Denmark Open 2018 Men's Singles: Kidambi Srikanth vs Kento Momota Live score & Updates | 20th October 2018

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Momota def Srikanth 21-16, 21-12 in 42 minutes to enter the final.


17:23 (IST)20 OCT 2018

Saina Nehwal will be in action in a short while.

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17:22 (IST)20 OCT 2018

And, with that, Srikanth's title defence comes to an end!

17:21 (IST)20 OCT 2018

Final score: Momota def Srikanth 21-16, 21-12 in 42 minutes to enter the final.

17:18 (IST)20 OCT 2018

And Momota has won the match!

17:17 (IST)20 OCT 2018

Momota has reached match points.


17:16 (IST)20 OCT 2018

Momota gives one point to Srikanth through a service error.

Momota up 18-11

17:14 (IST)20 OCT 2018

Down the line smashes are coming hard at Srikanth!

Momota up 16-10

17:12 (IST)20 OCT 2018

What a beautiful flick of the wrist for a drop from Momota!

He goes up to 15-10

17:11 (IST)20 OCT 2018

 Since then, the Japanese has taken control of the proceedings.

He is up 14-9

17:09 (IST)20 OCT 2018

Srikanth comes up with a lot more aggression after the break.

Trails 9-11

17:06 (IST)20 OCT 2018

It's 11-7 for Momota at the midgame interval.

17:06 (IST)20 OCT 2018

A couple of unforced errors from Srikanth pushes the Japanese up to 10-6

17:04 (IST)20 OCT 2018

What accuracy from the Japanese! He makes the shuttle land inside the baseline while Srikanth leaves it.

Momota up 8-5 

17:03 (IST)20 OCT 2018

Momota displays quick footspeed to go up to 6-4

17:01 (IST)20 OCT 2018

Momota pushes the shuttle back at Srikanth and levels it at 4-4

17:00 (IST)20 OCT 2018

Both of them are mostly stationed in the forecourt.

It's 2-2

16:59 (IST)20 OCT 2018

Second game begins.

Srikanth gets the first point.

16:55 (IST)20 OCT 2018

Momota bags the first game 21-16

16:55 (IST)20 OCT 2018

Srikanth saves another one 

16:54 (IST)20 OCT 2018

A couple of game points got saved!


16:54 (IST)20 OCT 2018

Momota now has game points at 20-13

16:54 (IST)20 OCT 2018

Just beautiful timing from Momota! Slowed down the shuttle for a long time before going for power-packed smash!

Up 19-13

16:52 (IST)20 OCT 2018

Srikanth has taken two points on the trot and now trails 13-16

16:50 (IST)20 OCT 2018

Momota is just toying with Srikanth at the moment. He is finding every opportunity to get a down the line smash.

Up 15-11

16:48 (IST)20 OCT 2018

Momota is varying the placement of the shuttle, going from side to side. Momota is using his speed and aggression well.

Momota is up 13-10.

16:47 (IST)20 OCT 2018

Momota takes the shuttle early and makes a body smash!

It's 12-10 for Momota

16:46 (IST)20 OCT 2018

Momota takes the next two points and leads 11-10 at the time of midgame interval 

16:44 (IST)20 OCT 2018

Body smash from Srikanth!


16:44 (IST)20 OCT 2018

What a beautiful drop from Momota!

It's 9-9

16:43 (IST)20 OCT 2018

Another burst of speed and attack from Srikanth from the forecourt.

He is up 9-6

16:42 (IST)20 OCT 2018

It's 8-6 for Srikanth. He is playing intelligently.

16:41 (IST)20 OCT 2018

Srikanth is going for down the line smashes!

Up 7-5

16:41 (IST)20 OCT 2018

One more point for Srikanth!


16:40 (IST)20 OCT 2018

Good defence by Srikanth!


16:39 (IST)20 OCT 2018

Now Srikanth smashes!

Trails 4-5

16:39 (IST)20 OCT 2018

Momota comes up with a big lefty smash.

He is up 5-3

16:38 (IST)20 OCT 2018

Huge crosscourt smash from Srikanth!

He trails 3-4

16:37 (IST)20 OCT 2018

Momota draws Srikanth to the net and finds open court!

Momota 3-2

16:37 (IST)20 OCT 2018

And Momota finds the line!

It's 2-2

16:36 (IST)20 OCT 2018

First point goes to Momota but Srikanth takes the next two points.

Srikanth up 2-1

16:36 (IST)20 OCT 2018

The match is about to start.
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