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  • AEW Dynamite Live Results (February 8, 2023): Bryan Danielson wrestles former world champion, Huge title change!

AEW Dynamite Live Results (February 8, 2023): Bryan Danielson wrestles former world champion, Huge title change!

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedFeb 09, 2023 02:58 GMT

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02:58 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

Max Caster hits the Mic Drop but the referee is down. Caster drags the ref into the ring. Colten Gunn smashes Bowens with a belt shot! He smashes him! Austin rolls him UP! 1-2-3! We have new champions!

Gunn Club def. The Acclaimed

02:57 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

The ref is down! Austin Gunn takes the title belt and is going to hit Bowens with it! No! Billy Gunn comes out. For a second it looks like he's turning on The Acclaimed. Colten Gunn wipes his own father out with a belt shot!

02:55 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

A flurry of offense from Anthony Bowens. He's all over Austin and Colten Gunn. A cover on Austin Gunn but it gets broken up. Caster is back in the ring now. Bowens takes out Austin Gunn. Colten takes out Bowens. Max Caster and Colten Gunn then take each other out. All four men are down. Bowens knocks out the referee!

02:53 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

The Gunns finally take back control of the match. Colten Gunn and Max Caster go back and forth. Austin tags in and great double team work by The Gunns. Austin eats a jawbreaker. He charges at Caster but crashes over the top rope. Caster finally tags out. Bowens takes down both Gunns.

02:49 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

The Acclaimed (C) vs Gunn Club [for the AEW Tag-Team Championships]

A strong start by The Acclaimed. They dominated the opening stages of the match and clear the ring. The fans then erupt as Bowens and Caster scisor in the middle of the ring.

02:47 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

It's time for our main event! It will be The Acclaimed defending the tag titles against Gunn Club. Billy Gunn has decided to stay backstage for this match.

02:47 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

02:42 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

Stokely Hathaway is backstage with Lexi Nair. He blames HOOK for everything going wrong with Ethan Page and Matt Hardy. HOOK walks up from behind and Stokely immediately changes his tune. HOOK almost hooks him by the arm but decides to let him go before walking away.

02:40 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

The Bucks and Omega nail AR Fox with a triple team piledriver. The cover gets broken up at the last second. Nick Jackson heads to the top rope and wipes out top rope with a moonsault. Omega goes for a V-Trigger but AR Fox rolls him up. Omega hits back with a Gutwrench Powerbomb. He follows it up with a V-Trigger. Omega goes for a One Winged Angel but AR Fox rolls him up. Nearfall. Omega finally manages to roll up AR Fox and keep him down for the three-count.

The Elite def. Top Flight and AR Fox

02:37 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

AR Fox nails Nick Jackson with a 450 Splash. Kenny Omega breaks it up at the last second.

02:37 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

Dante Martin takes down Nick Jackson and gets a nearfall as Matt Jackson breaks up the cover. AR Fox bounces off the top rope and takes down Kenny Omega, Nakazawa and Brandon Cutler.

02:35 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

AR Fox is looking great here. He's going back and forth with Kenny Omega. Modified Spanish Fly by AR Fox. Kenny goes crashing down. Both men tag out. Dante Martin and Nick Jackson go back and forth. Matt Jackson tags in. Dante Marton vaults over Nick Jackson and takes him down with a hurricanrana. Jackson hits back with a series of Northern Lights suplexes.

02:33 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

Nick Jackson comes in and seems to have landed on Darius Martin's knee. AR Fox nails Nick Jackson with a senton. He then hits Kenny Omega with a cutter. The Bucks go after AR Fox. Fox takes both down.

02:31 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

Kenny Omega and Matt Jackson have Darius Martin isolated. Darius looks to be in a spot of bother as he tries to make it back to his feet.

02:30 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

The Elite have taken control of the match. Darius Martin is isolated in their corner. Matt Jackson tries a couple of pin attempts but no luck. Darius rolls Matt Jackson up for a 2-count.

02:27 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

The Elite (C) vs Top Flight and AR Fox [for the AEW Trios Championships]

Dante Martin and Nick Jackson start things off. Dante Martin is all over Nick Jackson early and he tags in AR Fox. The challengers isolate Nick Jackson in their corner briefly. Darius and Nick Jackson are the legal men. The Young Bucks take him down with combination offense. They follow it with a double dropkick to Dante. Kenny then comes in and takes out AR Fox.

02:24 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

TITLE MATCH UP NEXT: The Elite will defend against Top Flight and AR Fox.

02:18 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

MJF looks angry. He walks down to the ring and takes out Danielson, locking in the Salt of The Earth armbar on Danielson. Security are trying to stop MJF.

02:16 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

Rush and Danielson are trading strikes again. Rush looks stunned because Danielson won't go down. Danielson eats a German Suplex and nails Rush with another Busaiko Knee. Danielson pins Rush! What a match!

Bryan Danielson def. Rush

02:14 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

Rush goes to hits the Bull's Horns but Danielson catches him with the Busaiko Knee! RUSH KICKS OUT! What a match!

02:13 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

Bryan Danielson is losing a lot of blood here but he's somehow managed to take back control of the match. Rush and Danielson trade chops again. Nasty. Rush lays into Danielson with some nasty strikes. Danielson turns it around. Danielson then hits a flying boot in the corner, followed by a second, he goes for a third.... but Rush takes him down. Rush hits a straightjacket piledriver! Danielson kicks out!

02:08 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

Rush is completely dominating Bryan Danielson during the commercial break. Rush has looked like a million bucks today.

02:06 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

Danielson and Rush are teeing off on each other now. Both men exchange strikes on the apron. Danielson charges at El Toro Blanco but gets caught in a suplex and tossed off the apron.

02:04 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

We head out to ringside. Rush is still in control of the match. He sends Danielson's head crashing into a steel chair and Danielson has been busted open. Rush with another chop and follows it up with a knee strike.

02:03 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

Bryan Danielson vs Rush

Rush is all over Danielson as this match starts. Even if MJF hasn't managed to stop Danielson from getting into the ring, Rush has made a fantastic start. Bryan and Rush exchange chops. Danielson starts to hit Rush with a series of headbutts. Rush hits back with a dropkick.

02:01 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

We cut to backstage and Danielson has managed to break free and rushes down to the ring.

02:00 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

Ahead of Byran Danielson's match against Rush, Danielson realizes hes locked inside his dressing room. Rush comes out for the match, as does MJF, who informs the referee that Danielson isn't there so needs to be counted out.

01:54 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

01:54 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

01:52 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

A masked fan suddenly shows up at ringside and nails Ricky Starks with a nasty elbow. That's probably Chris Jericho. Starks is rolled back into the ring and pinned! Jericho doesn't have to wrestle Starks tonight.

Daniel Garcia def. Ricky Starks

01:51 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

Starks counters Garcia into a Northern Lights Bomb. Nearfall! Starks is back on his feet first and goes for a Roshambo. Garcia grabs onto the top rope. Both men exchange strikes on the apron. Starks hits a Spear on the apron.

01:49 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

Daniel Garcia takes Starks down with a back body drop. Starks goes for a Spear but Garcia counters and locks in a front guillotine. Starks gets back on his feet and counters it into a powerbomb. Both men go down.

01:48 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

01:46 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

Ricky Starks vs Daniel Garcia (Gauntlet match)

The third man in the gauntlet is Daniel Garcia. Sammy Guevara decides to come down to the ring with Garcia. This match is a lot more even. Garcia takes control early but seems to get overconfident. Starks hits back with a series of strikes. Garcia hits a DDT before both men start slapping each other.

01:43 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

Ricky Starks vs Matt Minard (Gauntlet match)

Ricky Starks immediately rolls Minard up and pins him.

Ricky Starks def. Matt Minard

01:43 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

Ricky Starks vs Angelo Parker (Gauntlet match)

Parker with a suplex early on and he drives his heel quickly across Starks' face. Starks isn't down for long and cuts Parker down with a Spear and pins him.

Ricky Starks def. Angelo Parker

01:40 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

Ricky Starks will be in action next in a gauntlet match. If he survives the gauntlet, he gets a shot at Jericho.

01:39 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

Lexi Nair catches up with MJF backstage in his dressing room. MJF says he doesn't know if the fans hate him because he's twisted or if he's twisted because the fans hate him. MJF recalls a story back from high school. He says there was a girl back in long island who was perfect, and they got into an accident one day. He says their car crashed and after that, before the cops came, he switched seats with her. He says just like that, he will do anything to keep his title, because unlike Bryan Danielson, he was a scumbag and he was proud of it.

01:34 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

01:32 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

01:31 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

Toni Storm and Saraya are backstage for an interview with Renee Paquette. Saraya calls Leva Bates into the interview and Toni attacks her from behind. Saraya then sprays L onto her back.

01:29 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

Hayter and Bunny brawl on the apron. The champ sends Bunny back-first into the turnbuckle. Hayter then plants her face-first into the apron. Back in the ring, Hayter lands the Hayterade and picks up the win.

Jamie Hayter def. The Bunny

01:25 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

The action spills out to the outside as The Buny suplexes Hayter into the steel steps. Hayter hits Bunny with a shoulder charge into the barricade. Bunny digs her fingers into Hayter's eyes before sending her crashing into the steel steps.

01:24 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

Jamie Hayter vs The Bunny

Jamie Hayter immediately takes Bunny down with a headlock takedown. The Bunny hits back by choking the champion against the topes. Hayter shows off her power with a suplex to take back control.

01:22 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

AEW Women's Champion Jamie Hayter will be in action next against The Bunny. Britt Baker and Rebel have accompanied her down to ringside.

01:21 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

01:19 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

MJF isn't just a sore loser, he's also a sore winner. He takes out Takeshita with a shot by the Dynamite Diamond RIng. Bryan Danielson comes out to make the save. MJF scampers but Takeshita is busted open and needs medical attention.

01:17 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

Takeshita valiantly tries to reach the ropes but can't do it. MJF forces Takeshtia to tap out. Another W for the world champion.

MJF def. Takeshita

01:16 (GMT)9 FEB 2023

Takeshita is back on top and almost takes out MJF. He manages to get his foot on the rope to break the cover. Takeshita looks for a spingbord apron but misses. MJF now locks in the Salt of the Earth!
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