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AEW Dynamite Live Results (January 18, 2023): 2 huge title matches, Bryan Danielson wrestles former world champion

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 19, 2023 03:03 GMT

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03:03 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

03:02 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

Thanks for joining us tonight for our coverage of AEW Dynamite. There will now be a post-show tribute to Jay Briscoe which you can check out  on Honor Club. RIP Jay Briscoe.

03:02 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

03:00 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

KUSHIDA tries to lock the hoverboard lock in once again but  Darby stacks him up and manages to get the 3-count. KUSHIDA took him to the limit here!

Darby Allin def. KUSHIDA

02:57 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

02:57 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

Darby has a steel chair. He sits KUSHIDA down on it, gets back in the ring and to the top rope. Darby leaps off and KUSHIDA catches him in an armbar at ringside. He wrenches back on Darby's arm as the referee counts to 10.

02:55 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

KUSHIDA and Darby are brawling on the apron. Darby hits a leaping Stunner and both men crash out to the floor.

02:54 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

Both men are down again as this blockbuster main event continues. Darby still looks to be in a spot of bother and is favouring his arm. KUSHIDA sends him crashing out of the ring again.

02:51 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

Darby is favouring is left arm here and seems to be in a spot of bother. KUSHIDA hits a palm strike for a 2-count and goes for an armbar.

02:50 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

Darby Allin heads to the top rope and wipes out the LA Dojo guys who accompanied KUSHIDA to the ring. KUSHIDA takes advantage of Darby being distracted and sends him elbow first into the floor.

02:48 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

Darby Allin (C) vs KUSHIDA [for the TNT Championship]

Both men go back and forth as the match begins. KUSHIDA gets the first major shot in with a dropkick that sends Darby rolling out to ringside. He follows Darby outside but gets sent face-first into the barricade for his troubles.

02:45 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

02:37 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

02:37 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

UP NEXT: Darby Allin defends the TNT Championship against former WWE NXT star KUSHIDA.

02:34 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

Saraya is on the apron and Storm uses the distraction to roll up Willow Nightingale.

Toni Storm def. Willow

Saraya attacks Willow after the bell and Toni Storm joins her. Is Saraya a heel now? Ruby Soho runs out to stop her.

02:32 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

Toni Storm has a Full Nelson locked in but Willow powers out and forces Storm to break the hold. WIllow lands an elbow to the jaw and follows it up with  a lariat in the corner and then a kick across the chest.

02:30 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

Shida is back down to ringside with her kendo stick. Shida and Saraya don't look happy with each other. Willow beats the 10 count as this goes on and gets back into the ring.

02:29 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

Toni Storm vs Willow

Willow is dominating the opening stages of this match. She's all over Storm as the match begins and Storm looks a little surprised. She slaps Willow across the face and sends her crashing out to the ring with a hip attack.

02:26 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

Toni Storm is in action next, accompanied to the ring by Saraya. She will face Willow Nightingale.

02:25 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

Brian Cage is set to wrestle Bryan Danielson next week. He's with Renee Paquette backstage when MJF walks up. He offers Cage a thick stack of cash. He wants Brian Cage to break Danielson's arm next week and doesn't care if Cage wins or loses.

02:20 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

02:20 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

MJF appears on the screen after the match and sends a verbal warning to Bryan Danielson. 

02:17 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

More back and forth between Danielson and Bandido. Danielson then explodes off the ropes and takes out Bandido with the running knees! 1-2-3! Another huge win for Bryan Danielson and one step closer to a world title shot.

Bryan Danielson def. Bandido

02:15 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

Bandido charges at Danielson but is sent flying out of the ring. Danielson catches him with a dropkick through the ropes followed by a knee strike. Danielson now heads to the top rope but Bandido cuts him off. Both men brawl on the middle rope before Bandido hits a Fallaway Slam off the top rope. Bandido follows it up with the 21-plex but it's not enough to put Danielson away!

02:12 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

02:11 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

Bandido goes for a splash off the top rope but Danielson catches him in the Labelle Lock. Bandido tries to crawl over to the rope but Danielson has his arm wrenched now. Bandido ends up extending his leg and puts it on the bottom rope to break the hold.

02:10 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

Bandido launches Danielson into the air before bringing him down face-first into the mat. Both men stagger back up to their feet and exchange chops. Bandido follows it up with a stalling suplex to Danielson.

02:05 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

Bandido rolls Danielson back into the ring and goes for a spingboard. Danielson catches him with a nasty boot across the chest to take back control.

02:05 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

It's been back and forth between these two seasoned veterans. Bandido has Danielson a little rattled here but Danielson is keeping his cool as usual. Both men lock up once again. Danielson boots Bandido across the chest but is soon caught in a modified hip toss. Bandido briefly locks a submission hold, forcing Danielson to roll out. Bandido flies through the ropes and takes out Danielson as he catches his breath. Bandido runs back into the ring and leaps over the top rope, taking out Danielson again.

02:02 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

Bryan Danielson vs Bandido

The American Dragon is in action next as he strives to pick up another win in his quest to wrestle MJF. Danielson's opponent tonight is a seasoned veteran in his own right, Bandido. It's even as the match begins. Bandido soon turns the tables on Bryan by locking in a Romero Special. Danielson quickly escapes the hold and locks in the Romero Special himself.

01:57 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

Chris Jericho is backstage. He wants to face Action Andretti and Ricky Starks next week alongside Sammy Guevara. Daniel Garcia wants to be Jericho's partner next week and Sammy tells him if he wins his match on Rampage, he can take the spot. Sammy then says he has some new leather ring gear for Garcia and hands it to him.

01:53 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

Hager goes to powerbomb Starks through the table at ringside but he breaks free. He takes out Parker and Minard. Hager thinks he has Starks where he wants him but Starks dodges it and cuts Hager in half with a Spear and goes for the cover. 1-2-3!!!

Ricky Starks def. Jake Hager

01:49 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

Hager is dominating now. He definitely has the size and strength advantage here and he's using it. He boots Starks across the head before taking him down with a belly to belly. Parker and Minard have set up a table for him at ringside. Starks grabs onto Hager's boot but he shrugs it off. Starks turns it around with multiple right hands of his own.

01:46 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

Jake Hager vs Ricky Starks

It's all Jake Hager early on as he pummels Starks in the corner. Hager then puts on the hat but Starks catches him with a foot to the face. Starks and Hager brawl at ringside and Hager takes Starks out with a giant boot to the head.

01:41 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

Hangman Page is backstage with Renee. Page says he has finally kept his word by beating Jon Moxley after being put to sleep in their first encounter. Page says he knocked Mox out cold during their match and if he has any further comments, to tell him to his face.

01:40 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

The Acclaimed come out and Caster destroys the Ass Boys with his rap. The Acclaimed then confront The Gunns inside the ring. Billy Gunn pulls his sons off The Acclaimed. He then takes a mic and says he's tired of his sons whining. He also wants The Acclaimed to act like the Tag-Team Championships. He says they will enter family therapy next week.

01:37 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

The Gunn boys are out next. The fans are booing them even before they have a chance to say anything. Austin Gunn takes a mic and calls out The Acclaimed for embarrassing them on national TV. He says The Gunns made The Acclaimed popular and even gave them their dad.

01:31 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

Back in the ring, The Young Bucks go for the BTE Trigger but Darius Martin ducks. He then rolls up Matt Jackson and manages to pin him! That could be the biggest win of Top Flight's career.

Top Flight def. Young Bucks

01:30 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

The Young Bucks pay tribute to the late Jay Briscoe and his brother Mark by hitting their trademark Doomsday Device.  Dante Martin sends The Bucks crashing out of the ring and goes for a dive. The Bucks catch him with a double superkick.

01:29 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

Nick Jackson comes in off the apron and hits a Canadian Destroyer to Darius Martin. He kicks out at the last second.

01:28 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

01:28 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

Dante Martin finally manages to tag out! He hits Matt Jackson with a Spanish Fly and follows up with a series of rights. Nick tags in and nearly beheads Darius with a superkick. Dante Martin takes out Nick Jackson. The Bucks go for a double team move but Nick is taken out. Dante then wipes Nick Jackson out with a dive. Top Flight then hit the Nose DIve-Powerbomb combo for a nearfall.

01:24 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

Matt Jackson takes Darius down with a clothesline as he was about to hit a dive out to ringside. Matt lays into Dante Martin with right hands before isolating him in his team's corner. Nick Jackson now tags in and things get nasty between Nick and Darius Martin. Matt now tags in and they go back to work over Dante Martin. He acrobatically leaps out of the way before coming seconds from making the tag.

01:21 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

Top Flight vs Young Bucks

Top Flight aren't holding back here. Dante Martin takes down Nick Jackson wth a roundhouse kick and tags in his brother. Matt now comes in as the legal man and gets taken out. Top Flight follow it up with a double team move to Nick again as he charges in.

01:18 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

01:17 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

01:15 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

Satnam Singh is livid and tries to get involved but Dutt stops him as he grabs Trent and Chuck by the throat. Jarrett then gets in the ring with his guitar but Dutt cuts him off too.

01:14 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

We get footage from ringside where Jarrett is livid after Chuck Taylor throws popcorn on him. Dutt and the referee then argue as Jarrett tries to pass his guitar to Lethal. Danhausen grabs it to stop him. As Lethal gets back in the ring, Cassidy hits him with an Orange Punch and pins him.

Orange Cassidy def. Jay Lethal

01:12 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

Lethal wants to hits some top rope offense but Orange Cassidy rolls out of the way repeatedly. He then explodes and repeatedly sends Lethal head-first into the top turnbuckle. Orange is now on the top rope but Lethal catches him on the way down and follows it up with a Lethal Injection but Cassidy rolls otu of the ring.

01:09 (GMT)19 JAN 2023

Orange Cassidy (C) vs Jay Lethal [for the AEW All Atlantic Championship]

Jay Lethal starts the match on top. We now see Danhausen at ringside checking Sonjay Dutt and co's tickets. We also see Chuck and Trent getting front row seats. Lethal is a little distracted as Orange Cassidy wipes him out with a top suicida. Lethal soon takes back control of the situation and sends Cassidy face-first into the ring post.
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