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  • AEW Dynamite Live Results (September 13, 2023): Christian Cage crosses all limits, former WWE star's return teased, top name stretchered out

AEW Dynamite Live Results (September 13, 2023): Christian Cage crosses all limits, former WWE star's return teased, top name stretchered out

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 14, 2023 02:02 GMT

Check out this week's AEW Dynamite live results right here.

02:02 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

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01:59 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

The Kingdom and Adam Cole have a standoff. Samoa Joe comes in and chokes out The Panama City Playboy to end the show.

01:57 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Adam Cole comes down the ring and Roderick Strong's starts faking an injury. Officials rush down the ring and Strong is stretchered out.

01:56 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Post-match, Samoa Joe vows to defeat MJF in his own backyard and says he will take away everything.

01:54 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

After a back-and-forth, Samoa Joe applies the Coquina Clutch and picks up the win on Dynamite!!

Samoa Joe wins

01:53 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Samoa Joe catches Roderick Strong and drops him down on the mat. Joe looks for the Muscle Buster, but an interference from The Kingdom gives Strong the upperhand.

01:53 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Roderick Strong takes down Samoa Joe and connects with the knee strike. Strong gets a two-count after a lariat on Joe.

01:51 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Joe hits a Manhattan Drop, a big boot, and follows up with a senton for a two-count. He connects with a powerslam for another two-count.

01:50 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Strong corner Joe, but only for a short time. Samoa Joe punches Roderick Strong. The latter makes his comeback and squeezes Joe's head. He hits a missile dropkick and gets a two-count.

01:47 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Joe unloads with jabs in the corner. Roderick Strong unloads with chops, but it has no effect on Samoa Joe. Joe continues to dominate Strong with chops and follows up with an elbow drop.

01:45 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Joe is overpowering Strong in the initial stages of the match. Strong responds with chops, but Joe takes him down with a shoulder tackle.

01:44 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Samoa Joe vs. Roderick Strong

Both men square off in the middle of the ring before Samoa Joe targets Roderick Strong's hands. Strong regroups on the outside.

01:35 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Christian Cage then challenges Sting and Darby Allin to a tag team match at Grand Slam.

01:35 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Post-match, Christian Cage says Nick Wayne's mother doesn't post enough bikini pics on Instagram. Cage adds he is frustrated about people still talking about Allin and Sting's win at All In.

01:34 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Blind tag to Nick Wayne and he connects with the Wayne's World on Parker. Towards the end, Wayne takes out Menard and Jake Hager. Allin connects with the Coffin Drop on Parker for the win.

Nick Wayne and Darby Allin win

01:32 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Nick Wayne tags in Darby Allin and he takes down both of his opponents with Coffin Splash. Allin connects with a Code Red on Parker for a two-count.

01:29 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Menard powerbombs Wayne. Parker chops Wayne before tagging in Menard. Nick Wayne looks to roll up Menard but fails to do so.

01:28 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Nick Wayne and Darby Allin vs. Daddy Magic and Cool Hand Ang

Nick Wayne and Angelo Parker start the match. Christian Cage joins the commentary team. The heels have Wayne isolated in the match.

01:20 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

We see Daniel Garcia in an interview with Renee Paquette and Don Callis comes in. He looks to recruit Garcia, but the latter dances and walks away.

01:18 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Brian Cage and Prince Nana attack Hangman Page. The Young Bucks superkick Brian Cage and Prince Nana for the save.

01:17 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Post-match, Hangman Page and Swerve Strickland trade some shots before Strickland challenges The Cowboy to a match at WrestleDream.

01:14 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Brian Cage is hanging on the ropes and Hangman Page drops him. Page gets a two-count with an inside cradle and connects with the Deadeye for the victory.

Hangman Page wins

01:13 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Cage catches Page, but The Cowboy retaliates with a crucifix bomb. Page connects with a moonsault and gets a two-count shortly after. Cage stops Page's momentum with a German Suplex.

01:11 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Cage misses a moonsault attempt and both men are down on the mat. Brian Cage punches Hangman Page, but that doesn't faze the latter. The two exchange strikes and battle it on the outside.

01:08 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Brian Cage hits a German suplex from the apron, onto the ring. The Machine continues to dominate Page and gets a two-count after a big boot in the corner.

01:06 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Cage takes down Page with a lariat. After a back-and-forth, Page connects with a 619, but Swerve Strickland's appearance distracts The Cowboy.

01:04 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Page connects with jumping lariats and looks to hit a dive on the outside, but Cage catches him. Page connects with a hurricanrana and follows up with a dive.

01:03 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Hangman Page vs. Brian Cage

Brian Cage catches Hangman Page and shoves him into the corner. He then unloads with elbow strikes before Page looks to make his comeback with big boots.

01:00 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

MJF vows to defeat Samoa Joe if he wins and references Scott Steiner's infamous maths promo in the video package.

00:58 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

We see a pre-taped backstage package showing that MJF will be cleared for Grand Slam. MJF stats he'll rip Roderick Strong's head off and takes shots at him.

00:56 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Chris Jericho says he would beat the living hell out of Sammy Guevara and the latter expects nothing else.

00:55 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Chris Jericho says Sammy Guevara is not ready to beat him. That fires up Guevara and he vows to defeat The Ocho and win tag team titles after that.

00:54 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Guevara says he didn't join AEW to be Jericho's sidekick. He wants to be seen on the same level as Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson and more.

00:53 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Sammy Guevara says he used to do codebreaker in his mom's backyard and thanks the WWE legend. Guevara says there is no AEW without Chris Jericho.

00:52 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Chris Jericho says he urged Tony Khan to sign Sammy Guevara and heaped praise on the former AEW TNT Champion. Jericho adds he is proud of Guevara.

00:50 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Jericho shows a video package highlighting his close bond with Sammy Guevara. The Spanish God confesses that he doesn't know the lyrics of Judas.

00:48 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara come down the ring. Jericho says next week Le Sex Gods will face each other for the first time.

00:43 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Post-match, Saraya says Toni Storm was the champion when she joined AEW, but she lost the title. The Anti-Diva vows to defeat Storm when they face each other.

00:42 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Towards the end, Toni Storm steals the win with a roll up on Britt Baker.

Toni Storm wins

00:41 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Nyla Rose connects with the Beast Bomb on Toni Storm, but doesn't get the three-count. After a back-and-forth, Hikaru Shida connects with the Katana, but Britt Baker comes in with a thrust kick.

00:40 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Nyla Rose takes down Hikaru Shida. Shida battles Storm and Rose clashes against Baker. The Doctor superkicks Rose and Storm follows up with a hip attack. Shida and Baker come face-to-face, but Storm and Rose break it up.

00:37 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Shida unloads on Storm before Rose comes in and takes her down. Baker takes down Rose with a slingblade. Nyla Rose and Toni Storm double team Britt Baker.

00:35 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Hikaru Shida vs. Nyla Rose vs. Toni Storm vs. Britt Baker

Toni Storm escapes out of the ring before Nyla Rose takes Hikaru Shida and Britt Baker down. Storm poses in front of Rose as chaos ensues in the match.

00:32 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Hook appears in a backstage segment with Renee Paquette. Orange Cassidy comes in and says Hook has nothing to be upset about. He can wrestle and is a champion. OC says he is tired to end the segment.

00:27 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Callis vows to destroy Ibushi and Kenny Omega won't be able to do anything about it. 

Meanwhile, Bryan Danielson challenges Ricky Starks and Big Bill to a match on Collision. Rey Fenix confronts Jon Moxley. Eddie Kingston confronts Claudio Castagnoli.

00:24 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Callis says he and Takeshita have broken Omega's body and now their next move will kill The Cleaner. Callis reveals that his and Takeshita's next target is Kota Ibushi, "Kenny Omega's heart."

00:23 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Tony Schiavone introduces Don Callis and Konosuke Takeshita in the ring. Callis demands some respect for them beating Kenny Omega twice. Callis calls Takeshita "The Alpha" for beating Omega twice.

00:20 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

We see a backstage segment between Adam Cole and Roderick Strong/The Kingdom. Cole shows concern for Strong about his match with Samoa Joe, but Strong brushes him off and vows to defeat MJF.

00:19 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

Post-match, Starks and Bill attack Moxley and Bryan. Claudio Castagnoli comes in and chases the heels away. Jon Moxley vs. Rey Fenix is announced for next week.

00:17 (GMT)14 SEP 2023

After a back-and-forth, Jon Moxley applies the triangle choke on Big Bill to retain his title on Dynamite.

Jon Moxley retains
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