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AEW Rampage Live Results: Rampage Updates & Highlights (13th August 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 14, 2021 03:35 GMT

Will we see new champions crowned on the debut episode of AEW Rampage?


03:16 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

03:16 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

That does it for tonight. This was a fun show, but next week's episode of Rampage promises to be massive. A certain megastar could be making his debut next Friday.

Stay tuned for the full results for Rampage and our coverage for next week's shows, including the First Dance and the go-home episodes for SummerSlam and NXT TakeOver 36.

03:12 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

03:11 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

03:08 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

03:07 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

Britt Baker attacks Red Velvet after the match with another swinging neckbreaker and goes for a Curb Stomp on her title. Kris Stadtlander stops her from doing so but is also attacked. Jamie Hayter appears and aligns herself with the Champ. This is her first appearance for AEW in close to two years! DMD then hits the Curb Stimp on the title that she was planning. 

03:03 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

03:03 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

03:02 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

Red Velvet hits a Moonsault and then tries for the Lockjaw, but is thwarted by DMD. The Champ cannot lock the hold in because of her injured wrist. DMD eventually makes her challenger tap out with a modified Lockjaw.

Dr. Britt Baker DMD defeats Red Velvet to retain the AEW Women's Championship

02:58 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

DMD hits a swinging neckbreaker before going for a crucifix pin. She tries to get the Lockjaw but is in too much pain. Red Velvet removes DMD's protective glove, while Rebel gets kicked out for regularly attempting interference.

02:55 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

02:53 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

02:52 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

02:52 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

Red Velvet continues to target the wrist and gains the upper hand with a Leg Lariat.

02:51 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

DMD looks for the Lockjaw, but Red Velvet has an answer for it. She nearly stomps on DMD's injured wrist.

02:49 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

02:48 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

The crowd is hostile towards Red Velvet, who is up against the hometown hero. Britt Baker gets a great reception. She feels like an absolute megastar.

Dr. Britt Baker DMD vs. Red Velvet for the AEW Women's Championship

02:46 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

02:45 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

02:45 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

02:43 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

Mark Henry conducts a split-screen interview with Britt Baker and Red Velvet, who will face off for the AEW Women's Championship. DMD says it doesn't rain in Brittsburgh and that tonight is her night.

02:41 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

Darby Allin and Sting are seen in the rafters.

02:40 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

02:40 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

Fuego del Sol lost the match but has earned more than that. Tony Khan gives a contract to Sammy Guevara, who delivers it to him in the ring. Fuego is now officially All Elite. A heartwarming moment.

02:37 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

02:37 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

Miro rips up the match contract after his dominant display. God's Favorite Champion reigns supreme!

02:36 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

02:35 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

02:35 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

Fuego nearly pulls off the upset via countout and hits another DDT for a two-count. However, Miro catches him in mid-air and hits a Samoan Drop. He follows it up with a devastating Machka Kick and then Game Over. Fuego has to submit after being bent like a pretzel.

Miro defeats Fuego del Sol to retain the TNT Championship

02:33 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

Fuego del Sol comes out for his TNT Championship match against Miro and gets a head start, hitting a Tornado DDT beforehand.

Miro vs. Fuego del Sol for the TNT Championship

02:31 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

02:29 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

Mark Henry asks Christian how he feels after winning the IMPACT Championship. The new Champ enjoys a little bit of the bubbly while sending a message to Omega, saying that he now has what it takes to beat the AEW World Champion. The two of them will face each other again at All Out.

02:25 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus come out to celebrate with Christian Cage. What a match this was!

02:25 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

02:24 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

02:24 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

02:24 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

02:23 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

Don Callis distracts the referee for a very long time, as Omega hits a low blow and The Young Bucks get a chair into the ring. Omega sets up for the One-Winged Angel onto an open chair while the referee is distracted, but Christian reverses it into a Killswitch! One, two, three! Christian has done it!

Christian Cage defeats Kenny Omega to become IMPACT World Champion

02:21 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

Christian hits a Reverse DDT. Omega stops a Spear attempt with his knee, but Christian eventually hits one. Omega hits multiple Snap Dragon suplexes but cannot hit the One-Winged Angel. Christian hits a Frog Splash for another close two-count.

02:19 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

Christian continues his roll, with an elbow from the second rope. He goes for the Killswitch but Omega counters with a Fireman's Carry senton followed by a Moonsault for a very close two-count. 

02:16 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

Omega is dominating Christian, who manages to suplex the Champ. He then hits a sunset flip Powerbomb. He is laying right hands onto Omega.

02:12 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

02:11 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

02:11 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

Christian dropkicks Omega from the apron to the barricade and goes to the top rope. However, a distraction from Don Callis allows Omega to push the former WWE star to the outside.

02:09 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

Omega and Christian trade finisher attempts, before the Champ slides out of the ring. Christian chases him outside but Omega gains the upper hand.

02:08 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

Christian points a finger gun at Omega and flips him off.

02:07 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

Omega and Christian are hesitant to lay the first blow and are in a stalemate.

02:06 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

02:06 (GMT)14 AUG 2021

Kenny Omega vs. Christian Cage for the IMPACT World Championship
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