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AEW Dynamite Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from All Elite Wrestling Dynamite (26th February 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedFeb 27, 2020 03:03 GMT

Will Kenny Omega be able to defeat PAC?


03:02 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

Well, that's it for tonight. Do not forget to tune into our coverage of SmackDown and AEW Revolution, as well as WWE Super Showdown.

I've been Anirban, and it has been my pleasure to bring you all the live action from the night. Here are the quick results. 

Kenny Omega defeats PAC
Jurassic Express defeat Ortiz, Santana, and Sammy Guevara. 
Best Friends w/Orange Cassidy defeat Butcher, Blade w/ The Bunny
Hikaru Shida defeats Shanna, Big Swole, and Yuka Sakazaki

03:00 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

03:00 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

03:00 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

03:00 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

Low blow by Jericho and the Judas Effect takes out Moxley. He follows it by Paradigm Shift on the scale and poses over the fallen Moxley. 

02:59 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

Darby comes in next and takes out Santana, but Guevara breaks the skateboard on the head of Sammy Guevara. Moxley is still fighting.

02:57 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

02:57 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

Dusty Rhodes comes to help Jon Moxley when The Inner Circle attack him, and Hager and Dusty battle to the crowd. 

Jericho and the rest of the Inner Circle continue to beat down Moxley. 

02:56 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

Jericho waits too long and he decides that enough is enough and headbutts Chris Jericho. Jericho is actually busted open. 

02:55 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

02:54 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

Jericho is really playing to the crowd before his weigh-in with chants of 'Fat Jericho'. 

02:53 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

Now it's time for Chris Jericho to step on the scales. 

02:52 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

Jon Moxley steps up to the scale and his weight comes in at 234 lbs. 

02:50 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

02:50 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

02:49 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

Chris Jericho is out next.

02:47 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

Jon Moxley comes out first to kick off the weigh-in ceremony. 

02:46 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

It's time for the contract signing and the weigh-in for the AEW Championship match. 

02:43 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

02:41 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

Adam Page walks out of the interview, as the fissures in the Elite seem to only grow with each passing minute. 

02:39 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

02:39 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

There is obvious dissension in the ranks with Page seeming uncomfortable. 

02:38 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

02:38 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

In a backstage interview, Young Bucks and Kenny Omega and Hangman Page sit opposite each other. 

02:33 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

There is an ad showing Dark Order, telling Scorpio Sky and  Frankie Kazarian they will face difficulties. 



02:32 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

02:31 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

Missile Dropkick by Shida sees a near-fall which Yuka breaks. Shanna takes out Yuka as well, but this match is still going.

Shanna catches both Shida and Yuka with the Diving Stomp. Swole reverses the Dragon Suplex and catches Shanna with Dirty Dancing. Shida hits a huge backbreaker on Swole. Yuka hits a Splash on Swole, but Shida takes her outl. Swole still kicks out.

Shida hits the running knee on Big Swole and that's it.

Results: Hikaru Shida defeats Shanna, Big Swole, and Yuka Sakazaki

02:29 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

02:29 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

Swole gets in and takes out every other star in the ring. Swole catches Shanna with a headbutt and then the cutter for a near-fall. 

02:28 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

02:28 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

Yuka is caught with a tilt-a-whirl suplex, but Sakazaki kicks out. Shida picks up Sakazaki and hits Shanna with her legs. She snap suplexes Shanna on Yuka. 

02:26 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

02:25 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

Big Swole has a lot to prove and that's exactly what she is trying. Yuka Sakazaki splashes on everyone on the outside.

02:24 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

Everyone tries a pin attempt, but no one is able to really get the big move in. Big Swole and Shanna face off, and Shanna gets a Superkick in. 

02:24 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

02:23 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

There's a test of strength from the other three stars, but Sakazaki comes in and takes out all three women. 

02:23 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

02:22 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

There's a lot of fast-paces action early on. Yuka Sakazaki stays out of it early on, but the other three take her out together at one point. 

02:21 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

Yuka Sakazaki vs Big Swole vs Shanna vs Hikaru Shida

02:17 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

02:16 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

02:15 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

02:15 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

02:14 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

Another match is announced as Orange Cassidy will be at AEW Revolution, facing PAC. 

02:13 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

Orange Cassidy and Bunny meet each other inside the ring with everyone out.

Bunny stops Orange Cassidy from putting his hands in his pockets and steals her sunglasses. Orange Cassidy stops the low blow and takes Bunny's bunny ears and puts on her ears. While the referee is not looking, he hits the Suicida on Butcher.

Blade is caught in a reverse package piledriver. That hurt, and that's over.

Results: Best Friends w/Orange Cassidy defeat Butcher, Blade w/ The Bunny

02:11 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

Chuck Taylor is in real trouble with him being completely isolated at the moment. The heavy moves by Butcher and The Blade see Chuck being hurt again and again. 

Trent finally is able to get the tag and hits the Tornado DDT. He gets caught by Blade outside, but comes back with a huge Spear. 

02:09 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

The Butcher and The Blade continue to work on Chuck Taylor, with him having a lot of issues. 

02:07 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

02:06 (GMT)27 FEB 2020

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