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  • AEW Rampage: The First Dance Live Results - Rampage Updates & Highlights (20th August 2021)

AEW Rampage: The First Dance Live Results - Rampage Updates & Highlights (20th August 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 21, 2021 04:01 GMT

Will we see CM Punk debut tonight?


04:01 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

03:06 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

03:05 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

That does it for The First Dance. CM Punk's AEW debut will remain a legendary moment in all of wrestling.

Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for our live coverage of SummerSlam tomorrow and NXT TakeOver on Sunday.

03:04 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

03:04 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

03:04 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

03:03 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

03:01 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

03:01 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

2.0 and Daniel Garcia attack Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston after the match, but Sting and Darby Allin come out for the save. The four babyfaces proceed to destroy the heels. A fun way to end a historic show.

02:59 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

Garcia chops Moxley but receives a couple of snap German suplexes. Moxley hits a big clothesline, before the two men trade punches and then headbutts. Moxley attempts the Paradigm Shift, but it is swiftly countered into a Sharpshooter of sorts. However, he manages to lock in the Bulldog Choke to pick up the submission victory.

Jon Moxley defeats Daniel Garcia

02:56 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

02:55 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

Moxley immediately corners Garcia. He hits a back suplex, followed by a devastating kick. Garcia begins to target Moxley's leg, that is hurt from Dynamite.

02:54 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

Jon Moxley comes out through the crowd for the main event. He is accompanied by Eddie Kingston.

Jon Moxley vs. Daniel Garcia

02:51 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

02:51 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

02:50 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

02:49 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

Mark Henry conducts a split-screen between Daniel Garcia and Jon Mocxley. 2.0 is with Garcia and say they will make a statement against Moxley. The former AEW World Champion is fired up.

02:46 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

CM Punk will make his first AEW Dynamite appearance this coming Wednesday.

02:46 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

02:45 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

Cargill immediately outpowers Hogan. She hits a big boot and a Glam Slam for the squash victory.

Jade Cargill defeats Kiera Hogan

02:44 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

Jade Cargill makes her entrance to face Kiera Higan. She looks like a megastar.

Jade Cargill vs. Kiera Hogan

02:43 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

02:42 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

Kenny Omega says he will retire Christian Cage at All Out.

02:41 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

02:40 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

02:40 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

02:40 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

Quen takes out Luchasaurus with a Shooting Star Press to the outside. Matt Hardy tries to provide a distraction, which nearly results in a roll-up win for Private Party. Jungle Boy counters Gin and Juice with a massive DDT. The Jurassic Express win after a brilliant double team move.

Jurassic Express defeat Private Party to move to the AEW Tag Team Championship Eliminator Final

02:35 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

Jungle Boy steps on Kassidy to deliver a dropkick to Quen. He tags in Luchasaurus, who is on fire. The dinosaur sets up a huge tag team move, but Kassidy counters it with a super Canadian Destroyer.

02:31 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

02:31 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

02:31 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

02:30 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

Jungle Boy kicks things off with Isaiah Kassidy and it's a stalemate. Mark Quen is tagged in but suffers a dropkick. Jungle Boy uses his athleticism to take both men out. However, Private Party isolate him.

02:27 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

The Young Bucks come out to watch the first match of the Tag Team Title Eliminator, with the winners facing them at All Out.

Private Party vs. Jurassic Express (AEW World Tag Team Championship Eliminator Semi-Final)

02:25 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

02:24 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

Christian cuts a promo on The Young Bucks, prior to Jurassic Express taking part in their semi-final match in the Tag Team Championship Eliminator.

02:23 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

Well, what a segment. This was as electric as we had hoped. CM Punk really is back, and he is All Elite!

02:21 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

02:21 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

02:20 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

02:20 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

02:19 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

02:19 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

02:18 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

Punk says Allin is first on his list. After praising his toughness, he challenges the young star at All Out. There is nothing more dangerous than wrestling CM Punk, than wrestling CM Punk in Chicago. He ends by announcing that everybody in attendance will get free ice cream bars on their way out of the United Center.

02:16 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

Punk claims he left professional wrestling on August 13th, 2005 and that he is back. He is back for the fans, for himself, and the young talents in the locker room. He is back because there are some scores to settle. Punk calls out Darby Allin, who is staring at him from the rafters. Sting is with him.

02:13 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

CM Punk takes a shot at WWE, saying that he wasn't going to go to the place that got him sick in the first place. He removes his jacket to reveal his new T-shirt. Punk sits in the middle of the ring. He speaks about the 'Summer of Punk' in 2005.

02:11 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

CM Punk has a mic and is clearly very emotional. He did not plan what he was going to say because he did not how he was going to feel. He feels Chicago and he hears Chicago. Punk has heard his chants for the past seven years. He says he has a lot of ground to cover and that he has the time. Punk is not going anywhere. 

02:08 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

02:07 (GMT)21 AUG 2021

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