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AEW Dynamite Results (December 14, 2022): HOOK returns, MJF defends the world title against Ricky Starks

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 15, 2022 03:17 GMT

Winter Is Coming will be headlines by MJF vs Ricky Starks for the AEW Championship.


03:17 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

03:17 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

While you wait, check out this video of 10 times WWE stars were injured during matches!

03:16 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

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03:04 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

03:01 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

As MJF is walking up the ramp, Bryan Danielson's music hits and he chases MJF out of the arena. It looks like we know who the next challenger for the AEW Championship will be.

03:00 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

MJF locks in an armbar but Starks manages to break free. He then pulls the referee in front of him and uses him as a shield to hit Starks with a low blow. Desperation move by MJF but he manages to get the 3-count. The dastardly champ's title reign continues.

MJF def. Ricky Starks

02:57 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

MJF disrespectfully slaps Starks across the face. Both men start teeing off on each other. Starks takes down MJF with a Spear but he can't get the cover, he seems to have hurt his left arm.

02:55 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

02:55 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

MJF rolls Starks up and grabs the trunks. It's a nearfall! MJF looks a little frustrated now. This match isn't exactly going how he planned.

02:54 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

Starks goes for the Roshambo but it's blocked. He hits a powerbomb instead for a nearfall. Starks charges at MJF but goes headfirst into the top turnbuckle. He's dazed.

02:52 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

MJF has an abdominal stretch locked in. He bits Starks across the abdomen but the hold is broken. Starks explodes out of the corner with a clothesline and takes MJF down. Both men are now down on the mat.

02:50 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

MJF with a thumb to the eye as the referee looked away. He then takes Starks down with right hand and uses a body lock. Starks is back on his feet but MJF sends him crashing out to the floor as we cut to a commercial break. It's been pretty even so far.

02:46 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

MJF (C) vs Ricky Sarks [for the AEW World Championship)

The match starts and Ricky Starks gets the better of MJF early on. MJF walks into the crowd and is thinking of walking away. He tosses away a fan's popcorn before throwing another fan's hat. MJF finally gets back into the ring and Starks is all over him. Multipe roll up attempts from Starks but he only gets nearfalls.

02:42 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

It's time for the main event. Both competitors have made their way down to the ring.

02:36 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

02:33 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

Anna Jay comes out as Ruby Soho celebrates and takes her out from behind. Soho is down again and grabs her nose.  Melo has the last laugh here.

02:32 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

Melo and Soho go back and forth hitting chops. Tay Conti then hits a Gotch Piledriver but only gets a 2 out of it. Ruby hits back with a knee strike to the face.  She hits the Destination Unknown and that's enough to get the win.

Ruby Soho def. Tay Melo

02:30 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

Tay grabs a fans sign and tears it up before being dragged back into the ring. She catches Ruby with a right hand and takes her down. Tay Melo boots Ruby across the face but the former WWE star fights back, teeing off with right hands of her own. Ruby takes Tai down with a clothesline before hitting a series of running boots in the corner. The referee has to pull Ruby Soho back as she slams Tay face-first into the turnbuckle repeatedly.

02:26 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

Tay Melo vs Ruby Soho

Tay attacks Ruby as she's getting into the ring, catching her with a knee to the side of the head. Melo is all over Ruby at ringside, sending her crashing into the steel steps. The ref checks on Ruby before officially starting the match. Soho hits Melo with a series of suplexes. Ruby catches Tay with the No Future but she rolls out of the ring. Tay looks dazed and seems to be leaving the ringside area. Ruby follows her and drags Melo back toward the ring. Tay counters it with a DDT on the entrance ramp.

02:22 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

We return from the break to see Chris Jericho throwing a tantrum backstage after his loss against Action Andretti.

02:16 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

Ricky Starks is backstage for an interview before the biggest match of his career. He says everything he's worked for over his career comes to a head tonight. He says he deserves to leave as AEW Champion tonight and adds that he's everything MJF actually wants to be.

02:14 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

Action Andretti is fighting back but Jericho catches him in the Lion Tamer. Andretti manages to counter it into a roll up and then hits a running moonsault to Jericho. He then goes for the cover......and HE GETS THE THREE COUNT! Action Andretti wins!! Is that the upset of the year?

Action Andretti def. Chris Jericho

02:07 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

Jericho takes Action Andretti down with a bodyslam and hits Andretti with a Codebreaker as the fans chant "Let's go jobber". Andretti somehow kicks out and the fans absolutely erupt.

02:05 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

Chris Jericho vs Action Andretti

Chris Jericho is in action after his disappointing loss against Claudio Castagnoli at Final Battle. Jericho starts by stomping Andretti in the corner. Andretti hits back with some chops but he's taken down with a boot across the jaw. Jericho follows it up with multiple clotheslines in the corner.

02:03 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

02:02 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

02:01 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

The House of Black vs The Factory

The House of Black barely break a sweat as they destroy The Factory. They only take a few seconds to win the match. What a way to return to television. That was a statement.

It started with Julia Hart catching Comoroto with the mist to the face. Karter and Solow then got taken out before Malakai Black finished off QT Marshall.

The House of Black def. The Factory

01:56 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

The House of Black return to action NEXT!

01:51 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

Blackpool Combat Club are backstage. They say that in 2023, they're putting everyone on notice and welcome all challengers. Moxley calls out Sammy Guevara, his opponent at Rampage this Friday night.

01:48 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

Jungle Boy takes the mic after the match and calls out W. Morrissey for his attack last week. Lee Moriarty attacks him and W. Morrissey follows. They lay out Jungle Boy and HOOK's music hits! HOOK returns to AEW!

01:47 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

Jungle Boy rolls up Brian Cage but only gets a two-count off it. He then locks in the Snare Trap but Prince Nana is on the apron distracting the referee. Jungle Boy thinks Cage has tapped out. Cage tries to take out Jungle Boy with a discus clothesline but takes out Nana by mistake. Jungle Boy then rolls up Cage for the win.

Jungle Boy def. Brian Cage

01:43 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

Brian Cage continues to dominate Jungle Boy. He makes a mistake when he charges in the corner as Jungle Boy catches him with a boot to the jaw. He looks to hit a powerbomb but it gets countered again, this time with a DDT.

01:40 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

Brian Cage then does some bicep curls with Jungle Boy before hitting him with a Fallaway Slam as we cut to a commercial. Cage continues to dominate during the break.

01:39 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

Brian Cage vs Jungle Boy

Brian Cage takes down Jungle Boy early with a shoulder charge. He then catches Jungle Boy in midair but it gets countered with a hurricanrana. Cage catches Jungle Boy with a boot to the head before hitting a stalling suplex from the corner.

01:36 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

Tony Schiavone is backstage with the Jericho Appreciation Society. Jericho says that the Giant Swing is a inhuman move and needs to be banned. Jericho says he will take out his frustration on a jobber before his rematch against Claudio. Jericho then talks about Daniel Garcia losing the Pure Championship to Wheeler Yuta. Jericho says the loss was because of a lack of experience and wants Garcia to shadow his 'elder' Sammy Guevara.

01:33 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

The Acclaimed are on their way down to the ring accompanied by Billy Gunn when they are brutally attacked by Jeff Jarrett, Satnam Singh, Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt. The didn't see it coming and get overwhelmed. Jeff Jarrett then smashes Max Caster with his guitar and lays him out.

01:27 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

MJF is backstage for an interview. He takes a shot at Ricky Starks' promo last week. MJF says that Starks' had finally cut a good promo after all these years and that he had brought it out of Starks. He says that Starks had overcome tribulations in life to come this far but none of that matters, the only thing that matters is the AEW Championship. MJF says everyone hates his guts because he's the guy. He adds that everyone is rooting for Ricky Starks to win tonight but he says we'll find out what happens to a pebble when it's put under pressure.

01:23 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

Kenny Omega takes the mic after the match. He says he's sick of Death Triangle using the ring hammer to get the win. He wants the hammer legal in their next match, as well as all weapons.

01:20 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

01:20 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

The referee has his back turned as Penta catches Matt Jackson with the ring hammer. Fenix looks to be in two minds about this but he locks in a knee bar on Matt Jackson and forces him to tap out.

Death Triangle def. The Elite

01:19 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

PAC heads to the top rope and goes for the Black Arrow. Omega rolls out of the way at the last second. Matt Jackson is finally back out and Omega tags him in. Matt Jackson takes down Penta before hitting Fenix with a cutter.

01:18 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

PAC tags in and fights back for his team. He catches Kenny Omega  with a brainbuster. Nick Jackson is still down as Penta hits Matt Jackson with a brainbuster on the apron. Kenny is isolated as Fenix hits a Spanish Fly to Omega. Penta follows up with the Made In Japan. Omega kicks out at two and a half.

01:15 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

Death Triangle are dominating the match now and have Matt Jackson isolated. Penta tags in and works over Matt before Fenix is back in. Fenix clubs Matt Jackson across the back of the head. Matt Jackson fights back and hits a Northern Lights Suplex to Penta. Penta tags out. Omega hits a crossbody off the top rope followed by a springboard moonsault in the corner.

01:11 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

Kenny wrenches PAC's arm. Matt Jacksoon tags in and hits a dropkick to the arm. Death Triangle are back in this as Rey Fenix walks across the ropes and boots Matt Jackson. Fenix then hits a dive through the ropes and takes out Kenny Omega.

01:08 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

The Elite vs Death Triangle

Kenny Omega and PAC kick things off. Omega has PAC on the backfoot early on and tags Nick Jackson. PAC tries to toss Nick Jackson over the top ropes but Kenny hits him with a backbreaker. The Elite then wipe out Death Triangle at ringside. 

01:04 (GMT)15 DEC 2022

Welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of AEW Dynamite. The show kicks off the with the latest match in the series of matches  between Death Triangle and The Elite.

20:53 (GMT)14 DEC 2022

20:51 (GMT)14 DEC 2022

20:51 (GMT)14 DEC 2022

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