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  • AEW Collision Live Results (October 21, 2023): CJ Perry's client defeated, Masked attacker appears, Bryan Danielson attacked, Former WWE stars return

AEW Collision Live Results (October 21, 2023): CJ Perry's client defeated, Masked attacker appears, Bryan Danielson attacked, Former WWE stars return

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 22, 2023 02:06 GMT

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02:06 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

That's it from us for the latest edition of AEW Collision. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda Wrestling for all the latest updates from the world of AEW and WWE. See you during AEW Dynamite next.

02:01 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Claudio Castagnoli hits the Giant Swing on Ricky Starks to end the proceedings on Collision.

01:59 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

HOB lay out Bryan Danielson and FTR as well. However, Jon Moxley makes his return and chases the heels away. FTR connects with the Big Rig on Starks in the ring.

01:57 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

After a back-and-forth, House of Black appear out of nowhere and attack Blackpool Combat Club. Ricky Starks takes advantage and hits the Roshambo on Yuta for the win.

Ricky Starks and Big Bill retain

01:55 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Castagnoli hits the Giant Swing on Ricky Starks. Yuta hits a dropkick on Starks for a two-count.

01:54 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Yuta avoids a Roshambo, but Big Bill slams him on the mat. Yuta kicks Starks and tags in Claudio Castagnoli. The Swiss star gets a two-count after a running lariat.

01:52 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

At one point, Claudio Castagnoli lifts up Big Bill. Wheeler Yuta is tagged in and he unloads on Bill. Ricky Starks distracts Yuta and Bill drops him for a two-count.

01:50 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Claudio connects with a running uppercut for another two-count. Big Bill is tagged in and he gets a two-count after a big boot.

01:49 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Claudio Castgnoli gets a two-count shortly after. Wheeler Yuta takes out Big Bill. Claudio hits an avalanche superplex on Starks and gets a two-count.

01:47 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Claudio hits a single ax-handle and a dropkick for a two-count. Ricky Starks avoids a Giant Swing. Castagnoli connects with uppercuts on Bill and Starks.

01:45 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Wheeler Yuta finally tags in Claudio. The Swiss star hammers on Starks with lariats in the corner.

01:44 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Bill is dumped out of the ring. Ricky Starks distracts and attacks Claudio Castagnoli. Big Bill hits a Big Bossman slam for a two-count on Yuta.

01:42 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Yuta looks to make a comeback, but Starks stops him. Big Bill is tagged in. He hits an elbow drop and gets a two-count.

01:41 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Big Bill is dominating Wheeler Yuta and Ricky Starks encourages him on the mic. Starks is tagged in and he climbs up the ropes and hits a jumping strike.

01:38 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Yuta looks to fight back, but Bill stops him with one chop. Big Bill launches Yuta onto the barricades and tags in Ricky Starks.

01:37 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Ricky Starks and Big Bill (c) vs. Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta - AEW World Tag Team Championship Match

Ricky Starks and Wheeler Yuta start the match. After a back-and-forth, Big Bill is tagged in. He overpowers Yuta and hits some vicious strikes.

01:31 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Jim Ross is here for the Collision main event.

01:26 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Malakai Black appears and the lights go out again. This time House of Black appear and the trio decimate FTR.

01:25 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

FTR vs. Bad Thad Brown and Darien Bengston

Bad Thad Brown looks to get the best of Cash Wheeler. The match doesn't go anywhere and the lights go out.

01:22 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Eddie Kingston slams Jay Lethal for aligning with Jeff Jarrett and Sonjay Dutt in a backstage promo. He tells Lethal to come alone in their fight.

01:21 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

We see another vignette of LFI's return.

01:16 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Soho says he deserves to be a champion and puts Hikaru Shida on notice ahead of their title match.

01:16 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

The former JAS appear in a backstage segment and say they are on the same page. Ruby Soho comes in and she has an exchange with Cool Hand Ang.

01:13 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Action Andretti hits a springboard 450 splash for a two-count. After a back-and-forth, Miro applies the Game Over for the win.

Miro wins

01:12 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Action Andretti looks for a crossbody, but Miro catches him and slams him on the mat. Andretti escapes the Game Over and gets a near fall. Action hits a spinning DDT and a shotgun dropkick.

01:11 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Action Andretti hits an enziguiri and unloads on Miro with right hands, but the former WWE star stops him. Action sensd Miro crashing to the outside and hits a tope suicida.

01:09 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Inside the ring, Miro continues his attack before Action hits some knee strikes and a pump kick. Miro takes Andretti down with an axe-handle and he applies a submission move.

01:07 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Miro clobbers Action Andretti with some lariats and throws him headfirst on the turnbuckles. Miro slams Action on the steel steps and barricades.

01:05 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Action Andretti vs. Miro

Miro catches Action Andretti and unloads on the latter in the corner. Miro looks to throw Andretti, but he lands on his feet. Action gets in some offense, but Miro stops the momentum.

01:00 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn are in a backstage segment. Max Caster tries to impress Lexy Nair, but fails. The trios champions say the former JAS cannot defeat them.

00:55 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

The heels quadruple-team Eddie Kingsto in the end and Jeff Jarrett finally picks up the win on Collision.

Jeff Jarrett wins

00:54 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Eddie continues his assault on Sonjay Dutt. After a bit chaoes involving everyone, Eddie strikes Satnam Singh with the guitar, but Jarrett hits the Stroke for a two-count.

00:52 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Eddie Kingston almost passes out, but gets up. Lethal looks to attack Kingston, but the latter rolls out of the way. The Mad King chops down Lethal and Jarrett.

00:51 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Jeff Jarrett continues his assault with trash cans and lead pipes. He targets Eddie's knees with different weapons. Jeff Jarrett applies the Figure-4 leg lock in the middle of the ring.

00:48 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Eddie Kingston is busted open. Jeff Jarrett and co. continue their assault on Eddie Kingston with trash cans and all. Eddie looks to make his comeback, but Jeff low blows Eddie and drops him on a table.

00:46 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

The two stars battle in the concession stand and Eddie Kingston sprays Jeff Jarrett with mustard. Karen Jarrett attacks Eddie on the eyes and Jay Lethal drops Kingston through a table.

00:43 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Jeff Jarrett vs. Eddie Kingston - Memphis Street Fight

Jeff Jarrett looks to get the upperhand on Eddie Kingston, but the latter stops the heels. Jarrett and Sonjay Dutt outnumber Kingston with weapons in the street fight.

00:40 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

We see Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander getting ready for their title matches at Battle of the Belts.

00:40 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Post-match, The Gunns and Jay White celebrated and we see The Devil appear in the titantron. White and The Gunns are scared.

00:38 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

The Gunns vs. The Outrunners

Colten Gunn unloads on one of the Outrunners (Turbo Floyd) in the initial stages of the match. Austin Gunn is tagged in and The Gunns quickly hit the 3:10 to Yuma on Turbo to pick up the win.

The Gunns win

00:30 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Blue hits a running powerbomb and follows up with the Code Blue for the win.

Skye Blue wins

00:29 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Skye Blue vs. Hollyhood Haley

Skye Blue has the early advantage and she unloads with strikes in the middle of the ring. Haley comes back with back fists and open-handed strikes.

00:25 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Post-match, Danielson and Andrade show respect. The lights go out and Malakai Black puts down Danielson with a Black Mass. BCC members rush down the ring, but Black escapes in the darkness.

00:24 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Towards the end, the two stars exchange roll-ups and Bryan Danielson finally manages to get the better of Andrade El Idolo.

Bryan Danielson wins 

00:23 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

After a back-and-forth, Danielson stomps on Andrade before the latter applies a Figure-4 and bridging to a Figure-8. The BCC member manages to break the hold.

00:20 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Andrade hits a double-legged stomp and follows up with running knees in the corner for a two-count.

00:20 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Bryan Danielson makes his comeback with kicks on Andrade's chest, but the latter retaliates with dragon screws. Danielson applies the Labelle Lock, but El Idolo reaches the ropes.

00:17 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Andrade sends Danielson to the outside with a springboard dropkick and follows up with a moonsault. He then hits a split-legged moonsault for a two-count.

00:16 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

The American Dragon continues his assault on Andrade El Idolo's shoulder. El Idolo and Danielson exchange vicious chops before the latter comes in with kicks. Andrade with a flying elbow and both men are down.

00:12 (GMT)22 OCT 2023

Nigel McGuinness takes a shot at Bryan Danielson by calling him half of a man compared to Zach Gowen. The action spills to the outside and Danielson hits a Busaikuu Knee to get the upperhand.
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