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AEW Dynamite Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from All Elite Wrestling Dynamite (30th December 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 31, 2020 03:43 GMT

AEW will celebrate the life of Brodie Lee on this week's episode.


03:16 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Quick Match Results

The Young Bucks and Colt Cabana defeated Matt Hardy and Private Party
Lance Archer, Evil Uno and Stu Grayson defeated Eddie Kingston, The Butcher and The Blade
Hangman Page, John Silver and Alex Reynolds defeated MJF, Santana and Ortiz
Anna Jay and Tay Conti defeated Penelope Ford and Dr. Britt Baker DMD
10, Orange Cassidy and Cody Rhodes defeated Brian Cage, Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs

03:14 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

That was a really emotional way to end a really emotional episode. Thanks for joining us and happy new year. This has been Divesh. Stay tuned for the full results, which will be posted here shortly.

03:05 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

03:04 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

03:04 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

03:03 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

03:03 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

AEW Dynamite ends with a beautiful tribute video package for Brodie Lee, which featured quite a few pictures of him with current WWE Superstars along with his early career work and best moments in AEW.

He will be missed. Thank you, Brodie Lee. Rest in Peace.

02:57 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Cody Rhodes cuts a promo in front of the live crowd and says that Brodie Lee was a beautiful man. He brings out Brodie Lee Jr.

Brodie Jr lays his father's boots in the ring, along with his attire. Tony Khan crowns him TNT Champion for life.

02:52 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

02:52 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

02:52 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Team Taz takes out the babyfaces after the match, but they are interrupted by Darby Allin and then Sting. They come to the ring together and send Team Taz running, as usual.

02:49 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

02:48 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

02:48 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Orange Cassidy hits Ricky Starks with a Superman Punch, Cody Rhodes hits a Cross Rhodes, and 10 finishes him off with a Spinebuster.

RESULT: 10, Orange Cassidy and Cody Rhodes defeat Brian Cage, Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs

02:46 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

After all members of the match get into it, Starks hits a Tornado DDT on 10. Taz gets a chair, before Arn Anderson gets one as well.

02:44 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

10 hits a Powerbomb on Starks and hits Hobbs with a Big Boot. He is then cut off by a Spear from Starks.

02:43 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Cody and Starks hit each other with a clothesline. 10 enters the match and hits Starks with a powerslam.

02:42 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Brian Cages hits his own vertical suplex, but Starks' attempt is thwarted by Cassidy. Cody enters the match.

02:41 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Team Taz is overpowering Cassidy, with Hobbs dropping him with a delayed vertical suplex.

02:39 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

02:38 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Cassidy enters the match and faces off with Hobbs. He hits his slow-motion kicks and kips up after being pushed down by Hobbs.

02:37 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

02:36 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Orange Cassidy is too lazy to enter the match, so Rhodes tags in 10. He hits a German suplex on Starks.

02:35 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Powerhouse Hobbs starts the match by overpowering Cody Rhodes, before Ricky Starks trades chops with him. He ends up flooring Rhodes with a drop kick.

02:34 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Now: Brian Cage, Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs and 10, Orange Cassidy and Cody Rhodes

02:33 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

02:31 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Team Taz comes out for the main event. They will take on Brodie Lee Jr's three favorite wrestlers - 10 from the Dark Order, Orange Cassidy, and Cody Rhodes. This match was specifically booked by -1.

02:29 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

02:28 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

02:26 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Chris Jericho is the next man to pay tribute to Brodie Lee. He remarks they worked with each other 27 times from their time in WWE. Jericho tells a story from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia that highlighted Brodie's intelligence before saying how thankful he is that he got to have a solid run near the top of the card in AEW before his passing. Jericho ends by saying that they will take care of Brodie's family.

02:23 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

02:22 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Britt Baker says the match the match was rigged and calls it a Big Rig. Nice little wink to Brodie in the sky. Thunder Rosa comes out and attacks her.

02:21 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Jay catches Ford with the Sleeper. Conti takes out Baker and Reba, as Ford taps out.

RESULT: Anna Jay and Tay Conti defeat Penelope Ford and Dr. Britt Baker DMD

02:19 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Conti flattens Ford with a slam, but is taken out with a Slingblade. Baker hits a Fisherman Neckbreaker for a two-count. Ford also comes close to put Jay away.

02:18 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Conti and Ford both go for a pump kick, before Jay and Baker enter the match. The Dark Order member hits a neckbreaker on the dentist.

02:14 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

02:14 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

02:13 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Baker hits a knee on Conti to take control of the match.

02:13 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Anna Jay kicks off with Britt Baker, before the Dark Order members hit a double team clothesline on Penelope Ford.

02:10 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Now: Anna Jay and Tay Conti vs. Penelope Ford and Dr. Britt Baker DMD

02:10 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Eddie Kingston shares some emotional words on Brodie Lee.

02:08 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

02:08 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

02:07 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

02:06 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

The babyfaces hit a Stunner, German Suplex and Buckshot Lariat combination on Santana but MJF puts his foot on the rope. He then removes Brodie Lee Jr's mask.

Brodie Jr hits MJF with a kendo stick shot to the head, before Silver hits a Discus Clothesline on Santana for the victory.

RESULT: Hangman Page, John Silver and Alex Reynolds defeat MJF, Santana and Ortiz

02:03 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Wardlow enters the ring and hits a massive clothesline, but Erick Rowan comes out to take him out!

02:01 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

MJF enters the match but is hit with a devastating Destroyer of sorts. However, Silver is overwhelmed with a Heat Seeker and a Powerbomb double team. Reynolds with the save.

01:59 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Silver takes on Santana and Ortiz with an Enziguri and a Cannonball Senton. He hits a sunset flip on Santana for a near-fall.

01:58 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Page hits a Brodie Lee-esque boot in mid-air on MJF and tags in Silver.
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