Malakai Black and Keith Lee start the match. The two stars have a back-and-forth. Brody King and Matt Sydal are tagged in. House of Black has Christopher Daniels isolated in their corner.

04:26 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Renee Paquette is in a backstage segment and this time she has Will Ospreay. He opens up about his AEW run so far. Ospreay then speaks about his match against Bryan Danielson.

04:20 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Dustin Rhodes cuts a promo and mentions about his father, Dusty Rhodes, winning the world heavyweight title. He recalls wanting to be a world champion in his career. He adds he wants to accomplish his dream and challenges Samoa Joe to a match on Dynamite next week.

He asks Joe to put his title on the line. Dustin Rhodes to finish his story before Cody Rhodes?

04:18 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Post-match, Anthony Ogogo blindsides Chris Jericho and Hook. STP lay a brutal beatdown. Ogogo joins STP.

04:16 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Towards the end, Chris Jericho makes Lee Moriarty tap out with the LionTamer.

LionHook win

04:15 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Hook climbs up the ropes and hits a double-axe handle on Taylor. Moriarty catches Jericho and drops him on the mat. He then applies a border city stretch, but Jericho reverses it.

04:13 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Shane Taylor drives his knees on Chris Jericho before tagging in Lee Moriarty. Jericho tags in Hook. The latter unloads on Moriarty and gets a two-count with a northern lights suplex.

04:11 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Jericho tags Hook in and LionHook suplexes Shane Taylor. STP turn things around and isolate Jericho. The Ocho looks to fight back, but Taylor drops him down.

04:07 (GMT)7 APR 2024

LionHook vs. Shane Taylor Promotions

Chris Jericho and Shane Taylor start the match. Taylor pummels Jericho and whips him across the ring. Taylor with some punches in the corner. Jericho gets his foot up.

04:04 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Hook and Chris Jericho are in action next against Shane Taylor Promotions.

04:03 (GMT)7 APR 2024

We see Renee Paquette in a backstage segment with Bryan Danielson. He speaks about his past and compares his career to Will Ospreay. Danielson says he gets excited to test himself against Ospreay.

03:58 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Post-match, PAC hypes himself up and says he wants to remind everyone how good he is. He then calls out Kazuchika Okada and says he will wait for a response.

03:56 (GMT)7 APR 2024

PAC climbs to the top rope, but gets down. He teases hitting the Black Arrow, but makes a statement with a submission move.

PAC wins

03:54 (GMT)7 APR 2024

PAC vs. Encore Moore

PAC assaults Encore Moore early on. PAC hits some vertical suplexes on Moore and follows up with a brainbuster in the middle of the ring.

03:53 (GMT)7 APR 2024

PAC returns to actions on AEW Collision.

03:52 (GMT)7 APR 2024

FTR will face The Young Bucks at AEW Dynasty. 

We see a video package hyping up Kazuchika Okada next.

03:50 (GMT)7 APR 2024

Darius is looking for a frog splash, but Harwood gets his knees up. Top Flight get a double cover, but FTR kick out. Towards the end, FTR connect with the Shatter Machine off the ropes on Darius Martin for the win.

FTR win

03:48 (GMT)7 APR 2024

All four men are in the ring. Dante Martin takes Cash Wheeler out with a dive and Darius Martin gets a two-count with a flatliner on Dax.
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