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AEW Dynamite Live Results (26th October): Jon Moxley defends world title against current champion, former WWE Superstar battles controversial star, Major No.1 contender's match

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 27, 2022 02:21 GMT

Welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of AEW Dynamite!


02:21 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

02:07 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

Thanks for joining our live coverage of AEW Dynamite. We'll see you Friday night for WWE SmackDown!

02:03 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

02:03 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

02:01 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

W. Morrissey has MJF with him at ringside. He powerbombs MJF through the timekeeper's table. Wha a brutal way to end the show!

01:58 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

MJF comes out and he tells The Firm to back off. He shouts at Stokely for disobeying him but Ethan Page lays out MJF with a boot. The Firm is attacking MJF!

01:56 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

The Firm attacks Jon Moxley after the match. Mox is outnumbered and being destroyed. The Firm take out the security also. The Blackpool Combat Club are locked in their dressing room backstage.

01:56 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

Penta comes within seconds of becoming world champion after hitting the Fear Factor but Mox kicks out at the last possible second. Mox then hits the Paradigm Shift for the win.

Jon Moxley def. Penta

01:53 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

Penta went for a Canadian Destroyer on the steel steps at ringside but Moxley saves himself by blocking it. Mox then hits a DDT right onto the steel steps and Penta looks to be in trouble. Mox hits the King Kong Lariat in the middle of the ring but can't put the challenger away.

01:50 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

Penta is in control of the match at this point. He takes Mox down with a slingblade for a 2-count. He goes for the Package Piledriver but can't hit it. Mox hits a cutter and follows it up with a nasty looking piledriver....2-count!

01:47 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

The match spills out to ringside. Penta tries to set up the steel steps in the corner but Moxley stops him. Penta kicks Moxley in the back of the leg before sending him face-first into the steel steps repeatedly. 

01:45 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

Jon Moxley (C) vs Penta [for the AEW World Championship]

Things get heated as soon as the match starts. Both men push each other before locking up. Penta gets into Moxley's face and the champ isn't impressed. Penta catches him with a superkick and follows it up with a dive over the top ropes.

01:43 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

01:42 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

Jon Moxley puts his title on the line next against Penta.

01:33 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

It's official! Wardlow will defend his TNT title against Matt Taven on Rampage.

01:33 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

Renee Paquette is backstage with Eddie Kingston. Eddie says he's great but he wants to talk about Mox's match against Pentagon. He thinks Mox has enough to beat Penta. He adds that he wants everone else to leave him alone.

01:31 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

Riho comes close to rolling up Hayter for the three-count. Hayter hits back with a nasty ripcord lariat and Riho is out. Hayter covers her for the win.

Jamie Hayter def. Riho

01:30 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

Riho looks a little dazed but she hits a hurricanrana off the top rope and takes Hayter down. Rebel grabs Riho by the foot can't stop her. The former AEW Women's Champion hits Hayter with a Cide Red. She goes for the foot stomp off the top rope but Hayter hits her with a backbreaker.

01:24 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

As we head into a commercial break, Hayter is in total control of this match. Hayter drives Riho's face into the turnbuckle with her boot. Riho tries to hit back but Hayter just tosses her out of the ting.

01:22 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

Riho vs Jamie Hayter

Former AEW Women's Champion Riho is in action next against Jamie Hayter. Hayter shows off her strength advantage early on, planting Riho in the middle of the ring. Riho hits back with a leg scissors but Baker then grabs her leg from ringside. She didn't even try to hide that from the ref.

01:14 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

Renee is backsage with and Alex Abrahantes. Alex predicts that Penta will beat Moxley later tonight for the world title. Christian Cage interferes and says that Luchasarus will be going after the All Alantic Championship and sends Fenix a warning to stay away. Orange Cassidy randomly walks up and accepts the challenge.

01:13 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

Bryan Danielson hits back with the Busaiko Knee, taking Guevara down. He might be out. Danielson then unloaded on Sammy with a series of kicks before locking in a Triangle Choke while laying in elbow strikes. Sammy is out and the ref calls for the bell.

Bryan Danielson def. Sammy Guevara

01:11 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

Bryan Danielson locks in the Labelle Lock on Guevara but Sammy manages to roll over to the bottom rope to break the hold. Danielson heads to the top rope but Guevara meets him there and his a Spanish Fly.

01:08 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

Bryan Danielson has had enough. He explodes with a brutal series of shots to Sammy Guevara before taking him down. Guevara charges at Danielson who sends him crashing out of the ring. He follows it up with a top suicida as the fans explode.

01:03 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

Danielson grabs Guevara's arms and goes to kick his head in. However, Guevara rolls out of the ring. Guevara then wipes out Danielson with a knee strike. With Danielson out and the referee distracted, Tay Melo caught Danielson with a boot to the face.

01:01 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

Danielson hits back and locks in a Romero Special. Sammy hits back, laying in a series of strikes but Danielson just absorbs it all and lays out Guevara with a shot across the face. Danielson then takes down Guevara with a nasty uppercut.

00:58 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

Bryan Danielson vs Sammy Guevara

This is the first ever match between these two men. Sammy starts strong with a knee strike to Danielson. Guevara is in control early on and hits a springboard cutter.

00:55 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

00:55 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

00:53 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

Stokeley Hathaway interrupts and MJF is not happy. MJF says he wants Moxley at a 100% at Full Gear so there are no excuses from their side. He threatens to fire Stokeley if he or his boys lay a hand on Moxley.

00:51 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

MJF calls Regal a "flea infested elderly rat" and hits out at Regal for what he says last week. MJF promises that at AEW Full Gear, he won't use his Dynamite Diamond Ring, because he doesn't need it. MJF says that on November 19th, he won't just be fighting Moxley, he will be fighting everyone who's ever doubted him.

00:50 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

00:49 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

MJF is out next for an interview with Renee Paquette. Renee tells MJF that he will face Jon Moxley at Full Gear if Moxley retains the title against Penta. MJF then proceeds to brutally mock Jon Moxley in front of Renee.

00:44 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

Renee Paquette is backstage with Sa ya. Britt Baker walks in and immediately starts arguing with Saraya. The segment is strangely short and doesn't lead to much.

00:43 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

Swerve hits Dax Harwood with a lowblow from behind. The Gunn's hold Wheeler at ringside as Keith Lee hits the Big Bang Catastrophe to Dax Harwood for the win.

Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland def. FTR

00:42 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

Dax Harwood hits Keith Lee with a superplex. Wheeler follows it up with a Frogg Splash to Lee but it still can't put the big man away. FTR go for the Big Rig but Swerve takes Wheeler out. Wheeler comes back in and takes out Swerve. FTR hit the Big Rig for a nearfall.

00:39 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

Dax Harwood hits Swerve with a sitout powerbomb. Lee hits back with a headbutt on Wheeler and gets a nearfall off the cover.

00:38 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

Dax Harwood lights up Swerve with chops across the torso. FTR are all over Swerve at this point. He trades chops with Swerve. Swerve manages to tag Keith Lee in. Lee and Swerve take out Wheeler. Swerve and Lee hit Wheeler with a powerbomb combo but it only manages a nearfall.

00:35 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

00:34 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

Cash Wheeler just can't get the tag out. Swerve and Lee are in control at this point, trading tags and working Wheeler over. Wheeler comes close to tagging Harwood in but Lee overpowers him. Swerve tags in but Wheeler takes him down and tags his partner in.

00:32 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

Swerve tags himself back in and is all over Cash Wheeler in the corner. He hits a back elbow off the middle rope and tags Keith Lee back in.

00:30 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

Dax Harwood is all over Swerve but he manages to tag out. Keith Lee looks a little peeved as he tags in. Wheeler tags in and FTR go for a Big Rig which Keith Lee blocks. Keith Lee explodes and takes out both Wheeler and Harwood as we head to a commercial break.

00:29 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

FTR vs Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland

Cash Wheeler and Swerve start the match. They wrestle to the mat and Cash locks in a side headlock. Swerve reverses it and acrobatically avoids Wheeler before taking him down. Wheeler wrenches his arm and takes him down before tagging in Dax.

00:27 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

The Acclaim come out with steel chairs and sit down in the entrance ramp for a closer view.

00:26 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

We have a HUGE #1 tag-team contender's match next as FTR take on Keith Lee and Swerve to see who will get a shot at The Acclaimed.

00:24 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

We're backstage with the JAS. Chris Jericho blames Claudio Castagnoli for bringing the bat into the ring earlier on in the night. Guevara then promises to beat Bryan Danielson tonight.

00:21 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

00:19 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

Bryan Danielson is backstage with Renee Paquette. He says he's frustrated for a number of reasons ahead of his match against Sammy Guevara. He added that he was also frustrated because of how Wheeler Yuta spoke to him backstage last week. As Bryan is talking, Wheeler Yuta walks up and things got heated. Claudio comes and tries to calm things down.

00:17 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

Meanwhile in the ring, Jericho grabs a baseball bat. Cesaro stops him in his tracks and hits a Giant Swing with Garcia still on his shoulders. Claudio takes out Hager at ringside followed by Minard and Parker. Back in the ring, Castagnoli hits a Neutralizer and that's enough to pin Jericho. A huge win for the Blackpool Combat Club.

Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta def. Chris Jericho and Daniel Garcia

00:15 (GMT)27 OCT 2022

Castagnoli finally manages to tag himself out. Yuta heads to the top rope and catches Jericho with a elbow drop. He follows it up with a spinning DDT to Jericho. Garcia tries to come in but Yuta sends him crashing out of the ring and hits a tope suicida.
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