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  • AEW Dynamite Live Results (April 24, 2024): Tony Khan brutally attacked, former champion rehired, major debut, Jon Moxley retains

AEW Dynamite Live Results (April 24, 2024): Tony Khan brutally attacked, former champion rehired, major debut, Jon Moxley retains

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 25, 2024 02:02 GMT

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02:02 (GMT)25 APR 2024

However, it was a ruse and The Elite attack Khan with The Bucks laying out the AEW President with the TK Driver. The Elite look very happy with their work.

The officials check in on Khan and the AEW roster plus Shahid Khan come to check in on Tony as the show goes off air.

01:58 (GMT)25 APR 2024

The two embrace in the ring, but Perry has a sneaky smile. He then attacks Tony Khan. The Elite come and stops Perry. The Bucks tease hitting the EVP Trigger, but Kazuchika Okada stops them.

01:56 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Perry says he and Khan has had up-and-downs, but he has always wanted the best for AEW. Jack Perry wants Tony Khan to shake his hand and reinstate him back to AEW.

01:54 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Tony Schiavone is in the ring and he introduces Jack Perry. Perry says he has had some of his best nights in Jacksonville. But he has business with Tony Khan tonight.

01:52 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Katsuyori Shibata is in a backstage segment. He is not fond of Chris Jericho calling him collateral damage before challenging The Ocho to a FTW Rules match next week. It will be for the FTW Championship.

01:50 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Post-match, we see Konosuke Takeshita appearing on the ramp and he seemingly teases a match with Jon Moxley. Moxley walks away after his win.

01:48 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Towards the end of the match, Moxley applies a Bulldog Choke on Hobbs and the latter eventually passes out.

Jon Moxley retains

01:47 (GMT)25 APR 2024

After some brief action, Moxley hits a dive. Hobbs' knee seems to be troubling him. Jon Moxley unloads on Powerhouse Hobbs in the corner and drops Hobbs with the Paradigm Shift for a two-count.

01:45 (GMT)25 APR 2024

However, Hobbs connects with a haymaker and drops Moxley on the mat. The champion hits some chops. Moxley looks for a cutter, but Hobbs dodges it.

01:44 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Hobbs is in total control of the match and he suplexes Moxley on the floor. Back in the ring, Hobbs kicks Mox, but the latter is not fazed.

01:42 (GMT)25 APR 2024

The two stars are battling in the crowd and Hobbs unloads on the Blackpool Combat Club member. Powerhouse Hobbs smashes Jon Moxley on the apron and tosses him on the floor.

01:39 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Moxley hits a German suplex, but Hobbs gets up immediately. He then drops Mox before the action spills to the outside. Hobbs misses a big boot on the barricade and Mox takes advanatage with a big boot of his own.

01:38 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Jon Moxley (c) vs. Powerhouse Hobbs - IWGP World Title Match

Jon Moxley launches some kicks on Powerhouse Hobbs early on. Hobbs turns things around with some kicks and elbow strikes. He whips Moxley, but the two get into a slugfest.

01:36 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Jon Moxley comes out for his IWGP World Title defense against Powerhouse Hobbs in the main event.

01:33 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Will Ospreay, Don Callis and Kyle Fletcher are in a backstage segment. Callis wants Ospreay to use the Tiger Driver and break Roderick Strong's neck, if needed, to win the International Title. Ospreay is hesitant to do so after what happened to Bryan Danielson.

Callis walks off to be with Powerhouse Hobbs as Kyle Fletcher apologises to Will Ospreay for Callis' words.

01:30 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Bill calls Jericho "the Socrates of wrestling" for advising stars backstage. He then says he is the fit to learn from Jericho. The Ocho says he will keep a track of Bill in the coming weeks.

01:28 (GMT)25 APR 2024

The Ocho brings up the match at Dynasty and says Hook forced him to use the bat because he didn't stay down. Big Bill confronts Chris Jericho, but says he needs the guidance from The Learning Tree.

01:26 (GMT)25 APR 2024

"The Learning Tree" Chris Jericho is out for his segment. Jericho seems extremely happy that he is the FTW Champion. He recalls Terry Funk's words about helping younger stars before focusing on Hook.

01:21 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Post-match, The Undisputed Kingdom come out and Roderick Strong has a confrontation with Will Ospreay ahead of their match at Double or Nothing.

01:19 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Towards the end of the match, after multiple big moves, Will Ospreay connects with the Hidden Blade on Komander for the win.

Will Ospreay wins

01:18 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Lethal his the Lethal Combination on Ospreay. He takes Penta out, but Jay White hits a sleeper suplex on Lethal. Multiple stars come in and battle in the ring.

01:16 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Komander is the next man in the match and he puts Lance Archer through a table. Will Ospreay gets a two-count on Jay White with a Liger Bomb. He looks for the Hidden Blade, but Jay Lethal comes out as the next man.

01:14 (GMT)25 APR 2024

The action is currently at ringside and Archer is in total control. Will Ospreay tries to stop Archer, but gets taken down. Archer choke slams White on the apron.

01:11 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Archer powers out and throws Ospreay on top of the other men in the ringside area. He then brings out a table and places it near the barricades.

01:10 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Will Ospreay and Jay White have a staredown before The Switchblade hits a chop on Ospreay. Lance Archer is the next man in the match. He unloads on everyone before KOR applies a guillotine.

01:09 (GMT)25 APR 2024

The four men battle in the ring before Will Ospreay joins the match. He clashes against KOR and hits a springboard forearm. Ospreay takes Martin and Penta out with kicks.

01:07 (GMT)25 APR 2024

New look for KOR

01:06 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Penta hits a chop on Jay White and one for Dante Martin as well. After some back-and-forth, Kyle O'Reilly enters the match. KOR has a new look.

01:03 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Penta takes White and Martin down with sling blades. Penta drives down Martin and thrust kicks White. He then hits a destroyer on Martin, launching off White.

01:02 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Casino Gauntlet Match

Jay White and Dante Martin start the match. The two stars have a back-and-forth before things spill to the outside. Martin is dumped on the floor before Penta enters as the third man.

00:59 (GMT)25 APR 2024

We see Jack Perry coming out of Tony Khan's office and he doesn't answer anything to Alex Marvez when asked if he rehired. Kazuchika Okada and Nicholas Jackson does the same.

Matthew Jackson says Tony Khan will meet Jack Perry in the ring tonight.

00:56 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Willow and Mone then speak about The CEO getting injured during their last match. Mone says Willow can't beat her. As she is walking away, Statlander tries to stop Mone, but she slaps Willow instead.

00:55 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Mercedes Mone then asks Willow Nightingale if she attacked her, which Willow rejected. Even Kris Statlander rejected being the attacker. Stokely says everyone knows it was Julia Hart.

00:54 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Willow says this is like the 4th time Mone has interrupted her. After some verbal back-and-forth, Mone says she will dethrone Willow at Double or Nothing.

00:52 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Stokely says while he didn't like Willow initially, he is proud of her title win. Willow recalls being in the crowd in 2020 and becoming All Elite in 2022. Mercedes Mone comes out.

00:49 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Stokely Hathaway and Kris Statlander are in the ring. Hathaway says he was very happy with Willow Nightingale's win. Statlander hypes up Willow before introducing her.

00:47 (GMT)25 APR 2024


00:46 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Serena Deeb makes an appearance and sits near the AEW Women's World Title, seemingly teasing a challenge in the future.

00:46 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Post-match, Mariah May enters the ring with champagne to celebrate, but Anna Jay ruins things with an attack. Toni Storm comes out and chases Jay away before looking after May.

00:43 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Towards the end of the match, Mina Shirakawa counters the QueenSlayer and stacks up Anna Jay for the pinfall win.

Mina Shirakawa wins

00:42 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Shirakawa hits a dragon screw and locks in the figure-four, but Anna reaches the ropes. Mina Shirakawa hits a missile dropkick and gets another two-count.

00:41 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Mina Shirakawa hits a back fist and connects with a high-flying knee for a two-count. Anna Jay counters by planting Shirakawa on the mat and gets a two-count.

00:40 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Anna chokes Shirakawa and follows up with a full nelson. The Japanese star blocks it and looks to get out. Shirakawa lands a big strike and after some back-and-forth, she hits a rolling elbow strike.

00:38 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Anna slams Shirakawa on the turnbuckles before stomping on her opponent. Anna hits a snap suplex and gets a two-count.

00:36 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Anna Jay rakes Mina Shirakawa's eyes and hits a neckbreaker on the ropes before getting a two-count.

00:36 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Shirakawa hits an enziguiri and gets a pinfall attempt. She hits a leg sweep and continues her attack on Anna's knee. Shirakawa applies a figure-four leg lock.

00:35 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Mina Shirakawa vs. Anna Jay

The two stars evade one another before Anna Jay kicks Mina Shirakawa. The latter targets Anna's knees and drops her on the mat.

00:33 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Mina Shirakawa makes her in-ring debut next. She faces Anna Jay.

00:30 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Thunder Rosa is in a backstage segment. She speaks about her loss at Dynasty and Deonna Purrazzo getting involved. Purrazzo confronts her and we have a mini-brawl before officials separate the two.

00:28 (GMT)25 APR 2024

Kenny Omega returns next week
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