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AEW Dynamite Live Results (2nd November, 2022): Jon Moxley in high-stakes match with top faction member, Mystery star challenges former WWE Superstar, Major return on the cards?

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 03, 2022 02:00 GMT

Check out all the action from AEW Dynamite


02:00 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

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02:00 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Powerhouse Hobbs ambushes Wardlow from behind and takes him out. Hobbs has his eyes sent on TNT title gold!

01:59 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

The Gates of Agony are out immediately and attack Joe. Wardlow is out to even the odds and The Embassy back off.

01:59 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Joe locks the Coquina Clutch in out of nowhere and Brian Cage has no choice, he's forces to tap out.

Samoa Joe def. Brian Cage

01:58 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

01:58 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Cage is in total control. He takes out Joe with a discus lariat for a nearfall.

01:57 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Brian Cage takes flight and leaps over top rope, wiping Joe out at ringside. It has been all Cage for the last few minutes. Joe hits back with a series of rights followed by a Manhattan Drop and a senton. Samoa Joe then hits a powerslam hoes for a powerbomb. Cage blocks it and hits a rising knee strike. Cage hits an elbow drop from the top rope but only a nearfall.

01:54 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Samoa Joe tries to hit back with a boot to the jaw but Cage brushes it off and hits a lariat in the corner. Cage then has a sleeper hold locked in.

01:52 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Brian Cage hits a German Suplex followed by a series of legdrops. Cage follows up with elbow strikes in the middle of the ring, clubbing Joe across the side of the head. Cage then locks in a chokehold.

01:51 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Samoa Joe (C) vs Brian Cage [for the ROH World Championship]

This one's a hoss fight from the start. Neither man is holding anything back here. Both men hit each other with their best shots and it's a back and forth during the early moments.

01:38 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Jade Cargill vs Marina Shafir

A dominant performance from the champion again. Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero came out during the match to try and distract the champ. Marina only got a few shots in here. Jade made short work of her opponent, hitting the Jaded for the win.

Jade Cargill def. Marina Shafir

01:33 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Rick Ross and Swerve are backstage with Tony Schiavone. Ross says he's a big fan of Swerve and wants him to reach the top. Keith Lee turns up and accuses Swerve of cheating last week. Rick Ross asks Keith Lee to focus on going to the top. Swerve wants an eight-man tag team match next week. 

01:29 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

PAC is down at ringside and wants Fenix to use the bell hammer on Orange Cassidy to steal the win. Fenix wants none of it. He turns around and Orange Cassidy tries to roll him up for a nearfall. Orange Cassidy then hits the Orange Punch and that's enough for the win.

Orange Cassidy wins

PAC isn't happy and he attacks Orange Cassidy from behind. PAC is about to attack Cassidy but Katsuyori Shibata's music hits and he isn't alone! It's Shibata and he has Best Friends and Rocky Romero with him.

01:27 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Luchasaurus is about to chokeslam Orange Cassidy on the stage but it's Jungle Boy! Jungle Boy takes Luchasaurus out with a steel chair before hitting a crossbody through a table.

01:26 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Orange Cassidy and Fenix go for a double tope suicida on Luchasaurus but it barely had any effect. Lunchasaurus sends Orange Cassidy crashing into the steel steps before sending Fenix crashing through the timekeeper's table.

01:25 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Luchasaurus is dominating this match. Fenix and Orange Cassidy are both being dominated at this stage and Christian Cage couldn't be happier from the commentary desk. Orange Cassidy hits Luchasautus with a Stundog and Fenix follows it up with a superkick. OC then hits an Orange Punch and takes Luchasaurus out.

01:22 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Orange Cassidy (C) vs Luchasaurus vs PAC

Orange Cassidy has put the All Atlantic title on the line again on Dynamite this week. The laziest man in pro wrestling gets chopped and thrown around bu Luchasaurus. Christian Cage is so confident he heads up the ramp and joins commentary.

01:11 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Chris Jericho and the JAS grab hold of commentator Ian Riccobani. Jericho's about to unload on him when Claudio Castagnoli and Bryan Danielson rush out and intervene. Wheeler Yuta isn't far behind. Security has to come out and break things up.

01:08 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Colt Cabana rolls Jericho up in the Victory Roll but only gets a 2-count. Inside cralde follows for a second nearfall. Jericho pokes Cabana in the eye and goes for the Judas Effect but Cabana ducks. He locks in the Billy Goat's Curse but can get the submission. Cabana goes for the Superman pinning combination but Jake Hager breaks up the hold. Jericho then hits a Codebreaker for the win.

Chris Jericho def. Colt Cabana

01:06 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Back in the ring, Chris Jericho is dominating the match. Jericho and Cabana trade strikes. Cabana continues to go on the attack and heads to the top rope. Jericho had it scouted and Cabana crashes and burns.

01:02 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Cabana follows Jericho to ringside and both men exchange strikes. Back in the ring, Cabana oes for the Chicago Skyline on the turnbuckle but something went wrong. Jericho and Cabana go tumbling and crash out to ringside.

01:01 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Chris Jericho (C) vs Colt Cabana [for the ROH World Championship]

Colt Cabana takes Jericho down early with a shoulder-takedown. He follows it up with a boot across the midsection followed a leapfrog and a roll-up. Cabana is on fire early on.

00:59 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Jericho's opponent turns out to be none other than Colt Cabana, the man who famously used to be CM Punk's best friend.

00:56 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Chris Jericho will defend the ROH world title next against a mystery opponent.

00:55 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

00:53 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

William Morrissey attacks Billy Gunn from behind as Gunn Club lay out Caster and Bowens. FTR then come out to chase the heels away. FTR then pick up the title belts and hand them back to The Acclaimed.

00:51 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

As a last present, Anthony Bowens revealed a certificate of adoption for Daddy Ass to take in Bowens and Caster. Billy Gunn goes to sign it but Colten and Austin Gunn interrupt.

00:50 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Max Caster heads out to ringside a huge pair of scissors and hands it to Billy Gunn. The Acclaimed then grabbed another present they had for Billy Gunn, a trophy that says "World's Greatest Daddy".

00:46 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Billy Gunn is still suffering from the after-effects of the brutal beatdown on AEW Rampage. His hands are still bandaged up. Bowens takes the mic and slams Swerve for the attack last week, lamenting that Daddy Ass can't scissor anymore with his injured hands. Gift #1 for Daddy Ass are their new scissor fingers.

00:44 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

It's a special birthday celebration for Daddy Ass Billy Gunn on AEW Dynamite!

00:40 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Renee Paquette is backstage with Saraya. Saraya slams on Britt Baker for not bothering to show up for the interview. Renee asks Saraya about her condition and if she can compete inside the ring. Saraya says she needs to consult one more doctor and will give an update next week.

00:38 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Moriarty and Moxley trade right hands. Moxley is clearly getting the better of the exchange and follows it up with a German Suplex before going for an armbar. Moriarty reverses it into the Border City Stretch. Moxley breaks free and locks in an armbar. That's enough for the win.

Jon Moxley def. Lee Moriarty

00:35 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Moxley follows it up with a cutter for a nearfall. Moriarty looks to be in a spot of bother. The champ is in complete control now.

00:34 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Ground and pound from Moriarty before he starts to drive the heel of his boot into Moxley's face. Moxley turns it around and now it's his turn.

00:32 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Back in the ring, Lee Moriarty is working over the champion's arm. Moxley hits back with right hands and goes to roll Moriarty over. Moriarty hits a PK. Mox hits back with a release suplex. 

00:30 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

The match spills out to ringside. Moriarty looks to be in control and Stokely trash talks the champ at ringside. Moxley hits back with a chop before sending Moxley shoulder-first into the steel steps.

00:29 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Jon Moxley vs Lee Moriarty

It's The Firm's Lee Moriarty versus AEW World Champion Jon Moxley next up on Dynamite. Moxley dominates the opening moments of the match. Moriarty hits back with a series of elbows but Mox is soon back to smashing Moriarty with elbow strikes.

00:26 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

00:26 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

AEW showed a brief but cryptic video that may be teasing the return of The Elite.

00:24 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

00:20 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

00:18 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

00:18 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Jeff Jarrett takes a mic and cuts a promo about his family's history in professional wrestling. Jarrett also promises to make his mark on All Elite Wrestling.

00:16 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Sting's music hits and everyone is staring at the entrance ramp. Someone with a guitar sneaks up on Darby Allin from behind and smashes him across the head. It's Double J! Jeff Jarrett! He smashes Darby with the guitar.

00:15 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

The man under the mask turns out to be Cole Karter from The Factory.

00:14 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Someone dressed as Sting comes out and rolls Darby Allin back in the ring. Lethal hits the Lethal Injection and that's enough to put Darby away.

Jay Lethal def. Darby Allin

00:12 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Darby Allin tries to hit a tope suicida to Satnam Singh at ringside. Allin hits Singh and just crumples onto the mat. He couldn't even more Singh an inch.

00:10 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Darby hits back with a Coffin Splash off the middle rope. Lethal regroups and heads to the top rope. He goes foe the King's Elbow but Allin rolls him up in a Crucifix for a 2-count.

00:06 (GMT)3 NOV 2022

Darby Allin vs Jay Lethal

Darby Allin and Jay Lethal kick off the show. Darby Allin has his midsection taped up and that will be a big target for Lethal. Lethal is dominating the match early. He hits a German Suplex out at ringside before sending Darby face-first into the steel steps.

19:07 (GMT)2 NOV 2022

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