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AEW Fight For The Fallen Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Fight For The Fallen 2019 (13th July 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 14, 2019 09:36 IST

Who will gain momentum heading into All Out?


09:25 (IST)14 JUL 2019

Thank you for joining us here tonight, I've been Anirban and it has been my pleasure to provide you with updates. This concludes the coverage of AEW: Fight for the Fallen. Tune in tomorrow for Live coverage of WWE: Extreme Rules! 

09:22 (IST)14 JUL 2019

Check out the results from AEW: Fight for the Fallen
1. Sonny Kiss defeats Peter Avalon.
2. Bea Priestley and Shoko Nakajima defeat Riho and Britt Baker
3. Shawn Spears, MJF, and Sammy Guevara defeat Joey Janela, Darby Allin, and Jimmy Havoc.
4. Brandi Rhodes defeats Allie
5. The Dark Order defeats Jack Evans and Angelico, and Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy
6. Adam Page defeats Kip Sabian
7. The Lucha Brothers defeat SCU
8. Kenny Omega defeats CIMA
9. The Young Bucks defeat The Rhodes Brothers

09:17 (IST)14 JUL 2019

They are short on time and Shahid Khan comes out to present the cheque for the Victim Assistance Advisory Council.

09:16 (IST)14 JUL 2019

He says that the Rhodes Brothers are one of the best tag teams they have entered the ring with. Someone's music plays interrupting them. 

09:15 (IST)14 JUL 2019

09:14 (IST)14 JUL 2019

All four men are bruised and battered, but Matt Jackson has something to say!

09:13 (IST)14 JUL 2019

09:11 (IST)14 JUL 2019

The Rhodes Brothers get up but the Young Bucks hit the Stereo Uppercuts. The Rhodes come back with Superkicks and then Young Bucks with Superkicks of their own. Cody is set up for the Meltzer Driver and they connect for the three fall. What a match.
Result: The Young Bucks defeat The Rhodes Brothers

09:10 (IST)14 JUL 2019

The Bucks hit a Double Superkick to the back of the head but Dustin broke it up.

09:09 (IST)14 JUL 2019

Dustin Rhodes hits the Sunset Flip Powerbomb for a nearfall and now Cody is back. Cody tries a Cross Rhodes but got caught with a Superkick!

09:08 (IST)14 JUL 2019

Dustin Rhodes is outnumbered, but he fights like only he can, knocking them both down. Nick Jackson hits a Superkick and Matt Jackson tries an Elbow Drop for a nearfall. 

09:07 (IST)14 JUL 2019

Cody went for a Crossbody but got hit with a Superkick on the outside!

09:06 (IST)14 JUL 2019

09:06 (IST)14 JUL 2019

The Rhodes Brothers hit a Double Powerslam and then went and hit the stereo Shattered Dreams. The two hit double Suplexes for the nearfall.

09:06 (IST)14 JUL 2019

09:05 (IST)14 JUL 2019

09:05 (IST)14 JUL 2019

09:05 (IST)14 JUL 2019

09:05 (IST)14 JUL 2019

Dustin Rhodes rolls Nick Jackson into the ring and he sets up Nick for shattered dreams. Matt tags in and hits the Superkick. They were trying for the Meltzer Driver but Cody reversed with a Disaster Kick. The Brotherhood hit the Assisted Cross Rhodes, but Nick Jackson breaks it up!

09:02 (IST)14 JUL 2019

The Brotherhood hit stereo Uppercuts but Lariats see all four men down. 

09:01 (IST)14 JUL 2019

The Bucks come in and lock in stereo sharpshooters on both Dustin and Cody. The Brotherhood reverses and locks in the Stereo Figure Four Leglock.

09:00 (IST)14 JUL 2019

Nick Jackson hits a series of strikes on Cody and Dustin. He Superkicks Cody's legs and then hits a Backstabber off the ropes on Cody. 

08:59 (IST)14 JUL 2019

Matt Jackson comes back out of nowhere. He hits Dustin with a blow to the face and threw Cody to the outside. He hits Cody with a Spear when he comes back in and tries to roll and gets to Nick Jackson.

08:59 (IST)14 JUL 2019

Cody locks in the Fujiwara Armbar but Matt Jackson reaches the ropes. 

08:58 (IST)14 JUL 2019

The match has slowed down and it looks like Matt Jackson is potentially done with this match. He has had no offence for a while.

08:56 (IST)14 JUL 2019

Cody focuses his attack on the left arm of Matt Jackson as he beats down the left shoulder. Matt really needs to tag Nick. 

08:54 (IST)14 JUL 2019

08:54 (IST)14 JUL 2019

08:54 (IST)14 JUL 2019

Cody avoids a Spear and Matt Jackson runs into the corner post. Dustin throws Matt into the corner again. Cody and Dustin focus their attacks on Matt Jackson's left shoulder. 

08:52 (IST)14 JUL 2019

08:52 (IST)14 JUL 2019

08:52 (IST)14 JUL 2019

Cody takes off his belt and starts to hit Matt Jackson. He then puts him on the top rope and hits him with a Reverse Superplex for a nearfall. 

08:51 (IST)14 JUL 2019

08:51 (IST)14 JUL 2019

Dustin pushes both men back with Elbows and does a Diving reverse Crossbody on the Bucks. This time he gets the tag to Cody and he runs in and takes out the Bucks with a Dragon Screw and throwing Suplex. He hits a Moonsault and then does a Plancha on Matt Jackson. 

08:50 (IST)14 JUL 2019

Dustin's experience kicks in and he backbody drops both the Bucks. He hits Matt Jackson with a Spinebuster and then tries to reach Cody, but his brother is dragged off the apron by Nick. He tries to mock Dustin, but gets swept off by an Uppercut.

08:48 (IST)14 JUL 2019

Dustin tries to Suplex Matt, but Nick tags in and catches him. The two are doing a good job of isolating Dustin. 

08:47 (IST)14 JUL 2019

Dustin Rhodes sees Nick and Matt try to use their numbers take him out. They keep Cody silenced on the outside and focus on Dustin Rhodes. Matt Jackson pounds him down in the corner and then hit a Double Suplex. 

08:45 (IST)14 JUL 2019

The Young Bucks mock Cody and Dustin by hugging in the middle of the ring recreating the Double or Nothing moment. 

08:44 (IST)14 JUL 2019

Dustin hits an Atomic Drop and then a Double Clothesline throws Matt Jackson to the outside.

08:43 (IST)14 JUL 2019

Cody looks for the CrossRhodes early but the things break down and they are in the ring facing each other.

08:42 (IST)14 JUL 2019

Cody is showing off his muscles, but Nick Jackson slaps him.

08:42 (IST)14 JUL 2019

Nick kicks Cody's hand away and the two start with a headlock slowly.

08:41 (IST)14 JUL 2019

08:41 (IST)14 JUL 2019

Cody and Nick Jackson start things off. The teams are friends in real life, but in the match there is no friendship.

08:40 (IST)14 JUL 2019

08:38 (IST)14 JUL 2019

08:35 (IST)14 JUL 2019

Up now: The Young Bucks vs The Brotherhood
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