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AEW Dynamite Live Results (3rd August, 2022): Chris Jericho vs Wheeler Yuta

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 04, 2022 07:35 IST

Who will challenge Jon Moxley for the Interim AEW World Championship?


07:35 (IST)4 AUG 2022

07:33 (IST)4 AUG 2022

07:33 (IST)4 AUG 2022

07:30 (IST)4 AUG 2022

Yuta catches Jericho in the Seatbelt, but it's not able to keep Jericho down. Jericho sinks in the Liontamer and forces the submission. 

Chris Jericho defeats Wheeler Yuta via submission. 

Jericho refuses to break the hold, leading to Jon Moxley making the save. Jericho bails as soon as Mox enters the ring, and grabs a microphone. He tells Moxley that he unleashed the demon. Moxley wants Lionheart Chris Jericho, and that's what he's getting at Quake at the Lake. He promises to stretch Moxley and walk out AEW World Champion. 

07:27 (IST)4 AUG 2022

07:27 (IST)4 AUG 2022

Despite his best efforts, Yuta finds himself stuck in the Walls of Jericho in the middle of the ring. Yuta crawls to the ropes and sends Jericho over the top. He hits a suicide dive. And another! A third one connects, and Jericho is almost out on his feet! A high-angle crossbody off the top earns him a two-count. 

Jericho counters a lariat, turning Yuta upside down for a double underhook backbreaker. Though Yuta counters the Lionsault, Jericho catches him coming off the top with the Codebreaker. 1-2-no! Yuta just barely kicks out!

07:23 (IST)4 AUG 2022

Jericho hammers the head of Wheeler Yuta with his elbow, leaving the 25-year-old champion in a daze. Yuta manages to catch Jericho with a manhattan drop and follows with a step-up kick. Jericho cannot avoid a flying clothesline from across the ring, and Yuta hits a kip-up as the crowd erupts in cheers!

07:21 (IST)4 AUG 2022

07:20 (IST)4 AUG 2022

07:19 (IST)4 AUG 2022

It doesn't take long for referee Aubrey Edwards to toss out the JAS. Claudio Castagnoli voluntarily joins them, leaving Wheeler Yuta by himself with Jericho. Yuta is firing off on the first-ever AEW World Champion. However, Jericho cuts off his offense when he bounces off the ropes, crotching Yuta on the top turnbuckle. 

07:17 (IST)4 AUG 2022

Chris Jericho is accompanied to the ring by The JAS. Though Wheeler Yuta originally came down to the ring by himself, he's soon joined by ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli. 

07:07 (IST)4 AUG 2022

07:07 (IST)4 AUG 2022

07:07 (IST)4 AUG 2022

07:05 (IST)4 AUG 2022

Austin Gunn and Anthony Bowens are on top of the dumpster, and the latter is tossed off onto several steel cans. Colten Gunn hits Colt .45 on Bowens after tossing Caster onto some plating by the ramp. Colten lays Bowens on a table, and Austin climbs onto the entrance tunnel. Bowens escapes the table and lays out Colten. 

As far as Austin, Max Caster chases him up top and tosses him into the dumpster. Colten's placed on the table for a mic drop from Caster. It connects, and The Acclaimed is able to put all of The Gunn Club in the dumpster! 

The Acclaimed defeat The Gunn Club. 

07:00 (IST)4 AUG 2022

07:00 (IST)4 AUG 2022

06:59 (IST)4 AUG 2022

The second Caster is done, the Gunn Club attack the Acclaimed. They nearly win it in the opening moments when they toss Caster and Bowens in the trash. However, the Acclaimed stop it from closing and begin to fire off on their former friends. 

06:56 (IST)4 AUG 2022

Caster makes cracks about Vince McMahon retiring and Joe Biden testing positive for Covid before the Acclaimed call their opponents "Trash Boys." 

06:55 (IST)4 AUG 2022

The Gunn Club come out for their dumpster match with The Acclaimed. Bowens attacks Billy Gunn, and the Acclaimed lay out the rest of the Gunn Club before Max Caster starts his rap. 

06:52 (IST)4 AUG 2022

06:52 (IST)4 AUG 2022

Ethan Page is in the ring, demanding to know why he's not on TV every week. He deserves better and should be a top ten seller on AEWShop. Every week Ethan Page isn't on TV, this company is leaving money on the table. In the middle of his rant, he's met by Stokely Hathaway. Hathaway offers Page a card, and All Ego accepts.

06:46 (IST)4 AUG 2022

06:46 (IST)4 AUG 2022

06:45 (IST)4 AUG 2022

Christian tosses two chairs into the ring, hoping to hit the conchairto. He's caught off-guard by the music of Luchasaurus. However, it's a trap! While Cage is distracted by Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy rushes into the ring. He nearly takes Cage's head off with a chair, forcing Cage to escape through the crowd. 

06:43 (IST)4 AUG 2022

A side effect in the ring doesn't give Hardy the win, so he drives Christian into the apron with another side effect. Hardy goes for the table and lays Christian across it, going for another elbow drop. This time Christian dodges, and Hardy falls right through the wood. With that, Christian finishes the match with the Killswitch. 

Christian Cage defeats Matt Hardy via pinfall. 

06:41 (IST)4 AUG 2022

06:41 (IST)4 AUG 2022

After a superplex and a back-body drop, Hardy is back in the match-up. He hits the diving elbow drop on the back of the neck and sets up for the Twist of Fate. Christian counters and rocks Hardy with the pendulum kick. Still, another back-body drop leaves Christian in a bad way, and this time Hardy's diving elbow catches Christian right in the middle of the chest. 

Christian kicks out and lures Hardy into the ropes for a whiplash, going right to the top for a diving headbutt and a near fall. 

06:39 (IST)4 AUG 2022

06:39 (IST)4 AUG 2022

06:37 (IST)4 AUG 2022

Christian turns the tide after sending Hardy into the steel steps. Back inside the ring, a neckbreaker drops Hardy, and Christian chokes him out in the ropes with his foot. 

06:35 (IST)4 AUG 2022

06:34 (IST)4 AUG 2022

Matt Hardy is laying into Christian Cage, pelting the multi-time world champion with a series of rights. Hardy bounces Christian's face off each turnbuckle, following with a pop-up sit-out powerbomb. Cage kicks out just in time and quickly rolls to the floor.

06:33 (IST)4 AUG 2022

06:32 (IST)4 AUG 2022

Christian Cage avoided Jungle Boy's vehicle earlier today, but he won't be able to avoid Matt Hardy. One of his long-time rivals, Hardy has stood up for Jungle Boy over the past few months, leading to the reigniting of this feud.

06:29 (IST)4 AUG 2022

Next Wednesday at Quake by the Lake, Brody King will face Darby Allin in a Coffin Match. Allin warns Brody that this is a match he asked for, so he can only blame himself when the last thing he sees is Darby's hand as it closes the lid. 

06:25 (IST)4 AUG 2022

06:24 (IST)4 AUG 2022

Powerhouse Hobbs runs across the ring as the bell rings, flattening Ren Jones in the corner. He picks Jones up over his shoulder for a stampede into the corner and an Oklahoma Slam. A short-arm clothesline takes the head off of Jones, and Hobbs finishes the match by kneeling over his opponent's chest. 

Powerhouse Hobbs defeats Ren Jones via pinfall. 

The second the bell rings, Ricky Starks rushes the ring. The former FTW Champion catches Hobbs with a series of punches, but the official tries to pull him off. Thanks to that, Hobbs catches him with a disgusting spinebuster. 

06:22 (IST)4 AUG 2022

After last week, Taz says that Team Taz is officially done. He probably didn't have to say that considering the way Hobbs turned on Ricky Starks last week, but a little closure is nice. Speaking of Hobbs, he's up next!

06:21 (IST)4 AUG 2022

06:20 (IST)4 AUG 2022

06:20 (IST)4 AUG 2022

06:20 (IST)4 AUG 2022

06:19 (IST)4 AUG 2022

Hayter is finally able to pick up a win with another lariat to Storm. After a hard-hitting war between these two teams, Hayter is the one to earn a hard-fought victory. 

Jamie Hayter and Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. defeat ThunderStorm via pinfall. 

06:17 (IST)4 AUG 2022

Baker counters a Fire Thunder Driver, planting the champ with another Air Raid Crash. Hayter cracks Storm with a uranage backbreaker, and all four competitors are left down on the mat struggling to get to their feet.

06:16 (IST)4 AUG 2022

After a distraction by Rebel, Baker takes Toni Storm off the top with an avalanche Air Raid Crash. A decapitating lariat by Hayter turns Storm inside out, and Baker follows with a Curb Stomp. Thunder Rosa breaks up Hayter's pin with a missile dropkick to the back of the head!

06:14 (IST)4 AUG 2022

Baker and Hayter have the champ in their corner, working Thunder Rosa over and leaving Toni Storm what feels like miles away. Hayter loses control when she goes for a clothesline, though, allowing Thunder to finally get to Storm. 

A high-angle crossbody takes out Hayter, and a tornado DDT spikes Baker on the floor. Storm hits another crossbody before going for an Alabama Slam for a two-count. Hayter blocks a double team suplex from ThunderStorm, overpowering them both and taking them over for a double suplex of her own. 

06:10 (IST)4 AUG 2022

06:10 (IST)4 AUG 2022

06:10 (IST)4 AUG 2022

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