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  • AEW Dynamite Live Results (May 24, 2023): Tony Khan's big announcement, 3 title matches, former WWE stars' contract signing

AEW Dynamite Live Results (May 24, 2023): Tony Khan's big announcement, 3 title matches, former WWE stars' contract signing

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 25, 2023 07:31 IST

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07:31 (IST)25 MAY 2023

The Young Bucks stand with the crowd as Jon Moxley's music hits. Uncertainty on their faces. Bryan Danielson is seen disciplining Wheeler Yuta. What a go-home show. We'll see you this weekend for Double or Nothing. 

Until then, thank you and good night!

07:30 (IST)25 MAY 2023

An infuriated Jon Moxley takes the mic and tells The Young Bucks to laugh and smile while they still can. At Double or Nothing, Moxley vows to plaster them on the pavement of Las Vegas. He says that their Anarchy in the Arena match will be the most violent match in AEW history

07:29 (IST)25 MAY 2023

07:29 (IST)25 MAY 2023

The Young Bucks escape while the rest of the BCC come out

07:28 (IST)25 MAY 2023

The Young Bucks enter from under the ring and hold Claudio back, while the duo of Fenix and Penta finish Wheeler Yuta for the pin!

Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero (c) def. Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta to retain the ROH Tag Team Titles

07:27 (IST)25 MAY 2023

07:27 (IST)25 MAY 2023

Wheeler Yuta is in charge while Claudio takes a cheap shot to Fenix outside the ring behind the referee's back

07:26 (IST)25 MAY 2023

Claudio intercepts Fenix and drops him on Wheeler by mistake. Rey Fenix takes Claudio out and a piledriver leads to a close count!

07:25 (IST)25 MAY 2023

Penta El Zero is in control and hits an enziguri for both Wheeler and Claudio. Rey Fenix tags in and the two brothers hit a double superkick to Wheeler

07:25 (IST)25 MAY 2023

07:24 (IST)25 MAY 2023

07:24 (IST)25 MAY 2023

Claudio gets spiked from Fenix's counter, and he struggles to get to Penta El Zero

07:23 (IST)25 MAY 2023

Claudio is in full control, making the giant swing. Wheeler Yuta hits a dropkick and that nearly leads to Fenix being pinned, but he kicks out

07:20 (IST)25 MAY 2023

07:19 (IST)25 MAY 2023

Wheeler Yuta halts Fenix, who jumps and eats an uppercut from Claudio

07:19 (IST)25 MAY 2023

Claudio uppercuts Fenix and lariats Penta down to the ground. A weakened Wheeler tags him in and Claudio Castagnoli eats a kick to the face from Fenix

07:18 (IST)25 MAY 2023

Penta El Zero and Fenix are in cruise control early on, sending the two BCC members out of the ring before splashing on them. Rey Fenix takes out Claudio and Wheeler again

07:17 (IST)25 MAY 2023

07:16 (IST)25 MAY 2023

Main event time!

Fenix & Penta El Zero (c) vs Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta - ROH World Tag Team Championship

07:10 (IST)25 MAY 2023

07:09 (IST)25 MAY 2023

Daniel Garcia momentarily gains control but Roderick Strong gets the win with the end of heartache. What a performance!

07:07 (IST)25 MAY 2023

Back-breaker followed by leg catcher. What a one-sided match so far

07:07 (IST)25 MAY 2023

Roderick Strong is in complete control, hitting a strong dropkick followed by a knee strike. He flattens out Garcia, who is able to kick out

07:05 (IST)25 MAY 2023

07:01 (IST)25 MAY 2023

Roderick Strong has control of Daniel Garcia courtesy of a head lock

07:01 (IST)25 MAY 2023

07:00 (IST)25 MAY 2023

Daniel Garcia stays on and is ready to face Roderick Strong!

Daniel Garcia vs Roderick Strong

07:00 (IST)25 MAY 2023

We see a back-and-forth pre-package proo between Jamie Hayter and Toni Storm

06:59 (IST)25 MAY 2023

Sabu uses a steel chair to take out JAS and they get sent out of the ring. Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, and wrestling legend SABU stand tall 

06:58 (IST)25 MAY 2023

Adam Cole says he made a call, and that the person is CRAZIER than the entire JAS combined. When Jericho asks who, Cole says...HOMICIDAL, SUICIDAL, GENOCIDAL - IT's SABU!!

06:57 (IST)25 MAY 2023

Jericho brings up the numbers game, saying there's 5 of them and only 2 for Adam Cole, including himself

06:56 (IST)25 MAY 2023

Jericho says he isn't any b**ch and replays the footage of Britt Baker getting beaten up. He asks what kind of man lets the love of his life get beaten up while he's right there. Roderick Strong has to hold Adam Cole back and Jericho goes to his face and provokes him further

06:54 (IST)25 MAY 2023

He says it's taking a lot of power for him to not dive across the table and beat the living hell out of Jericho. He vows to break Jericho's legs

06:54 (IST)25 MAY 2023

06:53 (IST)25 MAY 2023

Adam Cole expresses his disgust with Chris Jericho over the Britt Baker incident when he was handcuffed while his wife was being beaten up. Adam Cole says that he's glad the blood is on his hands and not AEW's. 

06:51 (IST)25 MAY 2023

They have a no-touch rule for the signing. The unsanctioned match means that AEW isn't responsible for what happens this Sunday

06:51 (IST)25 MAY 2023

Jericho comes out with the entire JAS minus Sammy Guevara

06:48 (IST)25 MAY 2023

The contract signing for Double or Nothing is happening now.

Adam Cole (w/ Roderick Strong)

06:47 (IST)25 MAY 2023

Adam Hangman Page says that he was always best friend with The Young Bucks, and while he says it wasn't always the same for Kenny Omega. But it's something more important for him - he considers Kenny Omega family after all they've been through. He says the price the BCC ran up is too high, and they will pay in blood

06:43 (IST)25 MAY 2023

Tony Khan announces that June 17th will see the debut episode of AEW Collision happening in United Center, Chicago - does this confirm CM Punk's return?

06:41 (IST)25 MAY 2023

Can Taya be the one to end Jade Cargill's 60-0 streak?

06:41 (IST)25 MAY 2023

06:41 (IST)25 MAY 2023

Taya hits a back breaker and then hits the ROAD TO VALHALLA. 1,2, and 3!

Taya Valkyrie def. Lady Frost

06:39 (IST)25 MAY 2023

06:39 (IST)25 MAY 2023

Taya Valkyrie eats a senton from Lady Frost, who is in charge right now. She gets on to the top turnbuckle, only to be countered by Taya. Taya Valkyrie hits a spear

06:38 (IST)25 MAY 2023

Lady Forst hits a chest slap, but Taya gets annoyed and reverses it with multiple chest slaps of her own

06:37 (IST)25 MAY 2023

Lady Frost is in cruise control, missing a few kicks and landing a good one. Jade Cargill claps while watching from the ramp

06:36 (IST)25 MAY 2023

Jade Cargill comes out along with Smart Mark Sterling and Red Velvet

06:34 (IST)25 MAY 2023

Lady Frost has Taya in an uncomfortable position, but the latter takes control with a series of kicks and a sliding lariat

06:34 (IST)25 MAY 2023

Taya gets the take down, and looks for the lateral press. They get into a quick stalemate
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