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AEW Dynamite Live Results (January 11, 2023): Huge title change, Adam Cole returns

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 12, 2023 03:09 GMT

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03:09 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

Thanks for joining us again for a fantastic episode of AEW Dynamite. We'll be back Friday night for WWE SmackDown!

03:04 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

03:04 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

03:04 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

03:03 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

03:02 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

Kenny Omega hits Fenix with a One Winged Angel off the ladder!! He takes PAC out. Kenny is the only man standing. He slowly climbs up the ladder and grabs the titles! The Elite are the new Trios Champions. What a match. What a main event.

The Elite def. Death Triangle

03:00 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

PAC start to climb the ladder. Matt Jackson climbs up but Penta and Fenix have a ladder set up on the ladder. PENTA with a Fear Factor on the ladder!!! Omega and Fenix brawl on top of the ladder!

02:59 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

Alex Abrahantes tries to get involved and gets into the ring. Brandon Cutler sprays him in the face and Kenny takes him out with a pump kick. PAC hits Kenny with the ring hammer and hits a Falcon Arrow on the floor.

02:58 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

The Bucks are back in together and dish out superkicks. Fenix jumps into the ring and Matt Jackson hits a triple Northern Lights suplex, the final one into a ladder. Penta is set up on a table at ringside and Nick Jackson takes him out with a 450 Splash off the top rope.

02:57 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

Omega has PAC on his shoulders but can't hit the One Winged Angel. PAC hits a reverse Hurricanrana. Penta and Fenix follow it up with an assited Fear Factor. Penta starts to climb the ladder but Matt Jackson stops him.

02:55 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

Just as I said that, Matt Jackson sends Penta spine-first into a ladder. Matt Jackson heads up to the top rope and Fenix hits him with a hurricanrana into the ladder. He went hamstring-first into the ladder. That looked NASTY!

02:54 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

Fenix has a ladder set up against Omega and Penta dives off the top rope and hits a dropkick into it. Fenix and Nick Jackson are now jostling over a ladder. Penta is trapped in the corner. Nick Jackson flies off the top rope and takes out Fenix. This match has been crazy so far.

02:52 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

There's already a ladder in place. Kenny dishes out Snap Dragon Suplexes to Penta and Fenix and he takes the ladder down again. PAC hits Omega with a dropkick but he hits back with a Snap Dragon. Omega then hits a dive over the top rope but no one's home and he goes through a table. Matt Jackson hits Fenix with a crossbody through another table.

02:48 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

Death Triangle (C) vs The Elite [for the AEW World Trios Championships]

The match starts at a furious pace. Penta looks for the Fear Factor early but is taken down. Penta and PAC then hit Matt Jackson with a double team move. They then smash a ladder into Omega and Fenix follows it up with a drive. Nick Jackson with a dropkick and a dive of his own.

02:45 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

Death Triangle are now making their way to the squared circle alongside Alex Abrahantes.

02:44 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

The Elite are making their way down to the ring accompanied by Don Callis, Michael Nakazawa and Brandon Cutler.

02:40 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

UP NEXT: It's The Elite versus Death Triangle in match 7 to see who leaves with the Trios titles.

02:39 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

Daniel Garcia responds that he's on the top of the world now. Sammy tries to hug him but Daniel Garcia is having none of it. Starks stars a JAShole chant and then tells Jericho to move over and wants to take to Jake Hager. He says Hager used to be a top colege athlete and after joining Jericho, he's become the village idiot. He wants to go one on one with Hager next week on Dynamite. The big man says he likes the hat before accepting the challenge.

02:37 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

Jericho tells Action Andretti to go back to the minor leagues. Andretti now takes shots at Daniel Garcia and Sammy Guevara. Sammy is losing it here. The JAS are holding him back as Jericho is trying to calm him down.

02:34 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

Jericho says Starks and Action Andretti have been dealt with. He says the Ricky Starks experiment has ben over but it may have been too soon. Starks' music hits and he has Andretti with him.

02:33 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

The Jericho Appreciation society are out next in matching jackets. Angelo Parker has the mic. He calls themselbes the saints of Los Angeles. Daddy Magic takes the mic. He says he loved it when Jake Hager powerbombed Ricky Starks last week, and I had to paraphrase here.

02:29 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

Hayter and Storm have their hands clasped and are trading strikes. Hayter used Shida's kendo stick and smashes Toni Storm with it. That's not what Shida wanted to do. Or was it? Hayter hits the Haytorade and picks up the win.

Jamie Hayter and Britt Baker def. Toni Storm and Saraya

02:27 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

Britt Baker is in total control of Toni Storm but she just can't get the three count. Storm is back up and hits Hayter with the Storm Zero. Britt breaks it up and gets a kick to the side of her head for her trouble.

02:23 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

Storm and Hayter are the legal competitors. They trade chops before Hayter takes Storm down. Hayter has her boot on Storm's throat before locking in a headlock. 

02:20 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

Britt tags in and pulls Storm out to the apron and nails a neckbreaker out to the floor.  On the other side of the ring, Saraya sends Hayter into the steel steps. Hikaru Shida has a kendo stick and walks down to ringside.

02:19 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

Saraya and Toni Storm taking vs Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter

Jamie Hayter and Toni Storm start things off here. The fans are chanting for Hayter. They lock up before Saraya tags in. Saraya works Hayter over before tagging Storm in. Hayer takes down both women with a double suplex.

02:17 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

UP NEXT: It's Saraya and Toni Storm taking on Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter

02:15 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

02:15 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

Dax Harwood says that FTR are taking a hiatus from AEW television.

02:13 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

Renee Paquette is backstage with NJPW star Juice Robinson. Robinson is also a former WWE NXT star. Juice says he's here to kick ass and take names. He lays down the challenge to TNT Champion Darby Allin.

02:12 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

Danielson locks in the Labelle Lock again and this time, he's forced Takeshita to tap out.

Bryan Danielson def. Konosuke Takeshita

02:11 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

Takeshita takes control with a series of German Suplexes. Danielson lands on his feet on the last one and takes out Takeshita with the running knees. The Japanese sensation kicks out AGAIN!

02:08 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

The match spills out to ringside where Takeshita plants Danielson with a brainbuster. He rolls Danielson back in the ring and goes for a Springboard senton. Danielson gets the knees up and locks in the Labelle Lock. Takeshita tries to crawl over to the ropes and somehow makes it.

02:05 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

02:05 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

Danielson and Takeshita are just trading chops and strikes now. The American Dragon brings out the low kicks before dumping Takeshita out at ringside. He follows it up with a tope suicida.

02:03 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

Takeshita eats a couple of running boots before busting out a Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. He continues to chop Danielson.

02:00 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

Danielson and Takeshita trade strikes and chops. Takeshita initially gets the better of the exchange and invites Danielson to come at him.

01:59 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

Konosuke Takeshita vs Bryan Danielson

Takeshita charges at Danielson immediately but Danileson sidesteps him and soon has a Romero Special locked in. He maneuvers the grip into the Dragon Sleeper but Takeshita manages to turn it around and has a sleeper of his own locked in. As we've said repeatedly, Takeshita is no slouch inside the ring. This gut can GO.

01:57 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

Bryan Danielson has heard enough and runs down to the ring. MJF literally leaves the ring and runs away to the back.

01:55 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

MJF then says there are celebrities in the house and points to Ken Jeong, saying that Ken's most successful movie was 20 years ago before taking shots at him for his show Dr. Ken getting cancelled. MJF then starts to take shots at Freddie Prinze Jr. who's also in attendance.

01:53 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

MJF then calls the fans a bunch of nerds. He says he's heard that people are saying he's afraid of Danielson and can't last an hour. He then asks the fans to ask the women they know how long MJF can actually last. MJF continues to rail the fans.

01:52 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

MJF isn't being respectful of Takeshita at all. He tells him he needs Takeshita to win tonight. Takeshita replies in Japanese and MJF says that he only speaks American. Takeshita replies in English, "Kiss my a**".

01:50 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

Takeshita comes out for the match but it's MJF who is out next.

01:46 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

After the break, it's the American Dragon Bryan Danielson taking on Konosuke Takeshita!

01:45 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

01:44 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

Orange Cassidy and Danhausen are backstage with Renee Paquette. They are joined by Golden Globe winner Paul Walter Hauser. He promises to show off the hardware on AEW Rampage on Friday night.

01:43 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

HOOK finally tags back in. He's al over Moriarty but Big Bill is in. They face off and it's definitely a size advantage for Big Bill. HOOK somehow hits Big Bill with a T-Bone suplex as the fans explode. Bill looks shocked. Jungle Boy is back in and locks in a snare trap on Moriarty. Bill tries to get back in but HOOK boots him back out to ringside.

Jungle Boy and HOOK def. Lee Moriarty and Big BIll

01:39 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

Lee Moriarty tags back in and takes Jungle Boy down with a PK. Only a two-count. Moriarty then locks in an armbar.

01:39 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

Big Bill continues to dominate Jungle Boy at ringside and gets into an altercation with actor Ken Jeong briefly. Jeong is clearly a Jungle Boy fan.

01:37 (GMT)12 JAN 2023

 Big Bill and Lee Moriarty vs HOOK and Jungle Boy 

Jungle Boy and Moriarty start things off. Perry lights up Moriarty with a chop and tags in HOOK. The babyfaces trade tags and try to isolate their smaller opponent and keep Big Bill out for as long as possible. Hathaway tries to grab Jungle Boy's foot. He goes for a dive on Stokely but Big Bill is in the way. HOOK takes out Big Bill with a dropkick. Bill now manages to tag in. He mocks the fans the takes down Jungle Boy with a right hand.
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