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  • AEW Collision Live Results (June 1, 2024): Backstage brawl, BCC member SLAPPED, Tony Khan appears on TV, Huge world title match, FORMER WWE STAR DEBUTS

AEW Collision Live Results (June 1, 2024): Backstage brawl, BCC member SLAPPED, Tony Khan appears on TV, Huge world title match, FORMER WWE STAR DEBUTS

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJun 02, 2024 02:00 GMT

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02:00 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Swerve Strickland cuts a promo on Will Ospreay ahead of their potential match at Forbidden Door. He then threatens Roderick Strong and says he will beat his a**.

01:58 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Post-match, Doc Samson checks-in on Will Ospreay's arm. Hopefully he is alright. Ospreay and Kyle O'Reilly show respect to one another before KOR walks out of the ring.

01:56 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Kyle O'Reilly connects with a discus elbow, but Will Ospreay stuns him and connects with a Hidden Blade for a two-count. Ospreay then follows up with the Storm Driver for the win.

Will Ospreay wins

01:53 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

KOR hits a bridged suplex for a two-count on the champion. KOR stops Ospreay's Hidden Blade with a knee strike to the jaw.

01:53 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

KOR almost applies an armbar before transitioning into a triangle choke. Both men are down on the mat. Will Ospreay gets up and connects with two kicks.

01:51 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

After some back-and-forth, Ospreay hits a thrust kick, but KOR follows him. KOR leg sweeps Ospreay, but the latter gets up and hits an enziguiri.

01:49 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Ospreay counters a guillotine choke and connects with an inverted suplex. He then hits a Tiger Driver for a two-count on KOR.

01:49 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Kyle O'Reilly continues to work on Will Ospreay's left arm. Ospreay with some strikes on KOR, but his offense is stopped.

01:46 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

KOR slams Ospreay on the barricades with a hammerlock and he follows up with a running dropkick.

01:45 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Will Ospreay is stuck on ropes shortly after and KOR takes advantage with a high-flying move. KOR looks for an armbar, but the champion rolls to the ropes.

01:44 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Ospreay comes in with a big elbow strike and gets a two-count shortly after. The two stars are on the apron and KOR drops Ospreay on the left arm.

01:42 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

O"Reilly makes his comeback and unloads with some knee and elbow strikes in addition to a hammerlock. Daniel Garcia is seen watching the match from backstage area.

01:39 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Back in the ring, Ospreay applies an abdominal stretch on KOR and transitions into an iron octopus. He hits a backbreaker for a two-count on KOR.

01:37 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

After some back-and-forth, Ospreay knocks KOR down on the mat. Ospreay takes dow KOR with headscissors and follows up with a crossbody on the floor.

01:35 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Will Ospreay (c) vs. Kyle O'Reilly - AEW International Championship Match

The two stars stalk one another and look for an early advantage. Kyle O'Reilly applies an armbar before Will Ospreay reaches the ropes.

01:32 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Will Ospreay takes on Kyle O'Reilly in the main event.

01:27 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

We see a backstage segment with the Iron Savages. Killswitch comes in and lays down a beatdown on the trio.

01:27 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Post-match, Anthony Ogogo hits a KO punch on Royce Isaacs

01:25 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Taylor chops Isaacs and mandhandles Isaacs. Jorel Nelson stuns Shane Taylor, but gets stopped by Taylor. Shane Taylor hits a powerbomb on Nelson for the win.

Shane Taylor Promotions win

01:22 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Isaacs and Nelson dominate Moriarty and get a two-count after a double team move. Shane Taylor is tagged in.

01:21 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Shane Taylor Promotions vs. West Coast Wrecking Crew

Lee Moriarty and Royce Isaacs. After a back-and-forth, Nelson overpowers Moriarty. Jorel Nelson comes in and dominates Moriarty.

01:14 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Towards the end, Claudio Castagnoli hits the giant swing and gets the win over Johnny TV shortly after.

Claudio Castagnoli wins

01:13 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Claudio Castagnoli hits few uppercuts and follows up with an avalanche flatliner. He then tries for a sharpshooter, but Johnny TV is saved by his wife.

01:12 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Johnny hits a neckbreaker on Claudio. After some back, Taya slaps Claudio and he confronts her. Johnny TV takes advantage, but misses the Starship Pain.

01:10 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

He hits some big European uppercuts and follows up with a running pump kick for a two-count. Claudio tries for the giant swing, but Johnny TV rolls him up instead.

01:09 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Claudio hits an uppercut and stomp on the outside. Johnny TV is in control after some distractions from Valkyrie. Claudio makes his comeback with a suplex on Johnny.

01:06 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Johnny makes him his comeback with an enziguiri. Johnny TV and Taya Valkyrie kiss at ringside, but Claudi Castagnoli stops them.

01:05 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Claudio Castagnoli shows off an incredible feat by lifting Johnny TV for a vertical suplex and holding on for over 30 seconds. He finally drops Johnny TV.

01:04 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Johnny tries for a neckbreaker, but Claudio counters it to a backslide for a two-count. The BCC member hits a stomp on Johnny TV for another nearfall.

01:03 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Johnny TV

Johnny TV tries for a low blow, but Claudio Castagnoli overpowers him. Johnny fights back and wears Castagnoli down.

00:59 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Toni Storm and Mariah May cut a promo on Saraya ahead of May's match against The Anti-Diva on Dynamite.

00:58 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Cage of Agony vs. Danny Rose, KM, Ricky Gee

Brian Cage, Toa Liona and Bishop Kaun dominate the entire match. They pick up Danny Rose and throw him up in the air for a quick win.

Cage of Agony win

00:50 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Dorada chops Rosa, but the latter slaps her opponent. Thunder Rosa picks Reina Dorada up and hits the Tihana Bomb. She then applies a submission move for a quick win.

Thunder Rosa wins

00:49 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Rosa applies a Venus Di Milo type move on Dorada and follows up with a clubbing strike. Rosa hits a snap vertical suplex and gets a two-count.

00:48 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Thunder Rosa vs. Reina Dorada

Thunder Rosa control the early proceedings of the match. She hits a dropkick to drop Reina Dorada.

00:47 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Thunder Rosa takes on the debuting Reina Dorada.

00:46 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Stokely Hathaway and Kris Statlander appear in a backstage segment. Stokely says the two want to apologise to Willow Nightingale. Statlander has a gift and it is a trash bag. 

Stokely calls Willow trash. Statlander vows to destroy Willow on Dynamite.

00:43 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Katsuyori Shibata chops Henry. Daniel Garcia and Daniel Garcia eventually won the match. (Missed the end due to technical difficulties).

Daniel Garcia and Katsuyori Shibata win

00:42 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Shibata unloads with kick to Henry and a gut check on Drake. Shibata gets a two-count on Anthony Henry shortly after.

00:41 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Garcia has been isolated in The Workhorsemen's corner. JD Drake chops Daniel Garcia, but the latter gets fired up. He makes the tag to Katsuyori Shibata. 

00:37 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

JD Drake with a bad leg drops Daniel Garcia on the mat and wears him down. Daniel Garcia with some forearm strikes, but Drake drops him with a DDT for a two-count.

00:35 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Shibata and Daniel Garcia dominate the early proceedings, but JD Drake make a comeback with a knee strike. Injury scare for Drake. Garcia and Henry battle in the ring.

00:33 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

The Workhorsemen vs. Katsuyori Shibata and Daniel Garcia

Anthony Henry who was released by AEW returns on Collision. Nigel McGuinness namedrops Shinsuke Nakamure while mentioning the Three Musketeers (Shibata, Nakamura, Tanahashi)

00:30 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

The Undisputed Kingdom confronts Tony Khan and Roderick Strong says he was supposed to be No.1 contender at Forbidden Door against Swerve Strickland. Tony Khan announces a world title match for Dynamite between the two.

00:25 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Kyle O'Reilly cuts a promo ahead of the match against Will Ospreay. He vows to defeats Ospreay. KOR says he will not be overlooked anymore and promises to win the International Title.

00:23 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Lio Rush gets a two-count on Roderick Strong with a stunner. Matt Taven again tries to interfere. Towards the end, Strong counters Rush's splash and hits the End of Heartache for the win.

Roderick Strong wins

00:22 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Rush drops Strong on the mat and gets another nearfall. The other Undisputed Kingdom members distract Rush, but they get taken down. Strong takes down Rush.

00:20 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Lio Rush is struggling on the floor, but he recovers and drops Roderick Strong with a kick to the head. Rush getting some offense in and gets a two-count with a roll up.

00:18 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

Back in the ring, Strong regains the advantage after a backbreaker on Rush. He drops Rush with an Olympic slam and gets a two-count.

00:17 (GMT)2 JUN 2024

After some back-and-forth, Rush takes down Strong with a big dive to the outside.
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