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AEW Dynamite Holiday Bash Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from All Elite Wrestling Dynamite (23rd December 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 24, 2020 06:25 GMT

What will happen on AEW Dynamite's special edition episode?


05:38 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

Quick Match Results

Chris Jericho and MJF defeated Top Flight
Jurassic Express defeated The Dark Order
PAC defeated The Butcher
Dustin Rhodes defeated Evil Uno
Hikaru Shida defeated Alex Gracia
The Young Bucks defeated The Acclaimed to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championship

05:35 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

Well, that does it for AEW Dynamite. This was a fun show, albeit a slightly inconsequential one. But that is understandable, considering Christmas is around the corner. The upcoming 2-part New Year's Smash will be huge, with several big matches spread across the two episodes of Dynamite. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for them, as well as the final episodes of SmackDown and RAW in 2020. The results will be posted shortly.

05:32 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

05:32 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

05:31 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

05:31 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

05:31 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

Nick power bombs Bowens through a table outside the ring, while the Bucks hit the BTE Trigger on Caster. Matt pins Caster for the victory.

RESULT: The Young Bucks defeat The Acclaimed to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championship

05:30 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

Nick hits a Superkick Bowens, but another one connects with the referee. Caster low-blows him and smashes him with a boombox. A new referee enters, but it is only a two-count. The Bucks recover from this.

05:27 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

Nick goes to the top rope to try and finish Bowens off, but Caster pulls his leg. He hits a superplex on Nick, before executing a suplex and crossbody combo for a very close near-fall.

05:26 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

Matt hits a couple of Northern Lights suplexes and locks in the Sharpshooter on Bowens. Nick pulls Caster to the outside and locks in his own Sharpshooter. Bowens finds the bottom rope, but is subject to a devastating Doomsday Device.

05:24 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

Anthony Bowens and Max Caster continue to dominate Nick Jackson, but Matt Jackson enters the match. He hits a series of kicks and DDTs on both members of The Acclaimed.

05:20 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

05:20 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

05:19 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

Nick hits a facebuster, but his attempt at the Swanton is stopped by Bowens, who puts his knees up.

05:18 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

The Acclaimed weather the storm and corner Matt, but Nick tags himself in. He hits a crossbody on Bowens.

05:17 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

Nick is whipped into the barricade but jumps over it, before Matt hits Caster with a spear on the outside. This is followed by a splash and moonsault combo.

05:16 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

Matt Jackson and Max Caster kick things off. Matt catches Caster with a dropkick, before he and Nick execute a number of solid tag team maneuvers. They hit a double baseball slide.

05:14 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

05:14 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

The Acclaimed rap to the ring for their main event Tag Team Title match with The Young Bucks.

Now: The Young Bucks vs. The Acclaimed for the AEW World Championship

05:11 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

05:10 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

05:10 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

05:10 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

05:09 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

Shida takes a kendo stick and tries to further attack Abadon, but she recovers and leaves the Champion laying. Abadon seals her attack with a bite.

05:07 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

Shida hits a backbreaker and a Falcon's Arrow to win the match.

RESULT: Hikaru Shida defeats Alex Gracia

05:06 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

Shida hits a delayed vertical suplex and hits a big knee strike on Gracia, whose head is hanging on the apron. Abadon comes out and distracts Shida, who attacks her challenger. This nearly costs her the match.

05:05 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

Gracia nearly catches Shida with an inside cradle. She hits the AEW Women's Champion with a running boot in the corner for a two-count.

05:04 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

Shida starts off strong, with strikes in the corner. She hits Gracia with a dropkick.

05:03 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

Hikaru Shida is assaulted by Abadon before her match, but she makes her way out.

Now: Hikaru Shida vs. Alex Gracia

05:02 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

Shawn Spears says he has more talent than 95% of the roster and that he is taking leave and will return at his will.

05:01 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

05:00 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

05:00 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

Evil Uno attempts to recruit Dustin Rhodes one last time, who rejects the offer again. Stu Grayson beats him down, before QT Marshall evens the odds. Lee Johnson takes Uno and Grayson out to help Dustin and QT stand tall.

04:57 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

Dustin mounts a comeback, hitting Evil Uno with a boot and then a running Bulldog. He gets the victory.

RESULT: Dustin Rhodes defeats Evil Uno

04:56 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

Evil Uno hits Dustin with a Piledriver for a very close near-fall. That looked like three!

04:52 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

04:52 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

Dustin stomps a mudhole on Evil Uno, but is stopped by a big boot and a Senton. He kicks out at two.

04:51 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

Dustin goes for a powerslam, but Evil Uno has it scouted. The Dark Order member is on the attack, but Dustin doesn't allow an extended beatdown.

04:49 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

Dustin goes straight for Evil Uno. He starts the match on top.

04:49 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

Now: Evil Uno vs. Dustin Rhodes

04:45 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

04:44 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

Tony Schiavone is with Miro, Kip Sabian, and Penelope Ford for the reveal of Sabian and Ford's wedding date. The Best Friends' music hits, but it's a fakeout. Instead, Trent is being taken in an ambulance with Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy looking on.

The wedding is scheduled for February 3rd, at AEW Beach Break.

04:40 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

PAC and Lance Archer have a staredown in the ring. The two of them want to face Eddie Kingston.

04:39 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

04:39 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

04:39 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

PAC goes to the top rope for the Black Arrow, but a distraction causes Butcher to gain the upper hand again. He hits a high cross for a very close two-count. He is taking his sweet time with PAC, which causes Eddie Kingston to leave the commentary table. Lance Archer comes out and stops him, while PAC recovers and hits the Black Arrow for the victory.

RESULT: PAC defeats The Butcher

04:36 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

PAC tries to chop The Butcher down with some hard kicks. He lands a Superkick, followed by a Shotgun Dropkick.

04:32 (GMT)24 DEC 2020

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