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AEW Dynamite Live Results (March 1, 2023): The Elite attacked, Suspended star returns

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 02, 2023 03:03 GMT

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03:03 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

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03:02 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

The American Dragon fires off a heartfelt promo about almost retiring, fighting off The Authority and all his hardships. He even mentions MJF's fiancee leaving him.

Brayn Danielson sends a warning to MJF to end the go-home edition of AEW Dynamite.

02:59 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

Bryan Danielson and MJF segment

Bryan Danielson comes out for an interview with Renee Paquette. Danielson brings up the fact about retiring seven years ago before MJF interrupts him.

02:49 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

We have the final two teams in the battle royale. The Butcher and The Blade look to eliminate Cassidy but he hangs on. Danhausen come in and eliminate to pick up the victory.

Result: Danhausen and Orange Cassidy win

02:46 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

Orange Cassidy and Danhausen enter next. They eliminate Jericho Appreciation Society. The Kingdon and Aussie Open are also eliminated in quick succession.

02:44 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

Rush and Preston Vance are the next team to be eliminated by Top Flight. They are eliminated by Aussie Open.

Top Flight eliminated

02:42 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

Varsity Athletes come out of nowhere and attack The Lucha Brothers. Rush eliminates Penta and Rey Fenix is also out of the match.

Lucha Brothers eliminated

02:40 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

The Kingdom are the next team to enter. They fight against Top Flight before being taken out by Aussie Open.

02:39 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

Top Flight enter the match next. They almost eliminate Claudio Castagnoli, but he hangs on. Daddy Magic is eliminated.

02:38 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

Jericho Appreciation Society are the next to enter the match. No other team has been eliminated.

02:36 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

Aussie Open target Dark Order. They are the first team to be eliminated from the match.

Dark Order eliminated

02:33 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

The Lucha Brothers are up next and they unload on all their opponents. Aussie Open are next team to enter the bout.

02:31 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

Casino Tag Team Battle Royale on AEW Dynamite

Blackpool Combat Club attack Dark Order even the match even starts. As the two factions struggle against each other, Rush and Preston Vance join in on the action.

02:26 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

Towards the end of the match, Storm hit a hip attack for a two-count. However, a slight distraction from Baker allows Riho to pick up the win.

Result: Riho win

Post-match, Britt Baker and Toni Storm brawl at ringside. Saraya and Jamie Hayter square off in the middle of the ring before Tuby Soho comes to fight both her opponents.

02:21 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

Jamie Hayer and Britt Baker come out to take care of Saraya at ringside. After a back-and-forth between the two stars, Riho takes down Storm with a crossbody drop.

02:16 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

Riho hits a snap suplex to get a two-count. She has Storm locked in a cross-face submission, but the former WWE star reaches the ropes. She then hits a hip attack to get the upper hand.

02:14 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

Toni Storm vs. Riho on AEW Dynamite

Toni Storm starts with the early offense and dominate Riho.

02:12 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

We have a singles match between Toni Storm and Riho up next.

02:08 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

Hardy looks to finish off Hook, however, the champion retaliates with a RedRum to pick up the submission victory.

Result: Hook retain

02:07 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

Hardy sits a Side Effect for a two-count. Both men are down on the mat and Ethan Page hits Hook with a cast. Hardy almost gets the three-count.

02:05 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

The action spills to the outside and Ethan Page runs a distraction. Hardy is in control at this point.

02:03 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

Hook (c) vs. Matt Hardy - FTW Championship

Both men square off in the middle of the ring. Matt Hardy takes the champion down with a shoulder tackle. 

02:02 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

We head to a FTW Championship match next.

02:02 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

A vignette plays showcasing the history between Christian Cage and Jungle Boy. Cage walks away after watching the video without saying anything.

02:01 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

Christian Cage then challenges Jungle Boy to a no rules match at Revolution. Cage says he understands if he doesn't accept the challenge as he is talentless like his father and just has "Hollywood good looks."

01:58 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

Cage then takes a shot at Jungle Boy and the younger generation for taking the business like a video game.  

01:57 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

Christian Cage segment on AEW Dynamite

Captain Charisma says he has been following Jungle Boy's matches and will not allow his former protege to win a single championship this year.

01:55 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

Christian Cage walks down to the ramp for an interview.

01:51 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

Ricky Starks comes out to make the save, but Jericho Appreciation Society members appear out of nowhere to attack The Absolute. 

01:50 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

That proves to be a mistake as Jericho recovers and hit a Codebreaker to pick up the win. Post-match, he attacks Avalon with a baseball bat.

Result: Chris Jericho win

01:49 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

Chris Jericho vs. Peter Avalon on AEW Dynamite

Peter Avalon starts off with the quick offense and he takes out Jericho with a tope suicida. Avalon gets a few two-counts on Jericho before celebrating in the middle of the ring.

01:47 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

We have a singles match between Chris Jericho and Peter Avalon next. The Ocho comes out first, followed by Avalon.

01:46 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

Post-match, a brawl ensues after Wardlow comes out to confront Samoa Joe and Powerhouse Hobbs.

01:45 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

Towards the end of the match, Sammy Guevara takes out Action Andretti with a Swanton Bomb on top of a ladder at ringside. Inside the ring, Takeshita tries to climb the ladder, but Hobbs stops him.

Powerhouse Hobbs then climbs up the ladder and unhooks the prize suspended above the ring to pick up the win.

Result: Powerhouse Hobbs win

01:37 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

Kommander hits a Shooting Star Press on AR Fox and tries to climb up the ladder, but Konosuke Takesita stops him by hitting a Blue Thunder Bomb. JAS member come out to help Guevara.

01:32 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

Kommander takes out all his rivals at ringside. Sammy Guevara and Action Andretti try to place the ladders but without much success. Guevara places two ladder before Kommander stops him.

01:28 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

Face of the Revolution Ladder Match

An all-out brawl ensued between all eight, with Powerhouse Hobbs having the early advantage.

01:26 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

We have the Face of the Revolution Ladder match next.

01:22 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

TNT Champion Samoa Joe comes out next for commentary.

01:22 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

The Elite are out next. Or are they? The lights go out as House of Black lay out the AEW Trios Champions before lifting the titles to end the segment.

01:17 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

Orange Cassidy takes Big Bill and Stokely Hathway out with a suicide dive on the outside. He then hits an Orange Punch to make his comeback. Towards the end of the match, Cassidy hit another Orange Punch to retain his title on Dynamite.

Result: Orange Cassidy retain

01:15 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

Danhausen tries to curse Stokely Hathaway, but Big Bill stops him. He tries to attack Danhausen, however, Hathaway takes him out instead.

01:12 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

Big Bill spikes Orange Cassidy through a table placed at the ringside area and is in total control. Officials come in to check on Cassidy. Danhausen comes out to nullify Stokely Hathaway.

01:07 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Big Bill - All-Atlantic Championship Match

Orange Cassidy avoids Big Bill in the early going before Big Bill finally takes him a with sideslam. He then follows it up with a big boot to send Cassidy on the outside.

01:02 (GMT)2 MAR 2023

Welcome to our live coverage of AEW Dynamite. We kick off with an All-Atlantic Championship Match. Orange Cassidy walks out first, followed by Big Bill.

20:30 (GMT)1 MAR 2023

20:29 (GMT)1 MAR 2023

20:29 (GMT)1 MAR 2023

20:29 (GMT)1 MAR 2023

20:28 (GMT)1 MAR 2023

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