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  • Asian Games 2018, Men's Volleyball, Quarterfinal for 7-12, Day 10: India vs Pakistan, Live Score, Latest Updates & Results

Asian Games 2018, Men's Volleyball, Quarterfinal for 7-12, Day 10: India vs Pakistan, Live Score, Latest Updates & Results

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 28, 2018 13:03 IST

India lose 25-21 21-25 21-25 23-25 to Pakistan. What a match!


13:03 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Take a look at the latest medal tally right here.

13:02 (IST)28 AUG 2018

That's all from the Men's volleyball action as India lose the quarterfinal for 7-12 classification against Pakistan in four sets. Stay tuned to Sportkeeda for all live updates from the Asian Games in Indonesia.

13:00 (IST)28 AUG 2018

And it's all over!! Pakistan win the match with a smash point as they wrap up the fourth set at 25-23. Pakistan have won the quarterfinal for 7-12 classification.

India 25-21 21-25 21-25 23-25 Pakistan

12:58 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Pakistan had the match point at 24-22 but India pulled one back.

12:56 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Points back and forth for the two teams as we are headed for a intense climax in the fourth set. Can India win and stay alive in the match?

12:54 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Scores level at 20-20 now as a tough fight continues on the court.

12:52 (IST)28 AUG 2018

India have come back into the match with a good run of play and lead 18-17 in the fourth set.

12:46 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Pakistan look in cruise control in the match and are at a 15-12 lead in the crucial fourth set.

12:42 (IST)28 AUG 2018

The two-point margin continues to exist as Pakistan lead 10-8 in the 4th set of the match.

12:40 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Pakistan have taken a 8-6 lead in the set now with two quick points after good play at the net.

12:36 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Close start to the fourth set as the teams are equal at 3-3 now.

12:31 (IST)28 AUG 2018

The fourth set is underway now at the Volley Indoor Arena.

12:30 (IST)28 AUG 2018

And that's the set!! Pakistan have won the second set in the match to make it 2-1 overall. 

India will need to win both the next sets for a chance to win the match.

12:28 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Pakistan are within two points of winning the third set now as they lead 23-21 now.

12:24 (IST)28 AUG 2018

The close contest continues as Pakistan lead by the solitary point at 19-18 in Set 3

12:22 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Pakistan are in the lead now after a couple of good points with the scores at 16-15 in their favour.

12:20 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Pakistan have done well to cut back the lead and are now level at 14-14

12:16 (IST)28 AUG 2018

India continue to build their lead as they are up 13-9 in the set now.

12:12 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Great defense by the Indian blockers at the net as they lead 9-7 now

12:11 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Close contest between the two sides as India lead 8-6 in the third set.

12:10 (IST)28 AUG 2018

The third set is underway now!

12:05 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Pakistan have wrapped up the second set of the match with a 25-21 score as India did well towards the end to close down the gap.

India 25-21 21-25 Pakistan

11:58 (IST)28 AUG 2018

India are within four points of Pakistan in the second set as they trail 18-22 now

11:55 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Pakistan score three points in quick succession as they edge closer to a set win. The score is 19-14 now.

11:52 (IST)28 AUG 2018

India have managed to cut the lead down a bit but Pakistan keep the scoreboard ticking at 17-11

11:47 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Pakistan are dominant in the second set with their play at the net as India struggle. Pakistan are leading 14-5 now.

11:40 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Pakistan maintain the two-point lead with the score now at 5-3 in the second set of the match.

11:37 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Pakistan begin the second set on a promising note as they take a 3-1 lead quickly.

11:33 (IST)28 AUG 2018

The second set of the match will begin very soon.

11:33 (IST)28 AUG 2018

With a spell of three quick points, India have wrapped up the first against Pakistan with a 25-21 scoreline.

11:32 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Both the teams keep the scoreboard ticking but India are in a better position with the score at 23-20 now.

11:29 (IST)28 AUG 2018

India are within five points of wrapping up the first set as they lead 20-18 now.

11:26 (IST)28 AUG 2018

The first set has seen great back and forth action as the teams are back on level terms again at 16-16.

11:21 (IST)28 AUG 2018

The Indians have done brilliantly at the net with their smash and defence as well to come back into the set. Score is 12-10 in favour of India now.

11:19 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Pakistan have done well to take the lead for the first time in the match. The score stands 10-9 now against India.

11:15 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Pakistan have now crawled back into the game with the scores now level at 7-7

11:14 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Pakistan pull the lead back a couple of points but India score to keep it at 6-4 in the first set.

11:14 (IST)28 AUG 2018

India do well to take a 3-1 lead quickly in the match after good play at the net.

11:12 (IST)28 AUG 2018

The match is underway now!!

11:05 (IST)28 AUG 2018

The lineup for the two sides as we are just moments away from the start.

11:03 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Welcome to the live coverage of the Men's Volleyball Quarterfinals classification match as India get ready to take on rivals Pakistan.

10:23 (IST)28 AUG 2018

The Day 10 of the Asian Games 2018 will see India take part in a wide variety of events today as they hope to improve their medal haul in Jakarta-Palembang. 

The wait for the India vs Pakistan Volleyball match is finally over as they get ready to lock horns soon. 

The Indian volleyball team will be in action today as they take on neighboring rivals Pakistan in the quarterfinals clash for 7-12 positions in Men's volleyball. 

India had finished second in their Pool F behind Qatar after winning two and losing one match in the group stage. In the first classification round, India had faced Japan but ended up losing by three sets to one. Pakistan also ended up on the losing side against the team from Republic of Korea in straight sets. Now, the two rivals take on each other for a chance to play in the semifinals.

Who will come out on top in the clash of the rivals? Catch all the live action right here at Sportskeeda.
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